Diabolical Promises: Torchlight

A large chunk of the PC gaming world seems positively frothy in anticipation of Diablo III, but there are other dungeon crawlers on the horizon too, including the splendid-looking Torchlight, from Runic Studios. It’s by some of the same chaps who worked on Fate, so it’s easy to get an idea of what to expect: randomly generated levels, lovely design, and lots of goblins. It should be super-playable, too, and allow us to create our own levels and scenarios. I’ve posted the trailer below, and blimey, it’s looking good. Check out that troll!

The game is out on the 27th of October and will be a $20 download.


  1. Zaphid says:

    Mythos was in my opinion the only hack n’ slash to come close to dethroning Diablo 2 and this looks like more of it, count me in.

  2. postmanX3 says:

    I love the character designs. Gameplay-wise, it looks like just another Diablo-Clone… but I’ll definitely try the demo when it comes out.

  3. Chiablo says:

    R.I.P. Mythos…

    I’m saddened by it’s demise.

  4. Yahoo says:

    The music features SO many tones that feel like they’re straight out of Diablo or Diablo 2.
    Overall, color me interested, but a demo is a must.

  5. Chobes says:

    I can’t touch hack-n-slash RPG brainrot without at least one other person to keep me anchored to consciousness anymore. Here’s to hoping this solid looking cutie pie will have online coop.

  6. Z says:

    WoW gayn3$$!!!11!!eleventy!1

    Looks pretty nice, actually.

  7. Nero68 says:

    @Yahoo: Well considering Matt Uelmen is part of the Runic Games it might not be a surprise.

    Looks quite nice, gotta get me a new mouse soon after Titan Quest sort of killed my left mouse button :( I’m also sad I never got to try Mythos.

  8. rocketman71 says:

    Looks nice (and Diabloish), but this being Single only, followed in a couple of years by a MMO kills all attraction for me.

    Diablo’s main appeal was LAN with friends, people!. When will they learn?. It’s bad enough that Blizzard is fucking with the formula!.

  9. Wacky says:

    @Zaphid,What about Titan Quest?That game was loads of fun,and it had an interesting skill system!

  10. Ben says:

    People love this game design, but imagine if Diablo 3 had the same art style – I don’t think the response would be quite so positive!

  11. c-Row says:

    Too many colours.

  12. Coldstream says:

    Excellent stuff. The cartoonish style bodes well for both an amusing tone and aesthetic longevity. I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

  13. Sam says:

    Oooh. Pretty.

    I’ll want a demo, but if it’s good, I’m there.

  14. Bremze says:

    You know that this is being made by the same team that developed Mythos, right?

  15. Simon says:

    “Development of the game is led by Travis Baldree, designer of Fate, and Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer, co-designers of Diablo and Diablo II, joined by the team that developed Mythos.”

    Insta-win! :)

  16. Berzee says:

    Wat? The trailer looks like a slow-moving guy doing the same three mildly swooshy attacks against the same four enemies over and over. o_O I do not see promise dripping from this like honey from the comb.

  17. Bremze says:

    Also, Matt Uelmen is writing music for this game for some extra awesomeness!

  18. Diji says:

    I hearted Mythos, yay for this!

  19. El_MUERkO says:

    looks lovely, i hope we can zoom the camera out a bit more thou, it’s a bit to close for my liking

  20. Lobotomist says:

    Diablo 3 is coming somewhere in 20011 …ouch

    So this game is a must for hack & slash fans. Also remember that MMO version is in making as well.

  21. Xercies says:

    Did someone say troll?

    Well whats with the wow graphics

    Oh you meant the other kind of troll…

  22. jsutcliffe says:

    WoW-like it may be, but I really like the art style. I’ve never played a Diablo game (or clone) before as I’ve always had the impression, perhaps misguided, that they are best played with other people. The random dungeon aspect appeals to the roguelike fan inside me though. I’ll be looking forward to a demo.

  23. MadTinkerer says:

    I actually had the privilege of talking to the Mythos guys at E3. They were waaaaaaaaay in the back of South Hall with a playable build of their game running.

    It’s actually less “Some of the guys from Fate and a few guys from the former Mythos team” and more like “The entire Mythos team and the lead designer and another guy from Fate and maybe a couple others”. Basically, when Mythos was canceled, the guys in charge of the team scrambled to put something new together and when they did, the rest of the team jumped on board instead of abandoning each other. The Fate guys happened to be recently (fired? quit? department-downsized? not sure, but they were available) so they were part of Torchlight from the start.

    So basically it’s a Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together from Diablo’s two best competitors. As someone who’s played it, I can say that it’s definitely a game to check out.

  24. HolyShitMatt says:

    Thanks for the info MadTinkerer. The camera they’re using looks similar to console action and brawlers. Don’t know if I like what I saw but I may feel differently once I play it.

  25. Zyrxil says:

    Wacky says:
    @Zaphid,What about Titan Quest?That game was loads of fun,and it had an interesting skill system!

    Wrong, Titan Quest had an interesting class system. The skill/talent trees themselves were terrible. They were full of passive talents or abilities redundant across classes or extremely simple abilities that were very boring.

    Plus the game didn’t have random maps, that’s like negative bajillion points to replay value for a dungeon crawler.

    (making manual quotes is annoyinggg)

  26. Zyrxil says:

    (damnit no edit)

    And I’d say FATE suffered from the same problem of a boring character system and uninteresting skills, which is why I don’t carry much hope for Torchlight (though I never was in the Mythos beta).

  27. Zaphid says:

    I second your comment about randomly generated levels, any hack n’ slash without it can’t hope to compete with the legends.

    Hear that, Sacred devs ?

  28. ZephyrSB says:

    I adored FATE, so it always puzzled me why I could never get into Mythos. Hopefully this new attempt can draw me in and sate my dungeon crawler hunger while I wait for D3…

  29. Vinraith says:

    This looks promising. It’s nice to see an apparent resurgence of non-MMO action RPG’s. I’ve missed this genre, and the last good entry I can recall was Titan Quest which feels like it was ages ago.

  30. yogSo says:

    Hear that, Sacred devs ?

    Errr… no, I think they cannot hear you anymore

  31. Serenegoose says:

    Wasn’t that just a remix of some D2 music in the background? It was the same chords and drumbeat and everything. Looks potentially fun though. I’ll need to try a demo before I decide. I mean I’ve never finished titan quest, despite much trying, whereas I’ve finished d2 several times. Sometimes there’s something that, despite overwhelming similarities, dungeon grinders either have, or don’t.

  32. GuiSim says:

    Torchlight uses link to ogre3d.org for its graphic engine.

  33. Lucas says:

    I don’t know anything about the game, but this video is really terrible. Every one of it’s many brief segments is a single attack or action by the player. Presented like this it looks more like WarioWare than a proper game!

    I now suspect they will put such a mode into the game, for the sole purpose of causing my death by unceasing laughter.

  34. Howl says:

    You lost me at randomly generated.

  35. Lafinass says:

    Ah Mythos. I barely knew you.

    A pox upon you people for reminding me of what could have been.

  36. RyePunk says:

    ‘Sploding bodies, and lots of them… May be useful in the quest to kill time until Diablo 3 appears.

  37. The Great Wayne says:

    The art very much looks like Dungeon Party which, if totally ok for the said game, is a weird choice for something that seems to take itself quite seriously.

  38. Wulf says:

    From the trailer, I made two observations.

    – The main character has a helpful dog! :D The presence of any sort of canid in a game makes everything better.

    – This looks a hell of a lot more visually cohesive and less dated than Diablo III, in just about every way.

    I eventually see Blizzard buying Runic just so that Blizzard can steal that beautiful visual cohesion and talented art direction for themselves, considering how much they need it.

    Seriously, this looks like what Diablo III could be in more talented hands.

    Also, to restate: DOGGY! :D

  39. Alaric says:

    This looks pretty cool. I’m not a big fan of dungeon-hacks and I hated Diablo II, but I think I wanna try Torchlight. I like the colors and the cartoony graphics. Gonna drop a line to my editor and see if anyone else got dibs on a review copy. =)

  40. Tworak says:

    Myyyytthoooossssssss :<<<<

    this looks pretty good, though

  41. plant42 says:

    Arrrgh! Not again! Fantasy, axes, spells, goblins, trolls, glowing weapons, armor, shields and… a freaking gun??

    Damn it, that drives me nuts. Same thing in Fable 2 – you’re supposed to be this awesome wizard channeling fireballs and then just get bored, whip out a pistol and shoot everything in the head.


  42. MarkN says:

    Nox is my favourite Diablo-alike. I found Diablo too dry and serious, whereas Nox had bags of charm and humour. I wish I knew where my copy was now…

  43. amishmonster says:

    I just hope this comes closer to Mythos and farther from Fate. I was in the Mythos beta for one glorious week right before it shut down, and I agree that it’s the closest the genre has come (yet) to successfully updating D2.

    Fate, on the other hand, was charming and had some cool mechanics, but failed on the mechanics end of things. There just weren’t many interesting abilities you could get other than attacking and healing (unless you went straight Magic, and then that was pretty much all you could do). Unless I was doing it wrong, it just didn’t have that much variety.

    So, looking forward to this but waiting for reviews.

  44. Joe says:

    link to tentonhammer.com

    Interview and gameplay from E3. Looks very impressive.

  45. Hybrid says:

    ehh, i have Titan Quest and it’s expansion to finish. I’ll pass.

  46. Joe says:

    According to the TTH video, the game will have three classes on launch, extensive level editing and modding, and will be the precursor to an MMO.

    Also, brownie points for the use of Ogre3D.

  47. Marius says:

    This is the old E3 trailer. The new PAX trailer can be seen at

  48. Heliocentric says:

    Do i have to click to hit? I never finished titans quest because it actually hurt my hand. Maybe a can dig up an auto fire application.

  49. Tei says:

    Diablo 2 > Mythos > Hellgate London > Sacred > Titan Quest