Overwatch, Baby: Scottish Space Hulk Ranting

He totally is.

As anyone who listened to the last podcast I did will know, my last couple of weeks have been based around rushing to the door at the slightest sound of postman. Perpetual disappointment which was made unperpetual yesterday when the ridiculously beautiful Space Hulk 3rd edition turned up. Geeking out even more than me was Ex-Consolevania Now-Downtimetown Rab Florence, who has recorded 10 of the finest high-geek ranting I’ve seen in quite a while. You’ll find it below. It features cardboard comparison and kissing, vocoded songs about overwatch and close up of space-marine crotches. It’s quite the thing. I justify this as an RPS post because i) Space Hulk was the basis of the fine game Alec wrote about previously and ii) I’m incorrigible.

DowntimeTown Episode 7: Space Hulk from Robert Florence on Vimeo.

Actually, Rab’s video for Chaos In The Old World has made me want to buy that too. Man!


  1. Lambchops says:

    If nothing else this post had me re watching some of my favourite Videogaiden episodes.

  2. Owen says:

    Interestingly I was up until recently considering selling/giving away my old Warhammer/Blood Bowl and more boxes of games and miniatures. “Oh I’ll never use them again”, thought I.

    What with KG painting and blathering (great word) on about Skaven, plus Rab blathering (still good) about Space Hulk….I’ve decided to keep them. Just last night I found myself considering painting the little buggers again.

    I’ll just stick them in a loft, wait until our kids are older (and born too) and then get them down and train them up :)

    Plus I really want to buy Space Hulk even though I’ve never played it…

    (I suspect that at 33 I’m possibly having a nearly mid-life crisis, or just regressing. Either way I’m happy).

  3. Fenchurch says:

    Oh dear Lord yes!

    I can’t wait to play this game.

    I just hope there are fellow nerds in Liverpool who want to play it with me. x-D

  4. Karry says:

    In other news, Alien Assault 1.0 is expected at the end of the month.

  5. Will says:

    I bought a copy of the new edition (I gave away my second edition years ago) and now my daughter is running round the house yelling “SPACE HULK!” and the kitchen table is covered in paints and brushes…

    And I’d resisted the lure of the Evil Empire for so long too!

  6. Kieran says:

    La La La, I’m not listening!!! I really wanted to get 3rd Ed Space Hulk, but GW wouldn’t budge on trying to charge me 30 quid postage for the 100 or so miles to the Isle of Man, despite offering free shipping to Norway. I’ll just have to console my self with the now tatty 1st Ed I got on eBay a couple of years back.

  7. Ging says:

    I bought my copy of the new edition on Friday – though I’ve been out of the GW fig painting game for over a decade, so I might have to return to my local GW to pick up some sets of paint and a box of plastic figures to practice on before I go ahead and attempt to beautify my lovely, precious space hulk terminators and gene stealers.

  8. Steven Hutton says:

    I’ve had a few quick games of this over the past week and it really is fantastic. Fast paced and incredibly tense it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages. The brutal randomness of the game is what really cought my imagination.
    A Terminator on overwatch can sometimes hold a corrridor against legions of Genestealers, turn after turn but on another occasion a single genestealer will tear apart your entire squad in a single round. This is the sort of thing gamers would never put up with on PC but it somehow seems less unfair when you can see the dice right there infront of you. I mean, you just need to roll better, right?

    Plus it has produced a new and marvelous meme for my social group in the form of “OOOOOOVERWATCH!”

    Hey, Kieron! Did you ever finish painting up those Skaven?

  9. Pod says:

    Can you still buy Space Hulk? How much does it cost? £100000?

  10. James Benson says:

    fucking brilliant, glad he hasn’t stopped internet broadcasting entirely after consolevania, shame we don’t see Ryan or Kenny around though

  11. shon says:

    I got mine in the mail last week. My wife and I spent a silly amount of time putting marines and genestealers together. It is a gorgeous game from top to bottom.

  12. Hermit says:

    Space Hulk is one of those few board games where I don’t actually mind losing. When you end up with a squad totally pinned down in a room, there’s a rather grim bit of entertainment to be had seeing just how many of them you can take with you.

    The new Termies and Stealers are some awesome models, too.

  13. morte says:

    ooh what a coincidence bought one of these today for me and the kids. It was the first GW game I owned in 1990 or thereabouts, wish I still had that copy, but great to get this new one.
    Superb video!

  14. Andrew says:

    I never played Space Hulk sadly but it looks brilliant. Can totally see why people rave about it. But I could listen to Rab enthuse about anything all day. You can just feel the love and passion just dripping from him in all the downtime town episodes. Really makes me miss CV/VG

  15. JM says:

    Having played this plenty last week, I can confirm that it really is a fantastic game.

    It’s rock-hard for the Space Marine player and you really do need to remember every mechanic in your favour; not that there’s a lot of them, just that the pressure and tension often makes you forget what options you’ve got.

    Between the Assault Cannon, the Heavy Flamer, the Guard and Overwatch mechanics, the fact that Marines get a free shot when moving/turning, the sheer number of things a Librarian can do to screw up the Genestealers… there’s so many tools to use and it can be pretty difficult to force yourself to calm down enough to put them to good use.

    Great, great game.

  16. jsutcliffe says:

    “I justify this as an RPS post because i) Space Hulk was the basis of the fine game Alec wrote about previously and ii) I’m incorrigible.”

    Also, RPS doesn’t have to be exclusively about PC gaming. Bits of non-PC interestingness are fine with me. Especially when they involve Space Hulk!

  17. jsutcliffe says:

    Also, I have to live vicariously through other people’s Space Hulk experiences because I have nobody to play with. Sob!

  18. Mull says:

    I really hope they do a second run of the third edition – it’s beautiful!

    Might have to get my mint 2nd edition out of the loft and have a game…

  19. Subjective Effect says:

    No one to play it with anymore :(

    When are we getting a new game for the ‘puter?

    Could have it turn based online with time limits for command issuing. Oh yeah.

  20. EyeMessiah says:

    I’d complain about it not even being a video game, just to be a dick, but those really are some lovely floor tiles. All that glossy, textured, semi-embossed interlocking full colour printed cardboard. Very sexy.

    If I weren’t spending all the money I will ever have on going on holiday I’d definitely be buying.

    In some of those close-ups Rab looks a bit like he’s been touched by the warp though.

  21. Hodge says:

    Wow, takes me back. I played the original when I was a kid, but I was just that bit too young to really appreciate it. Since then I’ve revisited the rock-hard PC adaptation a few times, but haven’t played (or seen) the board game since I was about twelve.

    And am I right in thinking Rab’s song is heavily autotuned and not vocoded? Not that it makes it any less wonderful.

  22. Thingus says:

    Interesting fact; the Reading GW is top for Space Hulk sales worldwide. They also used to keep the timer hidden from the Space Marine players and call it with an airhorn at the official events.
    It is an amazing game, I’m just dissapointed that the figure armed with the Lightening Claws doesn’t have Wolverine-esque sideburns.

  23. Sunjammer says:

    I really did enjoy the expansions though, but i’m thinking maybe it was mostly because of the literature in the rulebooks. The Deathwing expansion in particular, with its story of native american deathwing terminators fighting genestealers to protect their genetic heritage; fucking amazing.

    Beautiful looking stuff. I’d buy it if i felt like Spacehulk the game needs to be a physical board game to shine. It could play wonderfully as an internet flash game and still rock hard. Simplicity baby.

  24. jsutcliffe says:

    @Thingus — greenstuff, baby!

    Sunjammer’s flash game suggestion makes me think that they could dress it up a little (isometric 3D, or somesuch) and pop it onto XBLA at a nice price and be quite successful.

  25. l1ddl3monkey says:

    That hat does not suit that large potato-ish head. Had to get that off my chest.

    Having said that: Superb bit of e-casting (or whatever the fuck the trendy name for this sort of internet video stuff is this week). This man has emotion for his subject. He’s also fucking mental and has that vague air of supressed psychosis that seems to accompany all people with that particular accent. Highly entertaining.

    Also one thing that I’ve always thought about the Warhammer universe is that if your going to build a big spaceship and decorate it with giant skulls then your just begging to be eaten alive by slavering alien teethy things.

  26. Radicand says:

    Oh god, I gave up on Warhammer of all varieties about 10 years ago but I now want that Space Hulk box so much my knees may fall off. Oh well, that period of my life when I occasionally had sex with people had to end sometime…

  27. Sunjammer says:

    new console space hulk playable with guitar controller; Confirmed

  28. CMP5 says:

    Even better than an XBLA version of the boardgame- A XBLA remake of the original PC game!

  29. Railick says:

    @Sunjammer – I wasn’t aware that the terminator armor was equiped to rock out with it’s c@#$ out.

  30. sigma83 says:


    My geek self is geeking out majorly. Shades of IT MUST BE MIIINE going all over the place.

    Two player Space Marine board game along the lines of Doom? DO WANT.

  31. essi2 says:

    Oh, I hope I get my Space Hulk soon. Sadly it cost me my soul seeing as I had to buy it of ebay….

  32. apa says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m assembling figures and they are sooo nice, especially compared to the 1st edition ones. Which I also have.
    You people who don’t yet have Space Hulk, go ahead and buy one. You won’t regret it. It’s Laser Squad/UFO XCom with Aliens vs Marines (no Predator this time) with the awesome WH40k macho bullshit fluff all over!

  33. RogB says:

    im absolutely desperate to buy the new boxed set, even though I have absolutely no-one to play against. :(

  34. maple story hack says:

    I don’t have any too, But this would be interesting only if you have 2 people in your home who are interested in playing.

  35. Rosti says:

    Also awesome – the terminator with twin lightning claws is called Claudio.

    I’m going to be a bad person and admit that I never got into Space Hulk, although at least one of my buddies will have picked the box up, so I’ll give it another go. And truly, those models are beautiful.

    Still, I’m going to play some Space Crusade this week and wonder when anyone is going to make something of the other OVERWATCH, BABY: Necromunda.