Something About Pigskin? Quick Hit Football Beta

Imagine a football team called the Twinkles. Best ever.

There should be a gameshow in which contestants pick a subject about which they know almost nothing, where the aim is to demonstrate the absolute minimum amount of knowledge about a subject. So getting something completely wrong doesn’t score you anything, but showing any depth or proficiency of understanding about the subject gets you eliminated. My chosen subject that I know the bare minimum about would be American Football. Or as our American readers know it, baseball. See? No points, but I wasn’t eliminated. I mention this in light of a new, free MMO called Quick Hit Football.

It’s a sort of fantasy football-cum-persistent world, where you act as a coach to your team and compete in leagues. I’d love to tell you more, but sadly the promised key doesn’t appear to arrive as quickly as you’d hope, meaning as yet I can’t get into the thing. But I think it’s safe to say if you’re interested in a US football management game you’re going to want to stand in line for one that’s free. The developers describe the game like this:

“QUICK HIT FOOTBALL is a fully interactive, authentic football experience that lets you build, coach and manage your team to victory. Call the plays, pick the formations and manage the clock to dominate your opponent. You have all of the tools you need to turn your sports knowledge into winning football strategies.”

So to sign up for a beta key make your way to the site, but ignore the bit on the front page where it says you’ll be playing in minutes. That doesn’t appear to apply just yet. However, it seems it will be free, and it won’t require any download to get going once you can. Hopefully the Twinkles will make their way into the, er, big leagues? soon.

Have a trailer:


  1. Pags says:

    Tips from The Chin himself, magical. Once I get a beta key, prepare for the Pagsghetti Spangles to crush the Johnwille Twinkles.

  2. LewieP says:

    Why do those rugby players have helmets on?

  3. Bret says:

    Not enough Skaven.

  4. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:


  5. Pedwarpump says:

    “Bret says:

    Not enough Skaven”

    Quotin’ Dis

  6. secret bass says:

    So basically Yahoo Answers?

  7. secret bass says:

    Cripes. That didn’t go so well.

  8. Gpig says:

    Here’s a thought experiment to help explain football. Imagine the best sport in the world and what it would be. Done? Football. The sport you imagined was football. Or rugby.

  9. Ryx says:

    >as our american readers know it, baseball
    Nope, i’m pretty sure we know this as football.
    With helmets and pigskin and such.

  10. Vinraith says:


    Good lord man, it was a joke.

  11. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Wooooo Packers!

  12. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    In America, we call football “soccer.”

  13. Hidden_7 says:

    The problem with that thought experiment is that whenever I do it obviously the sport I think of is hockey. Then I try to imagine a possible world where the sport I imagine ISN’T hockey and my brain breaks.

  14. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Simple. This only means that Hockey and Football are the same sport, just with different names. Just like how the sport is called “hockey” but isn’t really played with your hock.

  15. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Does this “American football” bite?

  16. Heliosicle says:


  17. Heliosicle says:

    Oh yea looks kinda interesting, but i know none of the rules or anything so meh

  18. Brokenbroll says:

    “Why do those rugby players have helmets on?”

    So the players can launch themselves at each other like a torpedo. American football is as much about hitting as it is tackling.

    Basically, we citizens of the United States demand more violence than the bodies of even big, strong super athletes can take, so we suit them up in armor to allow them to hit each other harder, and minimize the chance of them crushing their rib cages, necks, and spines. (Which, joking aside, still does happen too frequently.)

  19. itsallcrap says:

    Something About Pigskin?
    What about:

    That’s it sir you’re leaving, the crackle of pigskin, the dust and the screaming, the yuppies networking…

    Snappy title, no?

    American Football does actually make for decent video games. It’s just that you only ever need to own one. Ever.

  20. Joji says:

    Well if you don’t know the tactics that much, nfl street is a prety funny game to play and fun to bash into the people and stuff.

  21. Piispa says:

    Oh, so that’s baseball!

    Still can’t see any bases though.. is that other one of those thingies where balls aren’t actually balls and footballs never touch any feet in the US?

  22. Redd says:

    Now, see, if you were on this gameshow and the subject was ‘the denizens and culture of the Interbutts’, you’d have been straight through to the next round.

  23. Ian says:

    Free gridiron management eh? Consider my interest gland… er… tickled? Hmm.

  24. Lack_26 says:


    Have you seen a Public school play rugby, that’s about inflicting as much pain as possible (with homoerotic undertones I’m sure), scoring is most definitely secondary.

    I’m just glad I never had to play against them, I value my bones (and not getting groped by 6, 8″ man with no ears and a barely discernible face).

  25. Kieron Gillen says:

    American Football is war plus epic consumerism*.

    I like it a lot as a sport, though haven’t followed it since my early teenage years.


    *As in, Football and the imperial games which spread due to colonialism – Baseball, Cricket, Basketball – can be played with a minimum of equipment. American Football requires a whole lot of money to play properly and/or without dying.

  26. -Spooky- says:

    American Football .. not Football, not Soccer, not Rugby.

    @Rugy ply with helmet
    *i lol d*

  27. Ian says:

    My favourite description I’ve read of American football is “chess with shoulderpads”.

  28. futage says:

    I click on “get started” and nothing happens. In both Firefox and IE. What am I doing wrong?

  29. Clovis says:

    @futage: You have to really click that mouse hard, or otherwise you’re too wimpy for football.

    BTW, if Americans love violence so much, how come my favorite sport, boxing, is so unpopular. You literally punch each other in the face and keep going even when there is bleeding. Americans should especially enjoy it when an American (like say Floyd Mayweather) totally beats the crap out of some dirty foreigner (like Ricky Fatton), because we are such jingoistic bastards, right? But nope, boxing is often relegated to the “Other” sports section in the US websites\papers.

    How about using a annoying sports phrase to describe football?

    Football: It is what it is.

  30. Noviz says:

    Honestly boys and girls…
    Just because it’s a post about american football it doesn’t mean you have to start arguing and making snide comments about how it is ‘less of a sport’ than Rugby and shouldn’t be called ‘Football.’

    Rugby and American Football are two completely differant sports. I’m English and I play both for my University. The entire sport is differant and shouldn’t be compared.

  31. futage says:

    Come come, Noviz. That’s what American Football is for.

  32. Ian says:

    @ Clovis: Isn’t that because nobody in the whole wide world really cares about boxing any more? ;)

  33. Clovis says:

    @Ian: Ya, pretty much… I get the impression that some countries really get into when they have a boxer that rises to a really high level. Like the Phillipines and Manny Pacquiao (I remember him beating up some Brit, what was that guy’s name?). There has been a lot more Eastern European boxers at high levels recently too. I could be totally wrong about that though.

    Maybe people would care if they burned all the current sanctioning bodies to the ground and just had one freakin’ belt per weight class. And maybe that belt holder actually fought real opponents on a regular basis on FREE TV so people could watch it.

    People used to care about boxing, right? And to almost get on topic. i can haz good Boxing game on PC? Just do a crappy port of Fight Night. I have a 360 controller. An MMO Boxing Management game would be ok… I guess.

  34. Piispa says:

    Sure people care about boxing!

    But wasn’t the case indeed that boxing wasn’t violent and entertaining enough for American audience so they came up with mixing it with wrestling of some sort and excessive steroid-pumping, bling-bling and whatnot.. Thus creating the American Wrestling.

    Wrestling where people aren’t really wrestling in a sport that isn’t really a sport. Where we get to the point that American atheletes aren’t really athletes but entertainers. :)

  35. Kazz says:

    @ futage

    Did you manage to get anywhere with your prob? having the same thing, clicked ‘get started’ but bugger all happens :(

  36. futage says:


    Nope. I guess maybe they got a rush and disabled new-people-joining but I can’t be arsed to check the source and see.

    I suspect racism.

  37. Kazz says:

    Just thought id try again after waiting about a half hour, refreshed and clicked, worked, w’hey

  38. futage says:

    Eee, cool, thanks for letting me know. I’ll go get signed up and then confuse myself with it.

  39. futage says:

    …and now I’m not getting a registration code.

  40. Ian says:

    Boxing would certainly be a bit easier to get into if there weren’t 43 different belts for each weight class.

    And if the “best” boxers didn’t constantly fight scrubs to keep the title of “undefeated”.

  41. Railick says:

    That’s why I like Mixed Martial Arts and UFC. The belts ect don’t really matter all I want to see is two blokes from diffrent walks of life destroy each other.

  42. Clovus says:

    I forgot to actually ask something on topic. I think this game may be hoping to cash in on the hordes of “Fantasy Football” players when the actual football season is over. Is there a similar “Fantasy Footie” or whatever that is popular in the rest of the world?

    Boxing was not replaced by “professional” Wrestling; it has been replaced by MMA, which is both violent and athletic (and homoerotic).

  43. Railick says:

    MMA is not homoerotic! Normal wrestling is maybe, but not MMA. In wrestling you’re grinding all over the other dude just trying to pin him whilst in MMA you’re crawling all over him for a chance to punch him in his mouth enough times to make him pass out or give up.

    As far a KG Saying you need expensive equipment to play American Football that is not at all true. We play football with each other all the time without so much as a helmet and no one dies. Normally when a kid dies playing football they WERE wearing helmets and pads and it was just a freak accident or the kid had some sort of pre-existing medical condition no one knew about (I hate those pre-existing medical conditions where they have to kill you for you to figure out you have them, it’s like being born with a land mine inside you)

    When I was young we used to play full contact football in our front yard all the time, it requires even less to set up then baseball and is actaully a lot safer because there is a lot less of a chance you’ll HIT someone with a small hard ball in the chest and murder them. I got hurt WAY worse playing baseball then I ever got hurt playing football (This may be because I’m 6 foot 4 inchs)

  44. Railick says:

    P.S. When I same normal wrestling I mean Greco Roman, not WWE ;P

  45. y2rich says:

    I love the sport and played Goal Line Blitz until recently. Not sure how they’re allowed to get away with using NFL players and coaches though…

  46. Morti says:

    This needs repeating:

    Not enough Skaven.

  47. Knight Of Cydonia says:

    Skaven vs. Patriots = BEST GAME EVAR

  48. y2rich says:

    Anyone got their beta code yet?

  49. Kazz says:

    nup, not even a “you are now registered” :(

  50. Railick says:

    This just in Brett Favre has retired from the Vikings and signed a new deal to play for an actual Viking team in the Blood Bowl called the Greenfjord Hackers as a Star Player. This will probably be the last game he ever plays considering he has little experience versus Orcs and he doesn’t do very well outside the pocket (which often leads to death in the blood bowl)