Ship-shaped: Ironclads: High Sea Demo

RPS are big fans of ships. Especially Ironclads. Well, they’re Ironclads for most of us. For Quinns, due to a sad iron deficiency, they’re just ‘clads. In fact, they’re barely clad at all. All of which means we’re pleased to hear that Totem Games – from Russia, if their URL is anything to be believed – have released a demo of their Ironclads: high Seas demo. Go get it here. It features a realistic ship models, advanced ballistics, group ships which you choose and all that kind of malarkies. Is that your thing? Go get it. Is it not your thing? Stop reading. Is it something that may be your thing? Well, maybe the footage that follows will help you make your mind up…


  1. Jti says:

    This might just be interesting. I hope that AI is up to task here.

  2. morte says:

    Sea needs life, may aswell be a sheet of glass they’re moving about on. Though strangely, I can hear waves!
    Looks interesting.

  3. Jti says:

    Yeah, could really use East India Company engine there. Seriously bad timing?

  4. dartt says:

    I hear Quinns doesn’t have much iron at all.

  5. Cooper says:

    Any ol’ Iron?

  6. Oak says:

    The Age of Fighting Steam.

  7. Serondal says:

    We all know that even if Quinns did have Iron he wouldn’t know what to do with it.

  8. Vanguard says:

    Poor Quinns.

  9. Torgen says:

    you know, there were some seriously freaky designs in 19th century naval construction. I wonder how hard this game is to mod? Pre-dreadnought naval warfare is a area that gets far too little attention, probably because there wasn’t any large battles before the 1905 Russo-Japanese War, when things were already becoming standardized.

    You know, I bet a game that let you experiment with all the crazy inter-war tank designs would be fun as well.

  10. Fergas says:

    well tryed the demo and i like it not something you see everday had to shout at it to make it work bloody ++c library crap but seem to work once i installed it even though i already have ++c installed werid.

  11. Jti says:

    My DL was cut off, so I’ll have to try it later. This game really has hit nail on the head on the subject, but I fear that delivery isn’t as good as it should…

    Anyway, I have a lot of optimism when it comes to Eastern European games.

  12. FhnuZoag says:

    Can an ironclad strategy game really be fun? The thing is, this was an era when defensive power greatly overwhelmed offensive/manuvering capabilities. The Monitor and the Virginia pounded each other for hours, and even had a ramming action, and failed to inflict real damage on each other.

  13. Torgen says:

    Don’t forget that, towards the latter part of this era, fire rates were a blistering 1 round every three minutes, and some guns had to rotate back to a forward position to reload :D

    It seems though, that they are modeling the more fun, earlier time of the mid 1800s.

  14. Jae Armstrong says:

    Ironclads? Arses to that. Dreadnoughts ftw.

  15. Adventurous Putty says:

    This isn’t anything against the game (indeed, it may well reflect my own lack of sleep), but that truly seems to me to be the most utterly soporific trailer I’ve ever seen in my life. It sounds like something pre-recorded to cure insomnia, and even the canonshots are eerily relaxing.