479 League Of Legends Beta Keys Up For Grabs!

You rotter.

Sorry – the keys have all been given away now.

Hurrah! It’s another Beta-key giveaway. League of Legends has provided – oooh – many codes for the forthcoming Defence-of-the-Ancients-alike game, which is forthcoming in Europe via GOA. You want one? Well, just click the following link and send a mail. First come first served. And please don’t alter the headline, as it’ll make us harder to sort all the mails out. If you do, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a code. And If you want to be ultra-helpful, write your e-mail in the bodycopy to make it easy for us to cut and paste. You sweeties, you. Your gran would be proud.

(You may be wondering why there’s an odd number – because subscribers get first dibs on Beta codes. Don’t blame us. We don’t make the rules. Actually, we do.)

Anyway – Beta footage beneath the cut…


  1. Professor says:

    pls send beta key.. :S

  2. ninjaloko says:

    my brother I need an account porfavor.cara I fasso all of you to a kiss on the obama, I asked binlade pinico …. I ate rain in the desert but not do so
    create an account in the league of lengends please get me an account or a key aew …. endow

  3. mcjunes says:

    send me a beta key


  4. skillz says:

    send me a beta key pls.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    Skillz didn’t pay attention at school, you see.