The Secret World (Of Ladies And Birdmen)

Eeek! It's made of birds!
FunCom is soon to release a wad of new information about its MMO The Secret World (check out psychological profile for your faction recommendation), after being shown at PAX, but currently it’s still being kept secret by The Man. The moment we can kill them all we’ll have all the details, but until then you’ll have to make do with this really rather pretty CGI trailer. Clearly it reveals nothing of what happens in-game, but it suggests a lovely spooky atmosphere. And a pretty girl fighting a weird bird beast. Which is enough.


  1. phil says:

    Shotgun first, then start messing around with inaccurate area of effect attacks, has the girl not played Bioshock?

  2. vasagi says:

    im a dragon apparently after taking their crazy psych test

    this game is my real high hope for a change in mmo’s screw starwars, let the scandinavians lead the way.

  3. CMaster says:

    The thing about Secret World is that while the setting seems really interesting, I always end up thinking that the combat looks like it will end up being classic MMO click-and-wait, with hordes of abilities with cooldowns to throw in every so often.

  4. Pzykozis says:

    Looking good, (CGI atleast)

    I have to be honest, I’ve been following this game for ages though definately looking forward to it.

    Also, Jim were there any of the RPS guys at PAX? Since there seems to have been some press stuff thats currently being kept hushed until the 10th it’d be great if there’d be a RPS look on it all.

  5. Ian says:

    The test gave me Templar, but Dragon sounds more interesting.

  6. futage says:

    The test gave me Illuminati, but Templars sound more interesting.

  7. Bhazor says:

    Dragon here too.

    I’m a big fan of Tornquist and this world sounds exciting and new. Just a shame its a MMORPG, so all the interesting bits will be padded by 50 hours of grind and filled with people. And I hate people, they’re all bastards..

    What I wouldn’t give for this to be single player.

  8. dan says:

    I came out Illuminati too. I even downloaded the special wallpaper pack they email you, and had one as my desktop background for, ooh, a whole ten seconds.

    Excited though. Want gun and magic powers.

    And in the game!

  9. TheBlackBandit says:

    I *hate* To Be Continueds…

  10. Dominic White says:

    It’ll never happen in a million years, but I really hope they take some inspiration from the Monster Hunter series. There’s a game that gets the ‘Humans vs Supernatural Monsters’ concept absolutely right. You’ll win if you’re smart, prepared and experienced. You can’t grind to magically do more numbers worth of damage, and even with the best armor money can buy, you’ll still die in just a few hits.

    It’ll almost certainly be a standard MMO combat system, but I’d love to see another game with a combat engine that emphasizes player knowledge (just being able to read when a creature is going to strike, and where the attack is going to land can make all the difference) and skill, rather than raw stats.

  11. Jayt says:

    Supposedly I’m a templar. This sounds pretty exciting, I hope it isn’t some wow clone/grind fest.

    It s a really cool premise.

  12. MacBeth says:

    Impressive video – is it all CGI?

  13. futage says:

    CGI as opposed to what?

  14. Tei says:

    I still think Hellgate London was awesome.

  15. Alec Meer says:

    Let’s not have the CGI-means-everything scuffle again. Regardless of its literal meaning, it is accepted shorthand for pre-rendered footage and we’re happy to use it and see it used as such here. RPS FACT-O-LAW = LAID DOWN.

  16. suibhne says:

    As opposed to in-engine, I presume.

    I’m pretty sure Tornquist has come out and said there’s no grind – that it’s more like Guild Wars in that respect. (There might have been “a grind” in GW, or even several “grinds”, but at least it didn’t force “the grind” on players like other MMORPGs.)

  17. Radiant says:

    I’d love for this game to be like Monster Hunter how has that game not crossed over to pc?

  18. Bobsy says:

    Every raw snippet of a glimpse of an idea of this game makes me inwardly excited. Ragnar Tornquist is gaming’s Joss Whedon.

  19. Jockie says:

    It looks like they’ve got the atmosphere and art styles down nicely. Still though Hellgate London looked and sounded cool, until it was actually played. Here’s to hoping for something a bit more fun.

    Good marketing though, teasers that actually tease and know how to stop at just the right point to make us want more.

  20. Dominic White says:

    @Radiant – It was, actually.. in Japan only, and it’s appraently the best version so far. They sadly put up an IP block to stop anyone else getting in though.

  21. Matosh says:

    This is stupid. And you know why it’s stupid? Because it’s cool. Cool trailers like this one piss me off because I know after three or four of them the game will come out and it will feature your avatar standing in one place, whacking a critter with a bat in the same canned animation over and over and over again.


    (See: World of Warcraft cinematics/World of Warcraft gameplay)

  22. DarkNoghri says:


    Speaking of Whedon, did anyone else get reminded of River at the end of Serenity in the first half of the video?

  23. Basil says:

    The test gave me Dragon, but Illuminati sound more interesting.

  24. Dominic White says:

    @Matosh – that’s why I again invoke hopes that someone, SOMEWHERE notices the (retardedly huge in Japan) Monster Hunter games. They managed to have badass intros that actually show off what you’ll really be doing ingame.

  25. Agrajag says:


  26. Waste_Manager says:

    I’m Illuminati. Does that mean I’m a bastard? Good.

  27. Helm says:

    get your hair out of your face get your hair out of your face get your hair out of your face


  28. mihor_fego says:

    I ended up a Dragon. Now I hope I get lucky & enter Beta…

    The theme is great! A few years back a friend and I were working on a script for a comic which was to have a similar setting. Of course I got too lazy to ever get my ass down to draw a panel, so the idea was discarded…

    BUT the last time I was so anxiously awaiting a MMO release based on the mood and setting looking cool, I was hugely disappointed. And I really tried to like the game, ending up in just more hours thrown away for nothing. That experience being rather recent, I’m not getting my hopes up that this will end up awsome… or playable.

  29. nihohit says:

    Everyone loves a good Keren Ann reference.

    Me got dragon. most of the questions were transparent if you know basic conspiracy lore.

  30. MonkeyMonster says:

    Illuminati – wonder if choosing the katana sealed that… Harsh question tbh, MP5 or blade. The Deagle is a fun weapon but come on now.

  31. Jonas says:

    Hm I was hoping for the Templars (religious nutters with lots of guns – yay!) but I played it as honestly as I could and ended up with the Dragon. Disappointing at first, since they’re the only group I’ve never heard of, but they do sound kinda cool, so I’ll remember that when the game goes live.

    I do disagree with Jim though: that is not enough. WTB actual gameplay footage plz.

  32. MonkeyMonster says:

    Edit button aside – based on the pics in gallery. Dragon is the sword dude and Illum have the deagle… well well well

  33. Jonas says:

    MonkeyMonster: my educated guess is that the assault rifle corresponds with the Templar (private armies etc), the gold desert eagle matches the Illuminati (boundless decadence), and the katana represents the Dragon (Oriental traditionalists).

    I went with the rifle. That’s what I’d prefer to be armed with when going up against freaky teleporting monsters.

  34. Jonas says:

    Oh I found that picture you’re talking about. I think that’s a templar with the double desert eagles. So much for my educated guess.

    I wonder if the factions correspond to the three cities in the game such that the Dragons start in Seoul, the Templars in London, and the Illuminati in New York City.

  35. Cokesakto says:

    My friend thought this was a World of Darkness CRPG…

  36. Tom says:

    Bollocks to this, I want more Longest Journey.

  37. Pattom says:

    This video is the one that got me seriously interested in the game; the last one was cool to watch, but not all that exciting. Has anyone read the book Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman? Tell me that, after seeing this video, you wouldn’t love to have a good old-fashioned boss fight against the Bird Woman. Thank you, Ragnar Tornquist, for enabling this crossover/geek-out.

  38. Pattom says:

    Oh, and sorry for double post, but I just got Dragon on their personality test, too. And a preview on Gamespot says the three factions do correlate to the three hub cities as you guessed, Jonas.

  39. Subject 706 says:

    Echoing the previous poster who thought it was a shame they wasted this concept on an MMO instead of a singleplayer game.

  40. vasagi says:

    Anansi pales compared to american gods

  41. Heliocentric says:

    [Echo]Shame its an mmo, gone from interested to not giving a damn in 3 letters.

  42. Okami says:

    I like the fact, that you can “tell your friends on facebookwhat secret society you joined”.

    I don’t know if real members of secret societies flaunt the fact of their membership on facebook.

  43. Xercies says:

    This actually sounds more like World of Darkness.

    I got Dragon

  44. Z says:

    It’s not world of darkness unless I can play Mr. Smiley-maw-who-hangs-from-ceilings and eat me some yakuza dragons who bring knives to demon fights.

  45. Kieron Gillen says:

    I suspect this really is a generalised Urban Fantasy selection, rather than just one. That it is a generalised selection, of course, means that everything everyone’s picking up is there.


  46. Sunjammer says:

    When awesome spells that shoot light everywhere fail; use a shotgun, and do so with no emotion. Win.

    I’m still deeply annoyed at the retarded name. It’s so defeatist. “Fuck it, it’s a secret world or some such shite, let’s call a spade a spade”

  47. Vandelay says:

    I got Dragon, like most people it seems. @MonkeyMonster: I selected the Katana and got Dragons. I would have thought it was much more likely that the katana was linked to Dragons.

    I like the look of the world they are creating. Like others have said, Tornquist seems to be great at creating some interesting mythology. He does certainly have similarities to Whedon, although I think that is more about him emulating him, as he has said on multiple occasions that he loves his work.

    But, it is an MMO and my aversion to a monthly fee means I doubt I’ll ever play this. Oh well, hopefully a new Longest Journey game could come after this.

  48. KBKarma says:

    Me like. I have a fanboyish attitude to anything with the name Ragnar Tørnquist in the credits. Like Walker in that respect, really. :P

    Also, I got Dragon as well. Seems to be common amongst most of us here. I picked the MP5, by the way, so weapon choice doesn’t really determine society. But still, looking awesome.

    Also, looking at that timer on the front page… It appears to be 1200 days till the game is released. Which equates to three years. Huh wha? I have no idea what that 1200 is.

  49. Bret says:

    I got Templar.

    So, I’m not evil, from the description, but I am a tremendous prick. Hmm.

  50. JC Denton says:

    I was asked to join the dragons and the wallpaper is boring, I thought the girl in the video was a dragon?

    For those who want to check out the other factions
    link to
    link to
    link to