Red Faction PC: Release Trailer

The first mission in Red Faction: Guerrilla is to destroy a building with a super-powered sledgehammer, and it just sort of gets better from there. The PC version is out this week, and will include the DLC released for the console versions for free. If you want to wait for a detailed verdict on the game then we’ll have one for you next week, but in short: BIFF!

Meanwhile, you can check out the trailered explodaction below. Hammertime, etc.


  1. Glove says:

    I think I can see your html from this angle, man.

  2. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Oh c’mon, humanity CANNOT be taken, you have it just by being human. A way to fail your philosophy classes..

  3. Lack_26 says:

    Martial law sounds fun, I want martial law. I’d totally join a Government/Corporate death squad. If I wasn’t as smart as I am I would totally be in SWAT/the Armed forces.

  4. dragon_hunter21 says:

    I can see where you’re coming from, Frankie, but what makes us human? Is it our birthright? Does performing an immoral act remove our humanity? What is an immoral act? I my opinion, an immoral act is subjective, different for every person. So, how do we classify humanity?

    *Future Philosophy prof, coming through*

  5. Hulk Hogan says:

    You aren’t, so feel free.

  6. yhancik says:

    Did I see Malcom from Unreal Tournament ?

    Also, for some reason, I find that the hero looks kind of.. dumb. Duh.

  7. Glove says:


  8. mrrobsa says:


  9. Elman says:

    GTA: Arizona

  10. Über Nerd says:

    You gotta admire the incredible body mass off the dude that got shot by gunship. Seriousily, he should have been spread across the desert in tiny pieces if THQ had the balls to release +18 game.

  11. duel says:

    this is good ‘splodey fun.

    I think they stitched a story in there somewhere. Whether or not it will be as compelling as the need to break buildings in the game is still unknown…

  12. Kwanchu says:

    That is a lot of explodey

  13. tapanister says:

    “Martial law sounds fun, I want martial law. I’d totally join a Government/Corporate death squad. If I wasn’t as smart as I am I would totally be in SWAT/the Armed forces.”

    You sound a bit like a douchey retard to be honest. Definitely not smart as you think you are.

  14. R brackstone says:

    MARTIAN law.

  15. Lack_26 says:

    It was a joke relax, I’m about a liberal as you get; I didn’t mean it.

  16. Lack_26 says:

    Although the joke about being too smart was misplaced, I’m obviously not if I thought it would work. I apologise to anyone I’ve offended.

  17. Jim Rossignol says:

    tap: chill out please, he was joking.

  18. Ryan says:

    I’m about halfway through this on the PS3, and while it’s a splodey good time and a surprisingly decent GTA clone (though one in which you want to avoid stealing cars from random passersby), it has one glaring problem that forced me to do the unthinkable and drop down to Easy difficulty: namely, it cheats like a bastard. While I appreciate the idea of spawning cops and soldiers behind obstructions or around corners so you don’t see them suddenly poof into existence, it gets a bit wearying dealing with a constant stream of them pouring from the convenient holes in space/time behind behind every other building. Especially when they repeatedly spawn 20 feet or less away. Easy difficulty doesn’t cut down on the spawn rate much (if at all- I haven’t done a proper comparison) but it makes you that little bit more bulletproof and shortens the delay before health regeneration kicks in. It feels more like you’re controlling an UNSTOPPABLE MAN OF ACTION as opposed to one composed entirely of blood squibs with a house arrest tracking monitor locked to his ankle.

  19. Midir says:

    Just an FYI, RF:G does NOT contain all the released console DLC, just the first DLC pack and the new multiplayer mode from the second. Apparently everything else from there on out is console only, including any new maps or DLC. This was specifically stated by V-Singular on the Volition RF:G forums. PC does get it’s own exclusive maps, but just thought I’d mention the DLC issue in case it was influencing anyone’s decision.
    First Saints Row 2 and now RF:G, Volition are a shadow of their previously PC-Supporting selves ;_;

  20. Lack_26 says:

    Is it worth mentioning I meant the corporate goons in the game (not real life forces)? Since they’re clearly cannon-fodder so joining them would be a bad idea.

  21. shiggz says:

    To me this this story line has one thing in common with fallout 3 where the cultural past is mixed with the future. The whole stories premise of government and union battling is hilarious since in modern times the government owns the unions.

    The whole story feels almost like history. When last century Communism was (at least in attitude) about industrial workers. Compare with the bizzaro reality of modern GM funded on taxes with 80k workers but 345k retirees collecting benefits. With the government takeover of GM the large majority of union workers are now either government/utility employees or government subsidized. Thus the premise is ridiculous to think the US government would be fighting unions. In “Jimmy Carrs” words about hitting your own wife! After all shes your wife. That’s like keying your own car!

  22. Turin Turambar says:

    It’s good, but before people critizies the game, they should know what type of game is: arcade. Vehicle handling is arcade, the enemies and yourself move faster than in real life, there are lots of explosions, enemies appear from everywhere, there isn’t stealth, etc.

  23. shiggz says:

    Also in getting this game to work on PC on windows 7 x64, I had to roll the monitor driver back to windows default and reboot to change the resolution. There alot of talks about “save bugs”. You got to be signed into “windows live” but until you finish the first mission area you cant save anyway, so pass that to see if you still have a problem. Hope that saves someone the headache i had with it.

  24. shiggz says:

    Hard Truck: Apocalypse

    link to

    IMO it started pretty fun but then quickly made all the same mistakes as Far Cry 2 did recently.

  25. shiggz says:

    doh sorry wrong thread.

  26. lumpi says:

    I loved digging tunnels through rocks and such in the original RF, especially multiplayer. Wonder how the third person thing will work out…

  27. CJohnson03 says:

    @Turin Turambar

    You can also kill people with an ostrich.

  28. Iznij says:

    @Frankie The Patrician[PF]

    Well, if you dehumanize people enough until their existence is similar to that of an animal, you could be, in a sense, taking away their humanity

    A la, nazis/jews.

  29. Railick says:

    Agreed with Iznij I believe that is what they are reaching for, turning humans into slaves/animals that have no freedom and are just used as beast to labor for their masters. Still I don’t think you can ever totally take away someone’s humanity unless you totally break them to the point where they no longer have the mind of a human. Mostly though the human mind can take a LOT of suffering and still come out the other side with humanity intact.

    Take for example the slave revolt in Haiti. Those slaves suffered a GREAT deal under their masters, much worse some say then what slaves went through in the US, who really knows these things though. But after they revolted and killed most of their masters and their families they were still able to come together and resist French invasion with sound military tactics and create a country for themselves. True it is a s@#$@ at the moment but the slaves retained their humanity even though they were treated like animals and in some cases WORSE than animals. (For example burying a bunch of slaves in the ground up to their neck and firing cannons at them in some sort of perverse spin on bowling)
    From what I’ve seen in Red Faction these guys actually have it pretty good compared to that.

  30. Funky Badger says:

    Thought one of the more interesting things about this was its the Afghanistan war told from the side of the Taliban.

    Which is certainly a departure…

  31. Persus-9 says:

    @ Frankie: I’m going to try a different way of disagreeing with you because I find this sort of thing fun. You’re working off the idea that a human has humanity by definition because they’re human right? That seems right to me, I agree with you and I disagree with Iznij and Railick, I think all this stuff about dehumanisation isn’t technically correct and humanity can’t be taken by making someone act like an animal, that’s all just figerative mumbo jumbo. Even a brain dead human is still a human they’re just not a person anymore.

    However I think they could that take your humanity by literally stopping you being human. I think the property of being a human is very much a matter of having a human body with having blood, organs, human DNA and all that good stuff. I’m also functionalist regarding the philosophy of mind and I think that the causal relationship between the various functional states of our brain plays an important role in personal identity. So I think if some mad scientist took a complete scan of the functional state of your brain then destroyed it but recreated that functional state exactly in an artifical computer and simulated the future actions of your brain then I think you’d would literally be the computer model of your brain on the computer. You then wouldn’t have a human body and thus in opinion you wouldn’t be human and you would have lost your humanity.

  32. Railick says:

    @Persus-9 In your example I would say that you haven’t lost your humanity, you’d just be dead O.o Just because they’ve recreated your brain in a simulation doesn’t mean that is you, it just some copy of some sort.

    I’ve always found it amusing that in several video games and movies and books I’ve read aliens have used the term humanity as in “We fight this evil in the name of humanity” or they’ve used the term unhuman or inhuman to describe something evil or bad, always struck me as strange or the writer just not thinking enough about what he was writing.

    The reason question is , what is it about us that makes us human. You two say it is the physical form, the DNA ect. While I and maybe some others would argue that your mind is what makes you human and separates you from the animals, as well as your soul and your morality. In my opinion for example anyone who can destroy another human being or group of human beings without remorse and maybe they even enjoy doing it are less than human.

    I wouldn’t say that either of us is wrong. You’re defining human is physical terms and you are correct even if you’re brain dead you’re still technically a human being physically speaking. But I think the thing that makes you a human is the mind so while you’re still physically a human, mentally you are not and you’ve been some how dehumanized ;P

    BTW dehumanizing someone isn’t really taking away their human quality; it is just TREATING them like they’re less than a human. Not the same, to me at least, as taking away someone’s humanity in the physical sense.

    It is also important to note that Humanity can also mean the quality or state of being humane. In this case taking away your ability to feel compassion and consideration for others could be called taking away your humanity and it may be what they mean here – in.

  33. Persus-9 says:

    @ Railick: I guess the key thing is I see human as synonymous with homo sapien and I see all other uses as merely figurative.

    Do you think the computer simulation of your brain would be a different person or not a person at all? I’m quite sympathetic to the idea that it might be a different person because I’m really not sure about personal identity but I find the idea that it isn’t a person rather implausible because I’m a dyed in the wool functionalist and type-A materialist. Having said that in spite of my slight concerns about the technicalities of personal identity if I found a mad scientist who could actually provably do that then I’d have it done in a heartbeat, maybe not right now, I think I’d like another 35 years or so in this body before changing over to a more durable format, it would be a one way trip after all.

    Let me see if I’ve got your position right, you think being human depends on two things, being physically human and being mentally human right? Does that not commit you to claiming that babies and the severely mentally handicapped aren’t human since they don’t have the mental capacity to be fully human since they don’t have any greater mental capacity then dogs. That seems odd to me.

    It also seems very odd to suggest that “human psychopath” is an oxymoron, so someone you know might not be human because they’re actually a mass murderer, so everyone who thought Harold Shipman was a human was actually making a mistake because he was a remorseless mass murder. That doesn’t seem right. I know people say murders are less than human but that’s not literally true is it? That’s just a figure of speech surely?

    I agree dehumanisation is distinct from the sense of taking away someone’s humanity that your gesturing towards but I consider it part of the same sort of figurative sense of humanity that isn’t technically correct. I certainly can’t see the motivation for claiming that dehumanisation doesn’t literally mean removing someone’s humanity but at the same time claiming that saying a murder is less than human is literally true.

    I’m completely certain that the meaning of humanity in the trailer is exactly as you’re describing but to be honest I’m not really interested in that. Sure people do use the word humanity in the way you describe I just don’t think it’s ever technically correct, it’s just a figure of speech.

    In conclusion I love RPS! Where else can you find a news story about a game about pretending to knock down buildings on Mars with a magic sledgehammer with a comments degenerates into analytic philosophy. Awesome!

  34. Stromko says:

    Well um, anyway. I rather enjoyed Red Faction: Guerilla when I rented it on for my XB360. At first it was lots of fun intermixed with mounting frustration, but once I lowered the difficulty to Easy it was lots of fun. Trouble with the other modes is the enemy starts spawning all around you in every increasing numbers once you start doing anything, and being turned into a pincushion from every direction hurts the destruction-heavy escapism that RF:G does so well.

    BUT, Games for Windows Live is a terrible thing to saddle a PC game with. I can understand why a console port would go that route, I’m just not on-board with it.

    For that reason, even though it’s only 40$ on Steam right now, I’m going to wait until it goes down in price further, or I jut get really bored. For now I’d rather replay the Tropico 3 demo (and buy it when it comes out), or crack open the Majesty 2 demo, instead of paying for a console port of dubious technical stability / value.

  35. Railick says:


    If the computer program allowed the brain data to work just like it would (Or better than it would) in a human brain then yes I think that brain would be a person in its own right. I’m not sure if that brain would be ME but it would be just like me. That is one of things that has always worried me about Star Trek type transporters. Is that person that shows up on the other side really YOU or is it just a copy and paste of you the moment before you were murdered by the transporter that turned you into pure energy on the other side ? :P When you copy and paste text is the new text the same as the old text? It is, but at the same time it is in a diffrent place and time and was created at that moment, not connected in any way to the origonal text other than by the fact it is the same physically.

    I concede I am wrong. I would have to agree with you that being a human only depends upon your DNA. What I was getting at indeed was a figure of speech and not technically correct.

    Now here is an interesting question. If an alien had the same morals and codes and mental abilities as a human but had totally diffrent form they’d obviously not physically be human, but would they have “humanity” In that sense if they shared our basic morals towards one another?

  36. Culprit says:

    Thought I’d jump in to the philo-discussion whilst awaiting my steam-powered guerrilla simulation.

    So I didn’t read through everything you guys where going on about with regards to humanity and it being taken away or not, but I did see something about simulating a human brain in a computer in a way to create a human-like consciousness. The problem I see with this is that one’s self is more than just a conscious state or consciousness.
    I’ll analogize a human and a desktop PC. So the human brain has a state of being that is directly dependent on all the sensory inputs coming in from the various senses of the host body. So if you could take that brain and make it live in a jar, it would only have any sense of reality through whatever senses it had available. This also goes for the computer simulation of a brain.
    Now if not only the brain but also the sensory inputs that make up the brain’s perceptions of reality where also simulated, you might have some form of virtual humanity inside the simulation.
    The point being, a consciousness without a way to perceive reality is like booting your PC without a monitor or keyboard or mouse or video card or hard drive plugged in. It will turn on and such, but it’s not going to be able to really do anything without something being loaded into it to process. Without some sort of I/O for a consciousness, how does it perceive anything or itself.

    Carry on.

  37. Persus-9 says:

    @ Railick: I think so yeah, in that sense of humanity I think they would have humanity which would be an interesting little quirk of language. Have you ever read “Only you can save mankind” by Terry Pratchett? Either way it’s not too much of a spoiler to say that, as I remember, the “mankind” in the title of the book actually referred to the aliens because when their language was translated into english the word for their own race was translated into our word for our own race.

    There are definitely some ethical worries for teleporters regarding this type of thing. After all if both survive then clearly they won’t be each other and the one who wasn’t transported definitely looks like they’ve got the best case for being the same person as the original but if the original was supposed to be destroyed like in Star Trek then I suppose the copy could argue that they were what they intended and the original only exists because an error prevented their destruction and so they are more in line with the wishes of the original. I think they’d both have pretty much equally good claims.

    I think that if next week an exact copy was made of me then in the instant of creation (if such a thing makes sense) I would exist in two places at once, then would be different people but both me. Basically I guess I don’t think personal identity obeys the logic of an identity relation because I don’t think it’s transitive, I don’t think that just because person A is person B and person B is person C that person A is person C.

    I think it’s a really good question if you create an exact copy of yourself but in the process kill the original did you do anything wrong? I don’t think so but if you say teleported yourself to another location and then once you arrived sent a signal back to say you’d arrived and the original could be destroyed and if your original had be conscious during the delay then even if it was only a few seconds I think that’s probably be wrong (I’m hesitant to label it murder because I don’t think it’s very wrong) because by that point you’re slightly different people but if the copy sent a message back to the original saying they’d arrived safely and the original, if they trusted the technology, may not mind committing suicide too much at that point since only the most recent few seconds would be lost (just like quick loading right after quick saving). Imagine a scenario in which you could walk into a booth and us it to create a copy of yourself in another special booth anywhere but permanent duplication was illegal (and I think that would actually be necessary because otherwise there would be an urge to hedge your bets with important life choices and do both) so you’d walk into the booth and send a copy but then you’d both be locked in and the original would have to choose which one would be allowed to live and until one was dead neither would be allowed to leave. Would such a system catch on as a method of travel? Would anyone walk into a booth, see a copy of themselves appear and then press the button to accept the transfer and painlessly destroy themselves. I think in the end it would because I think the fact that the copies would be, with good reason, convinced they were the same person as the originals and they’d be happy to do it again and they’d win most people round so I think in the end it would become accepted that this is how you travel.

  38. Persus-9 says:

    @ Culprit: I think you could have a working brain on it’s own with no sensory input just like I think you could cut the nerves that go to my eyes, ears etc wouldn’t killing me if did it skillfully enough. Such an existance would be rather different than normal and pretty much totally hellish but I think it’d be possible just like a computer can boot up and do all it’s internal tasks without a monitor or keyboard. You might not be able to grow a working human brain capable of human thought in isolation without any I/O but I think if you already had a working brain you could copy it’s state to a computer and it would still be capable of thought, I think it would still boot so to speak.

    Anyway in my example I’d like to think the mad scientist would rig up suitable I/O systems to allow the newly simulated brain a nice existence. If he didn’t there’s no way I’m letting him anywhere near my brain!

  39. maple story hack says:

    Nice on Persus – 9, but i think someone was joking here.

  40. Will says:

    In the trailer, isn’t the shot when they’re “taking away humanity” a firing squad? That would do it, I reckon.

  41. Serondal says:

    In both the case of the teleporter and the computer brian I would ONLY do it if they could find a way to transfer my active consciousness.

    Using a computer as an example again. Your brain is like the hardware, but your consciousness is like a running program. If you end that program that person (to me) dies even if you were to start up another copy of that program some place else. There is no connection between the first person and the second persons consciousness. However, if you where able to link the persons brain to the computer brain and some how MOVE that consciousness along the connection so that it moved from the human to the computer then I would consider doing it if I were on my death bed :P Secondly I would want that computer to be housed inside of a robot with really strong armor around the new computer brain (ala Ghost in the shell)

    For the teleporter I would want to make sure that when my body is broken down that somehow my active program, my consciousness , whatever it IS would be sent along with my energy to the new location and placed inside the new body so that my consciousness is never broken or replicated only the phyiscal form. It would be hard, like you say, for anyone to REALLY know if that was transfered as the new clone would assume it worked even if it had not (How would they know?) The only person that would really know would be the dead guy :P And he wouldn’t REALLY know because he’d be destroyed.

    This gets even more complicated if you believe in a soul. Can you xfer your soul to the computer or the new cloned body ? Will it just float away and if so what does that mean?

  42. Serondal says:

    Still no ediit function ? : ( That makes sad panda sad .

    I would say shooting someone takes away their life, the dead body is still a dead human body :P

  43. jeffrey says:

    Wow this game is pretty cool

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