The Secret World (Of Ladies And Birdmen)

Eeek! It's made of birds!
FunCom is soon to release a wad of new information about its MMO The Secret World (check out psychological profile for your faction recommendation), after being shown at PAX, but currently it’s still being kept secret by The Man. The moment we can kill them all we’ll have all the details, but until then you’ll have to make do with this really rather pretty CGI trailer. Clearly it reveals nothing of what happens in-game, but it suggests a lovely spooky atmosphere. And a pretty girl fighting a weird bird beast. Which is enough.


  1. Jorgen says:

    This is going to be an MMO? How utterly disappointing!

    Don’t we already have enough? Unless they’re actually going to offer something different…

    Eh, who am I kidding?

  2. Alex says:

    If the hero in this vid is indeed a Templar, then I guess that means we get to see the Illuminati in the next one. :)

  3. ZenMetzger says:

    Well, It is good to see someone trying to make an MMO in such unique setting, but it all seams kinda forced to me. I usually like the “secret world” setting in books and comics, but it all feels so soulless in The Secret World. I just can’t shake this feeling that the game tries to hard to be cool and new age-y.

  4. Noc says:

    @Matosh, for all that rage, I didn’t actually see anything in that trailer that’d be out of the question for a character in-game.

    I mean, she activated some sort of shield-spell-thing. And then she shot the thing with a shotgun. Both of those are pretty solidly within the scope of the sort of player abilities you already see in MMOs.

    I mean, it’s not like she was acrobatically climbing on top of a towering monster and felling it with one well-placed sword to the back of the head, while in-game she’d be hacking endlessly at its ankles until she exhausted its endless supply of HPs. I think it’s a pretty good bet that you will very much be able to pull out shotguns and shoot things with them in the game.

  5. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Looks nice and weird :) I’m glad we’re getting some MMOs that are trying to brake the mold a bit and not just copying the standard WoW-fantasy gameplay.

  6. Matosh says:

    Will you pick up feathers from the floor, look at them meaningfully, then drop them back as your mouselook reveals an enemy that just teleported next to you while you weren’t looking? Will you be able to mix milkshakes and drink them when you get to your apartment, thereby creating an opportunity for a monster to surprise you while you do so? I don’t even need these to be interactive – an in-engine sequence showing these characters doing these things would impress me.

    These cutscenes are better than some others at it, but lately I’ve just become so hypersensitive to it, and also:

    This particular clip set me off specifically because I’d love to play the game that’s in that clip, but I won’t get it. The basic actions – shield spell, shotgun – will remain, but I am so very cynically certain that the suspense these two brilliant trailers display will be so very very absent in the final product. I specifically decried the use of ‘cool moves’, because the suspense depends so much on timing and the economy of motion, which will be the first things lost from the game.

  7. Matosh says:

    The above comment @Noc, BTW.

  8. Stupoider says:

    I’d rather they showed some sort of gameplay rather than another CGI trailer. :<

  9. The Pink Ninja says:

    Impressive that the total lack of info can get an article…

    If this has WoW like combat then it’s already failed. Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to it.

  10. MacBeth says:

    I actually wasn’t attempting to stir anything up re. the definition of CGI – I agree totally with the RPS official-o-definition . I was actually (on first glance) wondering if some of it was live footage, with effects added on top. On watching it again on a better screen it’s clearly all CGI. Bloody good though – the shoes and the hand are lovely, and the lighting effects (particularly on the wooly hat) are very nice. And yes, a damn shame the game won’t look anything like that good.

  11. JKjoker says:

    sigh, too bad they made yet another crappy mmo, i would love this atmosphere in a single player game

  12. Stromko says:

    There actually is a World of Darkness MMO coming, and the makers of EVE are doing it, though I’ve heard nothing on it aside from that.

    The Secret World seems very much like a World of Darkness MMO, and continues the trend of game developers doubling up on what they hope to be trends (Prototype / Infamous for example, or Crimecraft / All Points Bulletin).

    I would say ultimately that this weakens the reception both competing products get, as they will invariably be compared to one another and customers will likely pick one or another.

    That said, the concept of a World of Darkness MMO, and the concept of Secret World, both seem pretty damn cool to me, so I’m glad we’re getting two examples of that flavor in the coming years. We need more games that at least try to have an interesting setting.

  13. JKjoker says:

    too bad any kind of suspense or feeling of dread will be ruined by the 13 year olds running around tea bagging the woodland critters

  14. futage says:

    Alec, not that it matters a day later, but I wasn’t quibbling over the term CGI (reading my question as such seems a tad prejudiced to me but who knows, maybe it was ambiguous), I was simply curious as to what else the poster thought it might be.

  15. Kadayi says:

    Dragon here as well (which didn’t surprise me given my answers).

    Sounds interesting, but a lot depends on where they go with it.

  16. Knight Of Cydonia says:

    Templar, oddly.
    And I’ll say what we’re all thinking – I’d do her. And maybe even the birdman.

  17. Rei Onryou says:

    Templar it seems. Although I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, I’m even less of a fan of the others.