Huge Assassin’s Creed 2 Walkthrough

Head south for a sprawling walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed 2, courtesy of Destructoid. As well as detailing some of sprawling renaissance city, it shows loads of interesting mechanistic stuff such as purchasing equipment with the money you’ve earned, exploring secret locations, hiring mercenaries to fight guards for you, distracting people by throwing coins, and so on. There’s also fun-looking chase sequence. So the missions do indeed look more diverse than the original, and I wonder whether the new spread of equipment to be bought on the streets of Florence will make the possibilities for delivering assassinations more varied too? All this and flying machines… The game is out on November 17th.


  1. Poita says:

    There seems to be a Blue Ray/HD DVD like struggle between the names ‘Ass Creed’ and Ass Greed’.

    I lean towards ‘Ass Greed’ myself but i’ll go with the majority.

    Oh, and If i have to see one more fucking scene of the tit swan diving then flipping mid plumet into a hay stack I’ll go nuts. Can’t someone write a virus/hack and replace the hay with a big metal spike.

  2. Vinraith says:

    “There seems to be a Blue Ray/HD DVD like struggle between the names ‘Ass Creed’ and Ass Greed’. ”

    I can see why Assassin’s Creed isn’t “mature” enough for you guys.

  3. suibhne says:

    I share a lot of the frustrations with AC, which I’m playing for the first time right now after picking it up on Steam sale awhile back. It’s absurdly repetitive, despite an impressive world design. But some folks missed the point of the rewards for saving citizens. Scholars and vigilantes both side with you not because they’re fooled by your clever disguise, but because you saved a citizen who was their ally. Notice that scholars show up after you save a scholar, and vigilantes show up after you save…well, anyone other than a scholar.

  4. Serenegoose says:

    I never finished assassins creed, but I still liked it loads, conceptually, artistically, and even the core gameplay. I just have a really short attention

  5. Alez says:

    ONE word for ass creed/greed 2 : SKIPABLE CUTSCENES.

    Without that, i shall not touch this game. I’d understand being an asshole to the player the first time he sees a cutscene, but not letting him skip the second time is just…a douchebag move.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    Tbh, the game can’t know when its the first time. Skippability must be constant. But not just left click or “whoopsImissedthecutscene” becomes an issue. I did that in many games and never went back thus missing content. So make the player press escape or something.

  7. luminosity says:

    I don’t understand why people that hated a game and won’t buy a sequel hang out in comment threads for the sequel, watch videos of it, etc, just so they can hang shit on it. Are your lives really so empty?

    I can understand being skeptical — I really enjoyed the cities and free running in the first game, but like most hated the repetition, but it seems they’ve taken the criticisms on board.

    Incidentally, I feel sorry for you if you couldn’t get anything out of Far Cry 2. It was not a perfect game, but it had some of the most fun combat moments I’ve had in an FPS for years.

  8. Serenegoose says:

    you know, it’s weird, some of the funnest moments I’ve had in recent gaming experience are from far cry 2, but it’s a game I’ve never gone on to finish, though I have reinstalled it many times. I preferred the first part of the game though, before the trucks started mounting grenade launchers and any mission you embarked on was an unending tide of diving around dodging mortar fire. Some of the scenarios that sprung up were fantastic though. I remember hiding in a 3 roomed hut in the middle of a junkyard fending off everyone who came through the doors with a broken shotgun, panicking as I heard enemies poking through the 2 rooms I wasn’t in as I unjammed the thing. But yet… you can get most of these experiences right at the beginning, rather independently of the story, which is why I reinstall it frequently. I feel far cry 2 falls -just- short of being something truly seminal. I understand the intent was never to make an RPG, but a less fanatically hostile environment, some more npc dialogue, and radio stations would have helped immensely in the immersion factor. Far Cry 2 is so beautiful, and the sounds and little ambient effects (the clunking sound of your beaten up car, the little backlights on the displays when you drive at night) just bring it so close to an experience, rather than a game. Maybe we’ll get there soon.

  9. JulianP says:

    “GTA hardly takes itself any less seriously”

    Really? Have we played the same games? GTA is utterly moronic on purpose, whereas AC is utterly moronic unintentionally.

  10. Dominic White says:

    @luminosity – I feel the same way. It seems that some people have forgotten that games are meant to be fun, and instead just use them as something to latch onto and be furious about, as if there aren’t enough imporant things in the world to hate.

    The fact that we can get a lengthy comments thread where the majority of the comments are ‘Game sucks, do not want HERE IS A WALL OF TEXT WHY I REALLY DO NOT CARE’ is just sad.

  11. Crane says:

    @Unlucky Irish
    “a heavily armed man of undetermined origin, galloping full pelt on a horse, in the middle of a war zone would likely attract attention”

    But a heavily armed man of undetermined origin, riding sedately on a horse is totally unimportant and gets completely ignored?

    The lack of [i]realism[/i] was never an issue for me; it’s a game, etcetera etcetera, but what gets to me is the lack of [i]sense[/i].

    The Hitman games aren’t [i]realistic[/i], as such; no-one notices that the clown has a permanant grimace and a barcode tatooed on his head, guards are startlingly incurious about what’s in the toolbox of that handyman walking past, and no-one but the intended victim ever eats the poisoned cake.

    The thing is, that’s a level of silliness that’s made unavoidable by the limits of the technology; nowhere near on a par with the inexplicable haybales, or passersby who completely ignore someone getting dragged bodily backwards into a haycart, or the way in which everyone pays no attention at all to the guy pushing his way through the middle of a sudden armed melee.

    Now, I actually rather [i]liked[/i] the first Assassin’s Creed, and I’m planning on getting this one as well, but I’ll always wish that they were as good as they [i]could[/i] have been.

  12. Crane says:


    Also, damn BBCode for getting me into bad habits.

  13. Sunjammer says:

    Oh, right, i forgot. A rosy red positive fantasy world where nobody will counter a game’s hype is a good one.

    The “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” mindset is utterly nonsensical on the internets. Homogenaeity is not a good state for the webnet textwall.

  14. Dominic White says:

    Not saying that everyone should agree and all comments should be homogenous.. just saying that putting so much time and effort into hating on a videogame is just sad.

    I mean, that time could be far better spent playing something you DO enjoy.

  15. Unlucky Irish says:

    @Crane: Innocent men don’t run, innocent horses don’t gallop…..

  16. Reiver says:

    I agree with all the comments about its stupidity, lack of substance and probable lack of common sense but, damn, it looks so purdy! As much as the “gameplay” of the first turned me off, the sheer beauty and technical acheivement of creating these highly detailed medieval cities that felt alive were enough to keep me playing. I got more enjoyment from looking at things than i did from any of the banal and frustrating set pieces.

    The example of the poison at least hinted at a departure from the beat em up assassinations of the previous game. If they can buld on that and maybe channel some of the Hitman spirit into allowing multiple types of takedown, then there might be a decent game there. Regardless i’m going to buy it because i’m a sucker for how it looks. Even if all else sucks my screenshotting fetish will impel me through the game.

  17. Poita says:

    Hating a game can be very pleasurable. It’s kind of like when a certain species sense some genetic pollution in one of their own so they go on the attack and banish it so it can’t infect further generations. Keeps the gene pool healthy.
    Shite like Ass Greed needs to be attacked, not just ‘not bought’. It is our solemn duty to attack shite. If we enjoy it a little then so what.

    Down with Ass Greed.

  18. Dominic White says:

    And thanks to Poita for helping me draw another line in the sand.

    Obsessively hating on a game is sad, but turning it into some kind of bizarre nerdrage-fuelled moral crusade is insane, and probably indicative of some kind of disorder.

  19. Jeremy says:

    I think it’s important to discuss the positives and negatives of any game, while ignoring the zeal of the haters and worshipers. For myself, I didn’t come into this thread thinking “I can’t wait to bash this game,” but it did come up in the conversation, and I brought up some points (for discussion) that I didn’t like about the game. I could just as easily offer some things that I loved about Assassin’s Creed. Anyway, people naturally gravitate towards what they love and some people love to be douche bags. That’s the internet.

  20. suibhne says:

    Finally watched the vid, and I’m most struck by how much the game looks the same as AC1. Not excited about that, honestly; AC’s big problem was that everything was by-the-numbers, totally unemergent, and it’s frustrating to see signs that AC2 carries over the same mentality but with just more numbers. Otoh, AC’s strongest point was its free-running and parkour-like “platforming”, and it looks like AC2 devs actually grok this and are allowing its use in more diverse scenarios, so I am genuinely interested in that.

    It strikes me that AC and Mirror’s Edge make an interesting parallel. They both have wonderful movement systems, but in both cases it seems that the devs had no idea whatsoever how to transform a wonderful movement system into compelling gameplay. The movement system in each game is so significantly better than anything that came before, tho, that I’m hopeful they’re at least striking a blow for innovation in character movement which will last long after their unsatisfying gameplay is forgotten.

  21. hmrf says:

    Still, I really liked Mirror’s Edge much more, although it didn’t have much “real” freedom, too. (the routes were mostly given, except for the choice to climb up a few more meters to the left or to the right). Probably because the gameplay itself didn’t feel as repetitive as in Assassins Creed 2.
    The video didn’t make me rejoice, but it looks at least slightly improved (less repetitiveness) although the partially oversimplified mechanics (hiring mercs, etc) still seem there.

    But I have to agree with suibhne, that those games were pioneers in the movement field. After playing Mirror’s Edge I’ve been playing other games and always thought “heck, even for an untrained hero it would be possible to climb up there or jump over this ‘ME-style'” and so on. Hope other games will take some ideas and improve on them with better games.

    But I definitely want a Mirror’s Edge 2 soon :)

  22. EyeMessiah says:

    Not “Huge Ass Creed 2 Walkthrough”?

  23. Zyrxil says:

    Still, I really liked Mirror’s Edge much more, although it didn’t have much “real” freedom, too. (the routes were mostly given, except for the choice to climb up a few more meters to the left or to the right). Probably because the gameplay itself didn’t feel as repetitive as in Assassins Creed 2.
    Well in ME it mattered how you moved, and it was much more interactive and skill based than simply choosing a stance and holding a direction. The time trials really bring this to light; choose to triangle-vault up the side instead of jumping and climbing, save 2 seconds; time a swing perfectly, skip a section completely and save 5 seconds, etc. It was very engrossing and made you feel like a skilled roof runner.

  24. Poita says:

    Dom what’s the diff between hating Ass Greed or Michael Bays work such as Transformers one and poo?
    The fucking vapid shit that Bay puts out drains vast, massive amounts of resources from what could be attempts at great movies. It’s so fucking bad that even Terminator 4 was lame. I haven’t seen District 9 yet but it looks pretty bad ass. If shit like transformers keeps getting releases then people who love movies are gonna piss all over it. Why is it that bad to decry the same garbage stuffing up the games scene?
    Sure we don’t have to play it but when that bland crap is so prevailent then it’s natural to rant about it.

    By the way. i live in Korea and ‘gu’ (pronounced ‘goo) is the word for area or district and coincidentally ‘gu’ is the chinese word for ‘9’ (koreans use ‘gu’ or the korean ‘ahop’ depending on the situation. ) So a direct translation of ‘District 9’ would be ‘goo goo’. ;)

  25. luminosity says:

    Polta, hate it if you want. I just find it sad that you spend so much effort & energy hating it. I determine that I don’t like something like a Michael Bay film so… I don’t watch it. I don’t follow news on it, I don’t discuss it. I spend my time following & engaging in things that I enjoy and make me happy. Surely you have better things to do than keep up to date with things you hate?

  26. Poita says:


    I’m not a Smiths fan but i do find the whole Morisey phenomena interesting. Now, if you know anything about the flower twirling grump you will know that he was vehemently bitter about many things in his pre-internet correspondence with the music press of the day. When he launched his own attempt he had great sucess. This was because of the passion he felt. If you don’t feel passion dude then that’s fine. You can let the games world go to shit in a hand basket but others like to fight the good fight.

    As it’s the internet we can relax our critical and litterary standards and enjoy a good deal of slagging off of things we hate. Evolution was driven by such passion dude, whether it was an ingrained genetic hatred for either inbred or waaay lax re-expressions of the gene set or all the way up to cultural stuff. Ass Greed manages to be both inbred and lax so it deserves/merits a double dollop of vitriolic hatred.

    There are a lot of dumb asses that will happily watch Transformers and play Ass Greed for the rest of their life. Unfortunately the overall direction of any evolution, be it genetic or cultural, is determined by the majority (didn’t you see Idiocracy) and not the descerning minority. The only thing that redresses the massive imbalance in the ‘shit to gold’ ratio is passion. Much like a 1kg weight can not tip the scales against a 2kg weight but if add inertia and drop it from a few meters it will tip it.

    Here is the equation for you:

    Discerning minority + passion > sheep + shit shovelers.

  27. KilgoreTrout XL says:

    “There are a lot of dumb asses that will happily watch Transformers and play Ass Greed for the rest of their life.”

    Whoa, whoa. Transformers is about as cool as a bag of dicks. I’m with you on that one. But I’d rather find another high spot in a city in AC than listen to that annoying Leboef guy bitch and moan about Megan Fox not telling him about her “Juvie record” again. Game had flaws but there was still fun to be had, which =/= Michael Bay.

  28. El Stevo says:

    I enjoyed both Assassin’s Creed and Transformers, and I’m looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 2. I’m sure that, even if it’s as flawed and infuriating as the first game, I will still find enjoyment in it.

  29. Rei Onryou says:

    Looks to me like they’ve learned their lessons from the first. Hopefully they also learned about sensible menu choices…

  30. Blurr says:

    i liked the first one. Repetitive yes but all in all a good waste of a few hours. My problem with it is that there was not enough stealth in it. this one seems to look exactly the same so i wont be bothering with it on release , maby later when i can get it cheap but really its nothing special

  31. Caroline says:

    On PS3 : Great game so far! Graphics great, voice acting actually believable!…controls get some getting used to. Excellent so far!

  32. hjj says:

    Fucking losers.

  33. wally says:

    WTF Are people whining about? if you hate the game go cut your wrists or something instead of whining here. I love the game, been playing it for a while and really enjoy the gameplay, storyline and so on. It’s no longer repetitve and very amusing.

  34. Dodger110590 says:

    I am currently playing the game and an stuck! When Desmond has his weird dream you are required to climb the tower to reach the target, howver when i reach the balconay he will not reach for the wooden post above him?????

    • AndrewC says:

      I got stuck there for a few moments too. Just keep trying – you are in the right place. Try finding a hold to the post’s side and then launching across instead of jumping straight at it? Or run up the wall to the post’s side, the press ‘A’ button and the direction towards the posts for a wall jump that might get you there.

      I think I just did it by pressing buttons randomly, but I got there. Keep trying – there’s nookie as reward!

  35. Chris says:

    Wow. LULZ at you losers bad mouthing this series. Does it suck being so wrong now that the sequel is actually out and universally praised? I feel bad for you.

    • TotalBiscuit says:


      Go back to 4chan. Also next time you want to whiteknight a series, try doing so for one that’s actually had more than 1 good game in it. The original sucked, the spinoffs and ports sucked, WHAT AN AMAZING SERIES AMIRITE GUYS?

    • Senethro says:

      You came all the way to 2 months ago to shout at a guy who said lulz?

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Yeah shit man, it’s really hard to click frontpage comment links. I’m like some kind of superhero.

  36. Senethro says:

    Look at that response time! Its a little bit heroic at least.

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