More Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Footage

More online manshoot movie has emerged from the fertile innards of Infinity Ward, this time showing off some flag grabbing in Modern Warfare 2. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find the idea of dudes running around with riot shields when there are rocket launchers and assault rifles on the field rather amusing. “My shield of reinforced plastic will save me!”

Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled for worldwide release on November 10th, and apparently has the most pre-orders of any game in Activision’s history.


  1. LQB says:

    I don’t know how I feel about MW2 or that video. One part of me says “That looks fucking awesome!” while the other side says “I bet it’ll be mostly grenade spam and [insert P90 equivalent here] whoring.”

  2. paddytehpyro says:

    Throwing knives?! Awesome.

    I just hope the min spec is similar to CoD4 so I can actually play it :(

  3. SirKicksalot says:

    Anyone else that doesn’t care about the multiplayer? I’m only interested in the campaign. I spent about twenty minutes online in MW and I haven’t even tried the multiplayer of WaW.

    But the SP was awesome for both.

  4. Phill Cameron says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen blood on a screen look like blood on a screen.

  5. Flint says:

    I’m somewhat the same as LQB. One part of me says “That looks fucking awesome!” while the other one is worried tremendously how the multiplayer will most likely be filled with annoying teens who play the game way too seriously and are ready to spam the mic chat full of whiny bilge as soon as you make one little mistake / deviate from the flavour of the month weapon spam.

    Admittedly I never played the first one so I don’t have a reference point but a game that’s so ridiculously awaited and pre-ordered and where the multiplayer seems to be the main reason for most people to do so just seems like a breeding ground for people who think losing a match in a computer game is the same as someone murdering your family and using the holes of their bodies as toilets.

  6. Ansob. says:

    I hate Bobby Kotick’s guts for raising the price on this and claiming it’s piracy’s fault for not supporting AAA titles and our fault for tolerating piracy, as the man is essentially taking a shit in the mouths of everyone who ever bought a game legitimately… but I so very badly want this (and I’ll leave statements on Kotick at that, since I don’t want this to turn into yet another DRM thread). It’s more of CoD4 MP which I’m still playing now, and I am such a sucker for gun porn.

    In fact, the new guns are pretty much the number one reason why I want this.

    Did anyone else notice that FMJ ammo is in as a gun attachment? I wonder if – and secretly hope that – they have an ammo attachment slot now, that would replace Deep Impact and Stopping Power completely (FMJ ammo for Deep Impact, HP ammo for Stopping Power). That would be awesome.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    I think Kotick’s reasoning was that games just cost more to make.

  8. abhishek says:

    SirKicksalot : I’m the complete opposite of you. I will only buy this game for multiplayer. The single player of the last one bored me immensely. The completely-on-rails shooting paired with the atrocious respawning just put me off totally.
    The multiplayer on the other hand kept me entertained for quite a while, until a pc crash caused me to lose my profile and with it, the desire to level up my character again from the start. I sure hope they will have some sort of persistent profiles this time around. Even a game like Wolfenstein, which gets lambasted for it’s multiplayer aspect, has persistent, online profiles.

  9. JonFitt says:

    Looks good. I played the original with friends on the XBox and there’s no way I could have done half the stuff he did in that trailer with a gimpy controller. I’m tempted to buy it on PC this time.

  10. TotalBiscuit says:

    Kotick’s reasoning is that he wants more money. To paraphrase, he said he would ‘raise prices even more’ if he had the chance.

    Kotick is basically a dick and Activision are taking the place of EA on the list of publishers that have thoroughly burned all of their consumer goodwill.

    On the subject of the multiplayer, it looks pretty generic and I’ll give it a miss. The mix of arcadey action and pseudo-realism doesn’t do it for me.

  11. Schmung says:

    I spent somewhere in the region of six days woth of my life playing CoD4 on my specsbox. Now, with a semi-decent PC I am faced with a dilemma – do I return to my PC FPS roots and tolerate the uber l337 types, scripters, griefers, lifetime twitch gamers and endless arsing around looking for a decent server or do I get it on the white plastic lump and play with my mates at the expense of knowing I’m not getting the full experience and having to tolerate the 12 year olds on Live. It’s awkward and there’s no way I’m getting both. I’m a bit more of sofa-bound gamer there days and the pad is kinder to my wrists than yet more mousing, but I’m torn. Are there many RPSers that are likely to get this?

  12. Jim Rossignol says:

    Well Kotick is the CEO of a big company “more money” is the fundamental of everything, but his specific reasoning in this case was the cost of development, not piracy etc.

  13. rocketman71 says:

    “Kotick’s a dick” is explanation enough of the price rise for me. BTW, games costing more is not the problem, it is the fact that they feel the need to throw 3x-5x the budget of the game in marketing.

    Also, I agree with the fact that Activision is sinking to lower depths than EA ever reached.

  14. Azazel says:

    Ah good old Call of Duty. Long may it keep all the whining teens in the one place.

  15. Ansob. says:

    Jim: his reasoning was that we don’t pay enough to support the development cost of AAA games. I just conglomerated that with the whole piracy/DRM issue, which I will admit is paraphrasing. Sorry. :(

    My point still stands, though. If they’re not making enough from sales, the solution is to sell more, not to actively damage your sales number by making piracy even more attractive.

    …aaaaaand now I’ll shut up before this does turn into an angry Internet men DRM discussion.

    (I’m open to continuing on the forums if that’s okay with Jim and friends, or by email if someone wants to have a sympathetic ear listen to their rant about MW2’s price. ¬_¬)

  16. Nick says:

    Spamming nades makes for a fun game.

    Or does it?

  17. Jim Rossignol says:

    Forum rants are welcome. Just be civil :)

  18. SpoonySeeker says:

    “Kotick also created a stir when commenting on the finacial success of Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft, he stated to a reporter “And Tony, you know if it was left to me, I would raise the prices even further.””

    Doesn’t matter why Kotick said he was doing it in this specific instance; Kotick’s the asshole CEO of a games publishing company who doesn’t even play videogames. With what we know about him you’d have to be pretty foolish to listen to anything he’s said without taking a hefty grain of salt as well.

  19. Gabanski83 says:

    I just hope they do something about the rampant cheating in the multiplayer side of it. Not that I ever really enjoyed it much, it just took the piss, with the level of wallhacks, aimbots, etc. Such blatant cheating just put me right off it.

    Single player campaign was good though, bit too short, but them’s the breaks.

  20. lumpi says:

    The thing about the newest COD games is that they essentially have the depth (and the length) of a Michael Bay movie. Run forward… EXPLOSION EFFECT!!!!!! duck behind wall… LIGHTING EFFECT!!!!! run forward… DRAMATIC MUSIC!!!! It’s a corridor shooter. An endless cut scene.

    While, admittedly, Michael Bay movies are a guilty pleasure for many and make a ton of cash, at least they are ridiculed and get low ratings from film journalists. This, however, will get 10/10 everywhere and will be celebrated as “the best action experience evaaar” because of better graphics and some arbitrary weapon ideas that haven’t been original since the late 90ies.


  21. diebroken says:

    Reminds me of the shield in CS – ha, classic!

  22. Schmung says:

    Lumpi : I think there’s more to it than that. There’s a helluva lot of whizz-bang there, but a large part of the appeal of the Infinity Ward CoD games is the sheer level of polish and the attention to detail that are lavished on them. Despite the FPS genre being nearly two decades old doing it right is still something of an artform and it’s something that IW do very, very well. If you want innovative and thought provoking gameplay then there’s plenty out there. If you like shooting other people in the head then there’s a lot to be said for CoD.

  23. Spoon says:

    You are so right about the riot shields. They could have at least made them those reinforced ones with the little tiny window to look through. But a piece of plastic? lol

    The CoD4 had that uncanny valley effect for me. They make the game LOOK very realistic, but it is an arcade shooter. Throw a knife at a guy’s head while he’s wearing a kevlar helmet? Pass…

  24. Azazel says:


    It will get a 10/10 everywhere in an effort to stem the tide of frothing lunatic trolls from metacritic overrunning the area.

    Most review sites these days cannot afford to equip their journalists with flaming longswords (+3 vs Regenerating creatures).

  25. Heliosicle says:

    I’m sure I’ll have lots of mindless splodey fun on this, but it niggles at me how the guns have almost no recoil and people move around so twitchily…

  26. Ansob. says:

    lumpi: I think the comparison would be a better one if it were between Call of Duty4/Modern Warfare 2 and, say, the Lord of the Rings films – absolutely nothing original in them, but very snazzily-realised films that were lauded for being good.

    No one ever claimed CoD4 reinvented the FPS; it was just extremely solid and visually polished, and that’s what people are looking for in Modern Warfare 2, methinks.

  27. Über Nerd says:

    “Reminds me of the shield in CS – ha, classic!”

    Just the shield?

  28. Jim Rossignol says:

    I suspect RPS will give it a score of: Some Words Out Of Subjective Gibber.

  29. Frye says:

    What a stunning looking game. No need for that holier than thou attitude. Yes it will be linear and grenade spammy and no, i probably won’t like it. But heck! credit where credit is due. This will probably be the best game in it’s genre and as such will appeal to a huge crowd. Believe it or not: lots of kids will get their first XBox 360 this year. Not everybody has been gaming for 15 years like some of us and by the looks of it, this is a succesfull next generation of it’s kind. Nothing wrong with that.

  30. Metal_Circus says:


  31. toni says:

    COD4’s campaign and MP did absolutely NOTHING for me (I would compare it to 80s action movies like CityCobra regarding quality, lol) but I can attest to its stability, polish and simplicity. It’s just not the game I would be playing for long (completely different design philosophies I appreciate) or the propaganda I (personally) like to hear in a game (especially that unreflected) nor a story that gripped me in any way.
    the “unlimited spawn-wave” mechanic is as old as it gets but since there are still ppl satisfied with that mechanic they won’t change it. I hate it when I have to cross a trigger to make enemies stop pouring out of the same shack that can barely hold a horse and a cart, not to speak of hundreds of infidels.
    Franchises are not about innovation and progression, they are about repetition and refinement and that is what Infinity are the experts of imo.

  32. KilgoreTrout XL says:

    Whoa. That looks damned good.

  33. Jim Rossignol says:

    The CoD4 campaign was great fun. I don’t have much time for multiplayer, however.

    That said, I had a good crack at CoD5’s multiplayer, and that was ok.

  34. Ging says:

    toni: They’ve already stated that they’ve moved away from the infinite waves of spawning enemies – whether that’s true or not will become evident in a few months!

  35. Ansob. says:

    I feel sort of guilty admitting this, but I really liked the plot to CoD4. It was suitably Tom Clancy-ish nonsense, but it got the heroic special forces team right.

    Jim: CoD5 MP was a reskinned CoD4 MP with WWII weapons and completely broken SMGs. It was pretty good, and it’s less stale these days, but CoD4 did it first and did balance better (also, the tanks – egads, the tanks).

    I paid £15 for WaW, which is more or less what I would have paid for a professional-grade total conversion of CoD4 into a WWII shooter. The fact that it had a campaign was an unexpected bonus (even if it was a sort of rubbish campaign).

    Unrelated: didn’t the site automatically log you in to your forum account before, or am I just dreaming?

  36. Theory says:

    I hope everyone realises that whole trailer was scripted, or at the very least played against easy bots. Real people don’t behave like that.

  37. Xercies says:

    Meh Call Of Duty is tired as shooters go, but I know this will be a big mega seller hit that everyone will love. Sometimes i dislike modern gaming at the moment.

    And that Kotick guy can go to hell, he doesn’t have to have more budget, this looks the same as COD4 so I bet they’ve reused nearly everything that was in COD4 in this and maybe changed a few textures. How is that useing more budget that yo need to pay more.

    I have no love for activision anymore, there CEOs are pricks, there strategy is really crap(sell one game every year or better then that sell three of the same game every year(look at Guitar hero whore)) and they got the gaul to blam us for raising the prcie by a tenner.

    Any good game that comes out from them I will pirate and I will not care.

  38. lumpi says:

    Not denying it was polished. Or had engaging cut-scenes.

    I’m denying, however, that there is “plenty of other stuff, if you’re looking for innovation”, because, well, there isn’t.

    There must be some award, besides teh moneyzzz, for trying something deeper regarding gameplay and innovation. And it would appear logical, that not giving a default 10/10 to $100 million dollar production (because it’s sooo polished) would be a nice start.

    Imagine, a $100 mil, AAA title, with amazingly polished graphics, Hollywood-style presentation, advertised and hyped into oblivion… getting a 6/10 on Metacritic for being bland and uninnovative, gameplay-wise. Haven’t seen that, lately.

    But I guess I’m just a troll for even thinking that. :(

  39. torchedEARTH says:

    I feel an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by that clip.

  40. lumberjack_wannabe says:

    More shootier and shieldier than CoD4. Just needs zombies.

  41. Ansob. says:

    I hope everyone realises that whole trailer was scripted, or at the very least played against easy bots. Real people don’t behave like that.

    I’m fairly sure those were real 360 players. Bots don’t get gamertags on consoles.

    I’m denying, however, that there is “plenty of other stuff, if you’re looking for innovation”, because, well, there isn’t.

    Agreed; there are one or two things, though (on the MP side)

    Imagine, a $100 mil, AAA title, with amazingly polished graphics, Hollywood-style presentation, advertised and hyped into oblivion… getting a 6/10 on Metacritic for being bland and uninnovative, gameplay-wise. Haven’t seen that, lately.

    Don’t forget that CoD4’s gameplay was relatively polished as well, and that the perks were a nice addition to multiplayer.

    I guess it boils down to an ethics issue, but I don’t think you should be penalised for doing something unoriginal amazingly well. Someone who produces an extremely polished, just-plain-fun FPS with gameplay that hasn’t really evolved since the origin of the genre should still get rewarded significantly, much like a well-scripted action flick with a large SFX budget isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    An extremely polished, innovative game should get bigger and better rewards and that isn’t happening right now, but that’s not really my point. Let’s not forget that gaming and movies are also about having fun.

  42. Steelfists says:

    link to

    A profile of Bobby Kotick from The Economist. It was actually printed, a rare honour. Gamers may not like it, but he is certainly making the right choices business-wise, and also helping the gaming industry as a whole.

  43. lumpi says:

    Oh my… I don’t want to drag COD down for personally being disappointed with it (and the trend the game produces). But at the same time I feel protective about the ideals of innovation and risk-taking that spawned many amazing FPSs in the 90ies that truly brought something new to the genre (Thief, System Shock, Tribes, AvP, Half-Life, Deus Ex, Rainbow 6, Goldeneye/Perfect Dark, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Unreal Tournament…)

    IMO, if they exclusively aim for unoriginal, polished entertainment, their award should be money, and nothing more (and who said, btw, that innovation couldn’t lead to a financial success as well).

    It still makes me cringe, for example, to think of “Halo 3” having won EDGE’s “most innovative game of 2007” award for providing a good online service. Against Portal? Something’s seriously fucked up with that. Maybe they were just looking for attention and did the “let’s say the opposite of what people expect!” thing. I dunno. It was just a turning point for me, that made me think more critically about games like COD4-2 and the hailing of fast-forward, zero-innovation comfort gameplay. There’s just so much potential lost. Think of all the talent, people who could think up the next “Thief” or “System Shock”, now being hired en masse to “optimize accessibility” of the 6th(?) COD title… It’s sad, isn’t it?

  44. Chemix says:

    Did anyone pay attention to the end of the video, before the knife throw? The server they were playing on went down and it swapped out to another server in 20 seconds, without breaking the previous game flow. How this will work for privately rented dedicated servers is… unknown, I don’t know if it can, but for official servers and server clusters may be able to do it, though I’ll think we’ll have a lot more pay for admin servers and a lot less servers in general. Beyond that, it’s a cool feature, hell, it’s bloody awesome. Plexiglas shields are less realistic, but it’s much easier, and probably more enjoyable to use in a fast paced game. Can you really imagine your view being limited to a zoomed in 1.5 inch tall by 5 inch wide viewhole (probably scaled to 4″x15″ zoomed)? In a shoot em up like COD5. I’m sorry, I can’t pronounce MW and not sound like I’m trying to make a questioning gesture noise (mwuh) whereas, I can pronounce Cod, like codfish or codpiece. I could just say Modern Warfare 2, but that’s 5 syllables.

    I wish there more rewards for originality, but as far modern war-fighting in a semi-can-be-fun-setting, this works fairly well.

  45. Dracko says:

    Dracko, civility plz – RPS

  46. Schmung says:

    Chemix : That’s ‘cos it’s footage from the 360. People jumping out and killing the game because they were getting killed/got a phonecall/tripped over the plug was a source of serious irritation to console players. Nice if it works.

  47. Dracko says:

    Because rage-quitting never happens on PC.

  48. Heliocentric says:

    On the RSI front i’ve been using my 360 pad whenever its even slightly suitable, from driving a tank or heli in battlefield 2 to a number of platformers/adventure games. Even slower games using x-padder to use the analogue as a mouse. Playing bookworn adventures or settlers while lying down. Annoyingly a good number of console ports are actually not playable with the 360 pad, even when the game would otherwise be suited.(resi4, age of booty, fable etc)

  49. JonFitt says:

    @Schmung: I am also having the same dilemma as you. Friends on xbox, or better game on PC.

    @Jim: SP CoD4 was a good diverting weekend, MP CoD4 is an excellent competitive team game with plenty of room for team tactics and personal glory. It kept me entertained for many months.
    Also, I can imagine Kotick at the monthly investor call “Well we decided that we’d like to make some money, but not too much money because nobody wants that, right?…”

  50. Ansob. says:

    Because rage-quitting never happens on PC.

    Because ragequitting on a dedicated server doesn’t cause it to stop working for everyone else.

    Who plays on listen servers, anyway? Pah.