Illuminating Torchlight Footage

We’re particularly excited about Runic Games’ upcoming dungeon crawler, Torchlight. It’s looking incredibly slick and colourful, just the kind of thing that jiggles the lock on our treasure chest. Seeing it in action gives us a little more to be excited about, and thankfully some more in-game footage has appeared. This time it’s showing off one of the classes, The Vanquisher, who seems like badass lady-ninja type. There are also giant purple spiders. Go take a look.


  1. James says:


  2. Lobotomist says:

    Can not wait

  3. Derf says:

    Probably not for me. Any promo video that jump straight into hack-slash-RAHRAH-ubermagic combat is concerning.

  4. Xocrates says:

    I’m hoping this will be able to cure my Diablo cravings until D3 comes out. Especially since my recent attempt at Titan Quest ended in a resounding “meh” and I don’t want to play D2 for the nth+2 time.

  5. Andy says:

    There’s some serious potential in this I think. I’ve been jonesing for a new dungeon crawler since Titan Quest and with the excitement piqued surrounding Diablo3 this will hopefully scratch that itch.

  6. Richeh says:


    I wonder if it’s liable to use the usual, “click to go, click to shoot” controls or might mix in a bit of direct cursor action. Always annoyed me trying to juggle directing and killing with my cack-handed mouse skills.

  7. Yargh says:

    wow, that soundtrack takes me straight back to Diablo II

  8. Metal_Circus says:

    I think dungeon crawlers like this and titan quest et al should use WASD for movement and the mouse for aiming. Wouldn’t that just be a big load off? Click on loot to pick up as usual or hit the Z key or something to hoover it all up. Really annoys me that action RPG dungeon crawlers dont modify their controls a little.

  9. Dominus says:

    what I want from this game is the SOUNDTRACK! because will be composed by Matt Uelmen!

  10. goodgimp says:

    Add multiplayer, please!

  11. mujadaddy says:

    “Tits” is good, right? This looks tits, even more than I was expecting. Reminds me much more of Gauntlet than Diablo, which is not just a good thing but one of the best things. (Torchlight Devs take note — get some co-op multiplayer kicking!!)

  12. Subject 706 says:

    *Jokemode* WHATS WITH THE WOW GAYNESS!!!??? *End jokemode*

  13. Jeremy says:

    I’m fairly certain a game play trailer showing game play is doing it’s job quite properly. It looks great, and I’ll probably be picking myself up a copy come this October.

  14. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Doesn’t look all that special. Then again, Diablo (and it’s second iteration) was the only hack ‘n slash game I could ever stand to play.

  15. Larington says:

    The monsters in that image up top remind me of genestealers…

  16. Chris says:

    Are they using the same composer as the Diablo games? If not the new composer is essentially doing an impersonation. Expect spidery, reverb-drenched acoustic guitar in the village overworld of “Bristram”.

  17. Railick says:

    I’ve been playing the heck out of Fate : Undiscovered Realms over the past week and I love it to death. It has everything that made Dialbo 2 fun for me without any of the story line getting in the way. (and so far no sewer level, I HATE THE SEWER LEVELS!) The equipment you can get is over the top to say the least and yah the graphics aren’t all that good but they’re not really important in this kind of game. :)It’s all about the character advancemnet and getting the new gear to me, that is what kept me playing Diablo 2 for so long.

  18. Butler` says:

    Showed this to a mate (who likes diablo 2, but knows nothing of the internet angst surrounding D3’s graphics).

    And no shit he said this:

    crumbs; says:
    looks a bit girly
    like blizzard
    you know

  19. Xocrates says:

    @Chris: Apparently it’s the same composer

  20. jti says:

    Autumn is beginning to look better and better and there I was thinking that there would be hardly anything worth playing. This game looks like fun.

  21. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Very excited about Torchlight.

    Y’know, I think they’re being quite clever because with Diablo 3 not coming out until 2011 they can cash in on the hype for it.

  22. Peter says:

    This presses many of the right buttons for me. But since it’ll probably be a choice between this and Diablo III, it’s placing me in a bit of a quandary. Hrm.

  23. Dave says:

    Yummy delicious explosiony goodness that goes boom, in a Diablo clone! Just hand it over and nobody gets hurt.

  24. Urthman says:

    I think dungeon crawlers like this and titan quest et al should use WASD for movement and the mouse for aiming.

    That would really change the gameplay, I think. Once you start controlling the movement that directly, you start feeling like you should be able to dodge enemy blows and projectiles and pretty soon it feels more like a 3rd-person action game than an RPG.

    And sticking with the Diablo gameplay model, WADS controls would feel like overkill. I’d rather just click once on where I want to go than have to hold down the WADS keys the entire time I want to move. Save those fingers for quickly switching among your skills and powers.

  25. jamesL says:

    how is this placing you in a quandary ? This comes out in 6 weeks. D3 comes out in 2 years.

    “Peter says:
    …But since it’ll probably be a choice between this and Diablo III, it’s placing me in a bit of a quandary. Hrm.”

  26. Railick says:

    If he only buys one game every 3 years?

  27. Vinraith says:


    I on the other hand think click-to move/attack is great and games like WoW and DDO should drop the (incredibly awkward, IMO) WASD movement unlinked to targeting.

  28. Railick says:

    I agree with WoW since movement makes little difference. In DDO though your exact position and if you’re moving or not at a given moment is very important allowing warriors to protect weaker characters by blocking enemies and standing still gives you a bonus to armor (or rather, moving gives you a negative or something) SO , yes in WoW, not so much in DDO. I certainly think both of them could use the option to do either or since if you were playing a mage or something in DDO it wouldn’t be as important IMO and it would be nice for it to be flexable. I wouldn’t use it personally I love the WASD movement in first person dating back to the likes of EverQuest ect.

  29. Vinraith says:


    If it were first person I’d be fine with it, in 3rd it just feels incredibly clunky to me. You’re right that it’s worse in WoW, it’s part of the reason I never made it past the first few hours of my free trial. It’s better in DDO, and I’m slowly getting used to it, but it still seems unnecessarily awkward to me (at least the way its implemented).

  30. Railick says:

    Can’t you play WoW in first person?

  31. Vinraith says:


    I don’t know. You can play DDO in first person but it’s clear the game isn’t designed for it.

  32. Railick says:

    Agreed. :)

  33. Sonic Goo says:

    In WoW you can zoom in to the point that it’s pretty much first person.

  34. BigJonno says:


    How does a WASD control scheme make a game less of an RPG? Deus Ex was, in terms of controls and gameplay, a first person shooter yet it’s one of the finest RPGs to grace the PC.

    • Urthman says:


      Sorry, that’s just the clumsiness of the computer game genre labels. I didn’t mean it wouldn’t be an RPG, I meant that it wouldn’t have the gameplay of a Diablo clone. I think using WADS controls for a game like this would make the combat lean less toward stats and strategic use of skills/powers and more toward action and reflexes. It’s not supposed to be a game where you defeat the boss by being very good at dodging his attacks.

      There were some bosses in Titan Quest where I defeated them with a lot of frantic running around and dodging (even with point-n-click movement) and it just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t fun. Game design 101: If the player has the option of winning by either doing something simple, stupid and tedious or something skillful and clever, he will probably stumble upon the stupid tedious solution and think your game sucks.

  35. Railick says:

    how did you control the people in KOTOR? Seems like it was WASD There though I’m not totally sure I played it on the X-Box and PC and it has scrambled my memory of how it is controlled on the PC hehe

  36. Carra says:

    KOTOR used keyboard / mouse.

    For Diablo like games adding the option of WASD would be helpful. It’s not problem when I play a melee character: click and kill. But on ranged characters it all feels clumsy. Missclick the enemy and you start moving. Or you have to use control (argh) key to stand still.

    As for the WoW control scheme. I’m a huge fan. It allows for quick access to thirty spells as compared to one or two spells in diablo… You can actually play WoW with just the mouse (left & right mouse combinted = moved, click the buttons) but you’d have to be a masochist to play that way.

  37. luminosity says:

    In KOTOR you just force jumped from enemy to enemy to move places, right? Walking is for those silly people without force jump powers.

  38. Berzee says:

    Ok, this trailer is much better than the last one.

  39. Hybrid says:

    @Berzee haha i actually wrote that, then looked up and saw you wrote the exact same thing. I completely agree and am actually interested in this now.

  40. Qor says:

    @those discussing how WoW should have Click-to-move

    You can use click-to-move in WoW:
    Interface -> Mouse -> Click-to-Move

  41. Zyzzi says:

    I loved Mythos.

    This looks similar.

    Interest levels: +1000000

  42. perilisk says:

    I’m a fan of WASD movement in Diablo-types, just because it spreads out the burden between both of my hands. My mouse hand tires out so quickly with Diablo sometimes.

  43. Dave says:

    Sacred 2 uses both WASD and click-to-move and both work smoothly (except when there’s weird pathing in some tunnels).

  44. Dave says:

    In fact, Sacred 2 has a smooth thing where you can just drag the mouse over different enemies and continue your killing spree without even another mouse click.

  45. RyePunk says:

    WASD in hack’n slashers? weird.
    Just hold shift and your lil guy stops moving and starts hacking. Release shift and you move once more.
    need to use the left hand to trigger those skills. Mouse to target where they land.
    Movement happens thru magicks most foul. I think. I might have missed a step.

  46. Vinraith says:


    It’s a consequence of WoW’s influence that I fear is going to become increasingly widespread.

  47. pignoli says:

    This looks awesome for us Diabloholics. I feel like I’ve been spoiled for Diablo-likes this year: DoW2 itched my levelling and loot bug, then I finally got round to Titan Quest and now it looks like as soon as I finish that (or maybe before, its pretty big!) I’ll have this and Borderlands to keep me going.
    I am now totally shameless about playing these basically shallow games, for as long as they do it in a manner that holds my attention, I can come to terms with the fact that I am being entertained essentially by slowly increasing numbers.

  48. Rane2k says:

    Might have to get this, if only for the Matt Uelmen Soundtrack.

  49. maple story hack says:

    Flashy! I can’t wait.

  50. Digit says:

    A real shame it’s not MP. I have a friend at Runic and it doesn’t look like this will ever get the MP treatment, but he did say that they are releasing some pretty decent tools with it, so the ingenious amongst us may be able to roll our own. Intarmaresting!