They’ve Flown: We Have No Aion Beta Keys

We do not have a handful of Aion beta keys to give out, because we sent them all off. You can’t get any now, even by emailing us, because they’re all gone. Any Aion beta-key begging correspondence will now be fed to the bile worms. I’ve edited this post instead of removing it, so you all know what’s going on. If you’ve not received anything by now then you didn’t get a key, sorry!


  1. Schaulustiger says:

    Good thing. There’s no better way to scare off potential customers by allowing them to actively take part in this overwhelmingly mediocre MMORPG.

    I am forcing myself to play at least until I get the wings, but I’m already pretty bored with generic kill quests, railroad zones and the button1-button1-button2 combat system. Really, it bears a striking resemblance to all post-WoW MMOs and will probably fail as hard as its predecessors.

  2. MaskedSolitude says:

    Personally i am loving this MMO. Best one to come along since WoW (no matter how people dislike it, it is bloody brilliant).

    the visuals are impressive! The combo system is very intuitive and adaptable, the classes are very varied and the wings when you get them add the 3D element to all environments. I do not want to even start with “The Abyss” Aion’s PvP area as i will not stop but you have to at least play it until you have experienced these things! :D

  3. Christian says:

    But that this game has been leading the Steam-saleschart for the last few weeks surely must mean something?

    But on the other hand, the much more solid looking (for me) Age Of Conan also did sell quite a huge number of copies on release, and then fell into reality after a few months, so initial sales might not be a good indicator.

    I’d take a beta-key for APB (I like their site, the age-verification-check is already pre-filled with a valid, over-18 date. Nice)..but this really doesn’t seem worth my time..

  4. Wacky says:

    I kinda like it,(lvl 10 guardian),however generic it may be,the graphics make me not notice the genericness of it at times,and that chain combo combat system is remotely interesting.

    And those runes (?) or w/e they’re called in skill panel which you can’t use as they exceed level cap seem interesting also. ^_^

    It’s ok,never gonna play it outside beta,trial,but ok for people who haven’t played WoW and like this kind of stuff i guess.

  5. TariqOne says:

    I thought it was in open beta now?

  6. morte says:

    A really very strange an unexpected thing happened to me while playing this beta, I experienced major epiphany which has resulted in me going back to Eve. Something I never thought for a second would ever happen!

    Aion is a really nice game, I think it’s just me that’s changed, I can’t do it anymore, it all felt just so utterly futile and pointless. Very much a ‘what am I doing??’ moment, as I killed my thousandth sprigg.
    Shame because I think the pvp will be really good fun, I just scale the mountain of grind between it and now.

  7. malkav11 says:

    It’s in “open” beta where you have to jump through hoops to get keys.

  8. Scautura says:

    I’m playing Champions now, having been in “open beta” – seems like a lot of companies are now doing the jump through hoops thing to get into the “closed but open beta” now. The first I remember doing it was WoW, but that’s not to say there wasn’t one before (I vaguely remember being accepted to a UO beta, but never receiving my disc for it).

  9. Binni says:

    I was very impressed at how creepy you could make your character. I had great fun with the character creator. When my fat little guy with the enormous head and pedo mustache was finally ready I had great fun creeping people out by using the follow function and commenting on their actions.

    Well you have to make up your own fun when faced with a super generic creepy looking wow clone :P

  10. Trite says:

    I hated it. So very, very generic. And Korean. Played until level 6 and didn’t bother log in anymore.

    I don’t understand the hype.

  11. Jayt says:

    can you seriously just give us the subject line and email we need to send to?!!?

    If I click on that link it just goes to outlook.

    I had to refrain from typing in capslock.

  12. the affront says:

    I like it. Mostly because it’s more polished than recent MMOs at launch (yeah, the earlier Korean launch probably has something to do with that, but I’m not complaining) and promises world PVP instead of nothing but instanced crap, even though only 2 factions is a recipe for population imbalances.

    Anyway, it’s good enough to buy and play a month or two and see where it goes / how it actually plays once you hit the cap.

    Also, Christian: “the much more solid looking (for me) Age Of Conan”
    Wait… what? You probably never got out of Tortage… AOC was a complete mess, bug-wise. Content was also practically non-existent past level 50-60. Now I can’t really say that that isn’t the case with Aion, what with the level caps in “beta” and all, but it being live in Korea for a year or so suggests that it got over its launch issues by now. I hope. Heh.

  13. fearian says:

    I’ve been playing since monday and I fucking love it so far!

  14. Trite says:

    “can you seriously just give us the subject line and email we need to send to?!!?”

    Right-click the link, choose copy e-mail address. Or just hover the cursor over it and look up the subject line from the status bar.

    I had to refrain from typing “noob”.

  15. psyk says:

    Jayt is it really so hard to copy the email and subject from outlook?

  16. vasagi says:

    How did something being “korean” turn in to equaling a bad thing in gaming?

  17. MacQ says:

    By Koreans making horrible free-to-play MMORPG’s.

  18. Corax says:

    “How did something being “korean” turn in to equaling a bad thing in gaming”

    Because they mostly all look / feel / play the same, and it’s not a style usually embraced by “western” gamers.

  19. Christian says:

    @Jayt: and that’s why you don’t want to use Outlook, kids :p

    Works like a charm with Thunderbird.

    Nope, I played AoC from before launch day (preorder) up into level 68 until I got bored of the whole concept of MMO (that’s why I mentioned APB..that might change something).
    But that was with a few months (half a year or more maybe) break and you’re right: there have been some bugs and surely still are. But the landscapes where beautiful and the story quite nice.
    Maybe that’s what I mean with more solid, it just seems to have a more ‘blood&earth’-feeling to it. Hard to describe..

    But I’m not playing anymore, so it doesn’t matter. But my impression from the descriptions and screenshots so far is that it (Aion) really seems to be just another WoW-clone, concept-wise.
    Not that it’s a really bad thing, I’m sure it will have it’s devoted community, nice guilds and all, and you will be able to get a lot of fun and unique moments out of it..but in the end it’s all just interchangeable grind with different paint and either flying mounts or wings. (Not wanting to start the whole MMO good vs. bad-discussion here *g*).

    But you’ve got a point there: being already active elsewhere does give it an advantage at launch.

  20. sneakyquick says:

    Is giveaway still active?

  21. sneakyquick says:

    Is it active?
    I wanna play aion!!111
    Give me a key plz)))

  22. alset says:

    If you use Firefox you can go to tools/options/applications and change the “mailto” tab to something else like yahoo or gmail, whatever you use.

  23. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:


    I’ll be removing this post once the keys are distributed.

  24. Morgawr says:

    I’m another one who doesn’t understand the hype. Maybe it’s the wings? I got a key from some Spanish site and played it for a couple of days. So far it seems to be the usual generic fantasy, darkness vs light stuff we’re all accustomed to. I suppose the WoW crowd will like it. I’ll stick with Champions Online.

  25. the affront says:

    Christian: You’re right, basically it has much of a simple WoW clone. With a few gimmicks, but still.
    But that coupled with it having better, at least concept wise, PVP (which was my main criticism of WoW.. well, that, and the raid grind, which might even be a consequence of the shitty PVP.. as a kind of substitute endgame) and me generally being bored of every MMO that’s live these days is enough of a reason to buy it. It’s at least somewhat new… -ish.

    Oh, and if you like awesome landscapes, I hope you have played Vanguard. That to me has still the most awesome scenery and great atmosphere – even though as a whole it was somewhere on the level of Anarchy Online at launch (read: horribly broken).

  26. sneakyquick says:

    Guys, if somebody has extra key, pls share with me)
    Me and my friend didn’t get keys on previous giveaways but we want to try aion as it is!

  27. Heliosicle says:

    I seem to remember getting a key a while back, NCSoft Launcher would never let me download it so I gave up.

  28. Jayt says:

    “Jayt is it really so hard to copy the email and subject from outlook?”

    I am not going through outlooks setup wizard, ever. Period.

  29. Jayt says:

    “I had to refrain from typing “noob”.”

    keyboard warriorrr

  30. kwanchu says:

    Dear Jayt, Noob

  31. bender says:

    “You can only get them by emailing us via this link.”
    so you cant just copy the mail and subject and mail it with, say.. gmail?

  32. sneakyquick says:

    Did smb get a key by this page?

  33. mandrill says:

    I got on the closed beta and was bored by the whole thing. the only things differentiating this from the other cookie cutter MMO’s out there are the wings.

    Its pretty, I’ll give it that, but it is far from original.

  34. Zaphid says:

    Are you sending the keys out ?
    It wouldn’t be the first time you Aion beta key giveaway went wrong :D

  35. Beerio says:

    To placate the real noobs on the thread, yes they’re giving keys out, I got one by following the link. Really, this isn’t rocket science you know…

  36. Zaphid says:

    Just got mine key, thanks.

  37. Robps says:

    Got mine too, cheers RPS.

  38. Chobes says:

    Thanks Mister Rossignol. You’re now officially my favie wavies, which if you’d like I can confirm over speakerphone in front of your most drunk and demeaning pals, and hey, who knows how much dignity I’d be willing to waive for an APB key in the near future. *wink, wink*

  39. Some Guy says:

    bugger, yet again i miss out on an aion beta key, they go faster than anything.

  40. Finn says:

    Gah, I never get any of the freebies that RPS throws around; FASCISTS!

  41. Some Guy says:

    if anyone has a spare key my emale is yellowfrogred(at)


  42. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Aion is out pretty soon anyway so no body is missing much. If you buy the game from NCSoft store you will get a key for the open key and head start anyway.

  43. malkav11 says:

    But then you have to buy an MMO sight unseen. Never, ever do this.

    And for the record, I was in the WoW open beta and I never had to pay anyone anything or jump through hoops. As I recall, they just put up a site that passed out keys until they were gone. It was incredibly laggy because of all the traffic and the keys vanished in less than a day. This new “preorder or give the worst-designed supposedly professional site on the internet money” setup is complete crap.

  44. Kiyo says:

    Sigh, emailed withing half an hour or so of the artical and no key… I give up on this wild goose chase for beta keys.

    This is getting out of control with new games and thier betas, if you plan on getting keys these days you either have to be a friend or relation to a member of the development team to get into F&F phase, or shelling out £150 a month subscribing to every gaming site hoping one of them gets “Open Beta” keys available at some point.

  45. Chobes says:

    For the folks getting crotchety about having to pre-order the game to get into beta, well, I think you may be looking at this a bit skewed. I haven’t finished downloading the client yet but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume there are plenty enough beta testers around to help iron out the game to playability, which is the intended purpose here. Betas aren’t demo, they’re mass scale crash tests of a game to help get the least broken game out to a public release which people won’t feel cheated for buying. MMOs are starting to take a more friendly approach to trial accounts these days, like WoW removing the need to enter a payment method in order to get access and making you cancel if you don’t want to be charged later. If Aion has a crappy and/or non-existent trial program then it’d seem a lot more reasonable to unleash your sass and vote with your (0) pesos, and in the mean time you can get opinions from the impatient folk who pre-ordered and got their beta access.

    That said, you can count on my 2 cents when I get this thing on my hard drive.

  46. undead dolphin hacker says:

    It’s a pretty simple process to get a demo — oops, beta — key for any modern MMO:

    1.) Pre-order from any site that doesn’t charge you til the game ships (I use gogamer).

    2.) Wait til you get your key.

    3.) Cancel pre-order.

    4.) ???

    5.) Play demo and be disappointed yet again!

  47. DSX says:

    I have to admit to RPS, I have exprienced an almost complete reversal of opinion on AION. From a couple weeks in the Chinese beta, I never reached 25, and with the language issues, never really experienced the richness of the title. I am now suitably impressed. The lvl 25 abyss area is stunning in the least, and makes everything you do in the game up to that point almost pale in comparison.

    If NCsoft was trying to make a WoW killer – this could very well be it. It certainly has far more potential then many MMO’s I’ve tried in recent memory.