Cities XL Demo Goes Countries XL

Remember how angry you were last week when we told you there was a Cities XL demo out, but it turned out an American chap like you couldn’t play it, or found it agonisingly laggy because it was European only? Ooh, you were mad. Remember how you did terrible things to a passing hobo in the name of misplaced vengeance? He may never recover, but your high spirits will because – rejoice! – the US demo is now live too. It’s exactly the same content as the Euro one, but with different servers. 1Gb of quasi-MMO, 3 of the 25 cities available, and playable until the end of September, and available here.


  1. Blast Hardcheese says:


  2. Knight Of Cydonia says:


  3. cowthief skank says:

    I am in Europe and I could not connect either :-(

  4. cowthief skank says:

    I should add that is probably due to using some recent operating system type thing. Rather than me killing random hobos.

  5. Clovis says:

    Was it a singin’ hobo, or a stabbin’ hobo?

    Either way, he deserved it…

  6. Serondal says:

    Oh no, I hurt that hobo for nothing (and he most certainly will not recover)

  7. Serondal says:

    On the news channel : A string of random hobo kills seems to have come to an end as mysteriously as it began.

  8. CJohnson03 says:

    Man, I feel just terrible about all those hobos now. Maybe some Cities XL will make me feel better..

  9. Serondal says:

    Hope we can name the hobos in our Cities XL game after those we’ve killed in their honor. Of course I don’t know if my computer can handle rendering that many hobo models . . .

  10. Mik says:

    The real question is.. does this demo work with Windows 7? The other one didn’t apparently (though they say the retail version does)..

  11. Clovis says:

    Someone mod Mik as “offtopic” for not mentioning hobos.

  12. ascagnel says:

    Want. I live in “Hobo”ken, so does that make me a Hobo?

  13. We Fly Spitfires says:

    I know it’s a bad case of Schadenfreude but I kinda enjoyed the US being on the short end of the stick for once. It’s always us Euros that get treated like second class citizens. Yes, I know they helped out in Dubya-Dubya-Too but that doesn’t mean we still have to pay for it now with delayed release dates.

  14. schwerpunk says:

    I’ve given up on this game for a while. Looks interesting, it’s just… I can’t bare to feel that let down twice in one month.

  15. Jason Lefkowitz says:

    European only? Do whut? I’m a USian and I downloaded the demo linked from your previous story; played for me just fine.

    Which isn’t to say it was a very good demo (it wasn’t), but my problems were with the poor game design, not with being locked out of it or finding it laggy…

  16. Wisq says:

    @Jason Leftkowitz: Uh oh, you broke the anti-Rest-Of-The-World embargo. Now the gaming police are going to come over and lock you up for good.

    The good news is, you’ll at least have lots of hats. Valve ran out of space at their HQ and is using the gaming prison to store all the ones they confiscated.

  17. Mister Adequate says:

    It’s playing Cities XL makes me want to hurt hobos. America was spared, briefly!

  18. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Maybe Valve can give all the confiscated hats to hobos?

  19. badoli says:

    Spitfire, i gladly second that.

  20. dingo says:

    European only? Do whut? I’m a USian and I downloaded the demo linked from your previous story; played for me just fine.

    Seems you live in the part of the US that we already quitely invaded…

  21. Ginger Yellow says:

    It’s still giving me a login error, even with the compatibility kludge.

  22. Nallen says:

    Very easy, this game. Well it seems to be from the demo.

  23. armlesscorps says:

    I find this really annoying how theres a post aimed at americans on RPS. Why pandering to the americans all of a sudden? i preferred it like it was a few months ago. I dont want any chaff on the site which Iv no interest in reading, if I wanted that id go on one of the lesser sites.
    Dont usually rant about this kind of stuff but this really annoyed me. pls no more!

  24. jim says:

    This worked for me on Windows 7, right off the bat, no compatability changes at all. It’s Sim City MMO basically. I like it so far.

  25. A Delicate Balance says:

    Armless – it’s hardly pandering to the Americans. I’m Canadian and I couldn’t get it to work either. Of course this version may not work either, but I hope it does. Furthermore, being a Canadian, we seem to get screwed whichever way. US release first: great, now English Canadians have to wait while the back of the box is translated into French (or some similar bullshit excuse). Game comes out in Europe first: great, we get screwed again! Not to mention (going slightly off-topic) DiRT2 being seemingly unavailable anywhere in Toronto for PC, but there are oodles of PS3 and XBox360 copies – if I wanted to pay more and have shittier graphics, I’d buy them!

  26. chadplusplus says:

    Well, I’m stateside and d/led the euro-only demo and had various compatibility/performance issues at first; however, they released a patch last week that apparently fixed all of the issues I was having.

    Assumedly, last weekend, I was still playing on the Euro servers and everything ran peachy. It was a fun game, but IMHO, not worth a monthly subscription. Let’s all hope for a mod that allows private server hosting.