Even Supremier: Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Demo

A grower not a shower, presumably

I’ve been meaning to have a proper look at Supreme Ruler 2020 all year. It clearly doesn’t care, and its splendidly-named developers Battlegoat have marched on to a Gold edition to be released on the 18th. To celebrate that coming day, they’ve released a whole new demo, which you can get from here. Can’t find a trailer for the gold edition especially, but here’s one for the last add-on pack we’ve never posted before. Go post! Go post! GO POST!

Post is gone.


  1. Lack_26 says:

    Contains 2 whole hours of re-playable gameplay (before the nukes hit).

    It does look interesting, if only they did bargain buckets of games at newsagents, then I might end up playing more small games. But at the moment you’d be hard-pressed to take my credit card out of my cold dead hands to get me to buy stuff with it.

    Perhaps I can feed notes of monies through my floppy drive, or coins. Does the internet accept coins yet?

  2. Serondal says:

    I’d buy anything from a company named Battle Goat if only they actually sold Battle Goat related products.

  3. Serondal says:

    No the internet doesn’t take coins yet but coke machine take Credit Cards now ! :P

  4. Kommissar Nicko says:

    Supreme Ruler 2020 normal edition was incredibly obtuse. The tutorials really only explain the interface (which I figured out for the most part myself), but it could have gone a long way to explain how combat works (which was impossible to figure out myself). After getting my ass handed to me by the mighty juggernaut of the Oklahoman (?) military, I called it a flop.

  5. Vinraith says:

    Excellent, I’ve been hoping for an extended SC 2020 demo. This game has always looked interesting but I’ve been reticent to take the plunge without some foreknowledge.

  6. Railick says:

    The Oklahoman military lol

  7. Railick says:

    That’s about how I feel with Hearts of Iron 3. I sent a huge army to invade Poland who had showing like 2 infantry units and I was defeated with no idea why O.o Then they invaded Germany and BEAT ME !?!?!?! ObviouslY I’m not Hitler if I was steam rolled by the mighty Poland. It showed a cut scene of a Rabbi with a Kar 98 kicking down my office door and shooting me saying “This is for Warsaw!”

  8. fishyjoes says:

    Yeah, this reminds me that I wanted to try out Hearts Of Iron 3.

  9. Railick says:

    Hearts of Iron 3 is cool, no mistake there. I love the new front line system they have where you can only attack with so many units from one area to another (They fill up little boxes that are the front line) with a roughly equal amount of units making up the reserve for that battle who come in when the units on the front line die. No other units are even able to enter the area until room is made by units moving out or dieing in combat .

    What this does is allows you to have a battle that has a long front line instead of just having one huge stack that just steam rolls one province after the other (Making the combat more realistic IMO) Then ontop of that you can also send in air support to assist the ground troops while they’re in combat.

    It is just so complicated I can’t figure out what I’m doing. I even tried just playing as small country that wasn’t in the war to see if I could just run the country without destroying it with bad managment and couldn’t do that either :P

  10. Haircute says:

    I really don’t understand what compelled me to purchase SR2010 (maybe the mention in OMM many moons ago?) but I’ve hardly played it. I want to but the damn thing is just way over my head. I can’t imagine 2020 being any less obtuse but I’ll give this demo a shot. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. Nimic says:

    I tried Supreme Ruler 2010, but I wanted to tinker with the politics, and the economy, and the industry, not the military. And it turned out that the game was more about controlling the military than anything.

  12. lex says:

    I didn’t find SR2010 very satisfying. Is this version much different?

    Hold off on Hearts of Iron 3 for now. Version 1.2 is pretty comprehensively broken.

  13. Caleb says:

    Beta-tested, bought and played SR2010 for quite some time. And, after months of patience, economic model going haywire, dozens of military units sitting on their asses while you steamroll the countryside – and waking up only if you get near them, overall nonexistent AI, missing features and “wait, this will be fixed soon”… all of a sudden patches stop coming out and woo hoo, here it comes SR2020… promising the same exact things the first one promised years before. No thank you, i’m not gonna trust you guys again.

  14. BattleGoat says:

    Sorry for being a bit late to the conversation, but just found this site;

    SR2020 is far different from SR2010. I’m not sure what issues you might still have Caleb but after 6 updates and supporting the product for more than a year, SR2010 was retired in a very playable condition. If you’d like help with anything 2010 related, feel free to contact me.

    Regarding SR2020, it could be considered a “distant cousin” of HoI I suppose, both games certainly share a higher level of complexity than most games and both use a global map. Obviously the different eras would be the most striking difference plus HoI gets more into the government stuff than SR2020 does.

    What SR2020 does offer is a wide variety of modern day scenarios and the ability to play from modern day countries with relatively accurate starting conditions (some extrapolations where made for the 10 year gap). Give the demo a try and you can see how it plays.

    and btw Serondal, we do sell BattleGoat themed stuff: link to cafepress.com