Prometheus Unbound Keys: Unreal Time Travelosity

this caused me to have a shout on my twitter earlier. FFS. You're a time-travelling game with a splendid concept, and you release screenshots like this. It's just a total failure of imagination.
Yesterday, in between discussing how much better my Champions build was than his, Rob Hale mentioned the Unreal Mod Prometheus.. He suggested – in the wake of Time Donkey – an RPS theme day of time-travel. What a wonderful thing that would have been. If we could actually have time-travel, I’d have gone back in time to do it. Alas, I can’t. Instead, watch the fine video that follows and consider going to play Prometheus: Neat stuff.

Prometheus Mod for Unreal Tournament 3 Prometheus Gameplay Video video – Mod DB


  1. Lanster27 says:

    Reminds me of Braid, with multiples of yourself.

  2. diebroken says:

    Neat, i feel this is what Portal 2 will incorporate… like ZPortal mixed up with Timeshift.

  3. diebroken says:

    gah, where’s that edit button? forgot to include a linky:

  4. Gnoupi says:

    It makes me think of an FPS version of Cursor*10. Interesting.

  5. Naurgul says:

    Haha, I remember coming up with this gameplay mechanic around the time when Portal was out. Seems like I wasn’t the only one who had this same idea on how to apply Portal’s spatial mechanics to time. Actually, it’s been done so many times now that I’m a little embarrassed to admit my game design daydreams jumped on this bandwagon.

  6. yhancik says:

    We really need more games using control over time, and not space.

    I would have wished for a more original visual universe than the nineties FPS style, but well… a man can dream.

  7. Valentin Galea says:

    This kind of mechanic is getting old really fast…

  8. plant42 says:

    This is a pretty cool concept and looks like much the opposite of fun.

  9. MajorManiac says:

    I love the idea of this mixed with a game like Serious Sam. So you run into a giant room swarming with Aliens and help other versions of your-self take out what would have been overwhelming numbers.

    Kind of like a team death-match but by your-self.

  10. eyemessiah says:


    You sir are a genius. Have a million pounds.

  11. mickiscoole says:

    Well yesterday I would have said “Its ok, Time donkey may have used the mechanic that I want to make a mod out of. I mean, mine’ll be different. Mine’ll be FPS.”


  12. sumone says:

    sense…this game makes none

    so every sense. this game makes none.

    not only is this idea as old as flash games, but this game follows no logic.

    How does going back in time allow you to magically clone yourself?

    And what happens when you interact with one of your time-clones, assuming you can?
    Wouldn’t your presence alter the future itself, therefore changing the clones’ initial actions?

    I guess i’m just rambling…

  13. sumone says:

    that was wierd…
    ignore the second line, lol

  14. yns88 says:

    If you had made a quantum clone of yourself you could have fixed that typo.

  15. Alaphic says:

    @sumone it’s not you making clones of yourself, it’s two copies of you existing in the same time stream. every iteration of yourself is following your actions in the same time stream. it actually makes perfect sense, because just the fact that you’re going back in time to perform different actions isn’t going to invalidate that actions you made the first time, it’s at most simply going to augment them. makes more sense to me than the old time travel standby of a previous iteration of yourself ceasing to exist in the same time stream. also, the knowledge that a second iteration of you was going to be entering the time stream to perform a specific task would ensure that the original you (the past you) would go on doing what you were doing initially.

    perfect sense.

  16. Caiman says:

    After the sixth rewind, I was bored. Travel through exactly the same tiny part of the level multiple times to make incremental progress? Gah. Tedious, but also I can imagine the incredibly frustrating puzzles this will generate where 20 versions of yourself will have to get everything timed just right.

    No thanks.

  17. heroic zero says:

    Neat idea…a lot will depend on the level/puzzle design.

    I like that developers are trying to think outside the box a bit more these days.

    The time travel game I’m looking forward to the most is Achron, which just looks mind-bendingly delicious.

  18. dingo says:

    This kind of mechanic is getting old really fast…

    Yes I’m getting bored by it, too.
    It was new / fresh in Braid and kinda nice in that flash game where you had 100 copies to end the game (forgot its name).

    But now it’s getting old.

  19. Gnarl says:


    I assumed Valentin was making a clever joke, myself.

  20. Jahkaivah says:


    I’m afraid Blinx the Time Sweeper beat you by a couple of years, course that game was begging for someone to do it right.


    Not the right terminology for it to be a joke. Wouldn’t put it past anyone to feel that way either.

    That said it would be great if the FPS mechanic time-travel is expanded upon.


    Bah, he clearly stole such an idea from my head, oh well doesn’t matter, got more where that came from.

    Diebreaker talked of Portal with Timeshift? How about the portals themselves take you back in time? Genius certificate please.