Operation Flashpoint Multiplayer Trailer, Screens


Only about three more weeks until Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising appears. Unless it slips again. But presuming it doesn’t, you can finally find out whether it’s better or worse than ARMA 2 on October 9th. In the meantime there’s a new video that apparently demonstrates the head-to-head multiplayer mode, showing how you can take control of either a USMC or Chinese PLA troop and then shoot helicopters out of the sky. There’s also a new collection of screenshots.

I’m not convinced it demonstrates the complexities of this mode particularly well. However, it does show the game looking very pretty. And maybe that’s enough. Judge for yourself:

And now for your viewing pleasure, some new screens. Clicking for engrowingment:


  1. Forceflow says:

    Very Pretty? The horizon looks awful …

    • coupsan says:

      Yes, most people generally focus on the fucking horizon in terms of rating the graphical quality of video games.

  2. jti says:

    Looks nice, I hope it delivers the goods too.

  3. cheal says:

    That looks really rather good. Hopefully it won’t be dumbed down too much.

  4. Michael Leung says:

    Depth of field seems more pronounced than ARMA 2 (see sniper gun screen), but since it is Codemasters spinning off OFP, and the true OFP really does belong to Bohemia (bugs and all), I say that ARMA 2 is still the way to go. Will probably pick this up cheap after a few months though.

  5. TC says:

    Gunplay looks good but lets be honest blowing up the the saps taking on Poor Bloody Infantry role from your attack helicopter is by far gonna be the most fun.

  6. Larington says:

    This is the only game I currently have on pre-order.
    Enough said.

  7. Chris Evans says:

    Wow, those screenies do look very nice!

  8. machineisbored says:

    Is it just me, or have PC game graphics stagnated for the last year or so? The screenshots above make OF:DR’s engine look no more impressive than, say, COD4’s – and playing the new Wolfenstein recently, ostensibly a graphics heavy, modern FPS, there were moments when the visual fidelity felt dated.

    That said, at least this probably means we’ll have no problem running this when it comes out. Can’t wait to get my long range pew pew on.

    • Martin K says:

      I’ve mused aloud on several occasions that, having noticed a similar phenomenon myself, this may well be because the GPU chipsets for the PS3 and Xbox 360, though future-proofed at the times of their respective releases, are essentially static, and what with all the direct-ported and multi-platform synchronised-release titles on show and under development…

    • Sparvy says:

      Probably because the only big budget studios to have released in the last year has done so multiplatform, there are very few people doing PC exclusive shooters these days.
      And most of the graphical juice for OF probably went into the scale, not the details.

      Anyways, Im really interested in this, hope the engine really feels good to move around in, so many games dont get that right.

      Oh, and I have used cameras that sounded more deadly than some of those guns, but Im not a gun nut so what do I know.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      Sounds like a gap in the market, then: create graphics heavy pc only shooter -> blow competition out of the water.

    • kalidanthepalidan says:

      Personally, I’m fine with graphics not ramping up as quickly as they used to. Just means I get more life out of my current rig. It also gives more people access to the game, potentially creating a larger player base and healthier community.

    • ego says:

      @ Sonic Goo

      There’s already been a graphics heavy PC shooter that wasn’t on consoles.

      It was called Crysis and it sold like shit (compared to development costs anyway).

      There’s simply not the business model for massive projects soley on PC.

      PC projects are great for littlie indie things that could never get backed by a big publisher, but if you want big shines, its gonna have to go on consoles aswell, thus theres gonna be a financial limit till we see a change to cloud computing or something.

    • Günter says:

      Eh, more importantly, do we give a damn? I think graphics are shiny enough as they are, what really impresses me is art design, and DR seems to be doing well in that department. The lighting effects are spot on.

  9. PendragonUK says:

    All of these are very nice but I would like some facts. Dedi server information, how many people can play at the same time. Server spec’s and requirements. Will we get the linux files for running the servers.

    They can make the best game in the world if there are no clan run dedi servers the playing public with have nowhere to play.

  10. Lack_26 says:

    I’m not entirely convinced yet, I loved the longer range fire-fights from OpF and the ArmA games. Most of what I’ve seen so far appears too close range. I’ve got nothing against that and I’m sure I would really enjoy the game, I just like the occasional mid-to-long range shoot out.

    • dartt says:

      That could just be because that sort of thing might not come over all too well in the small viewing areas of most online videos.

  11. dartt says:

    If anyone is looking for a good deal on this, shopto has it for £17.99.

  12. Mr Wonderstuff says:

    Hmm..would love to play this on my 360 but with standard def only it will probably look crap.

  13. Turin Turambar says:

    A buy from me is a strong possibility, because in play.com they have it very cheap (23 € or something like that).

  14. Monkeybreadman says:

    Looks like the bridge between Arma and Battlefield. Codemasters seem to do menus pretty well, much better than the layers and layers of menus using numbers in Arma 2.

    And graphics have reached a point where they aren’t so important as gameplay and size (not they ever were). Thats unless we’re talking about physics

  15. Antlia says:

    I think that it looks like a game worth buying, but…

    …I don’t expect it to be Operation Flashpoint.

    It could be Modern Combat Game: The Rise of the Dragon, You got the gun: Blitzkrieg or Amazing Warfare III, but not OFP. The original OFP was not primarily designed to be fun. It was designed to feel like you were in war. War isn’t fun (well, yes, OFP was certainly fun, but in a different way than most games are). This game looks like it’s been made to entertain you, wich isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s gonna be great, no doubt. BUT NOT OFP.

    Codemasters thought that the name of Operation Flashpoint is going to be an advantage. Wrong answer, it just awakes everyone who loved the original game and makes them to think that the “sequel” is gonna play exactly as its predecessor. No wait, that’s ARMA. This is something different. It’s also published for consoles. It looks a bit gamey, not a hardcore simulator that OFP was. I don’t think that the game is gonna appeal for those oldschool gamers.

    And then there are those who haven’t played the native OFP. They don’t have any expectations of the game. They look at it and say:”Meh, a military simulator… What could be more boring, I want to see the eyebrows of my enemy when I blast their head off. I’m going for MW2″.

    And then… Then are those who await the Rise of the Dragon as the Second coming of Jesus.

    Sorry for this disorderly post, I’m a bit tired now… Hope you find my points inside that mess.

  16. rocketman71 says:

    It would be nice to note that that’s ONLINE multiplayer, and it will come without LAN support.

    Me?. Not buying. Those developers that keep taking functionality off games don’t deserve the money.

    • Dan Lawrence says:

      Incorrect. The game supports LAN play. There was some confusion over the lack of split screen:

      link to community.codemasters.com

    • rocketman71 says:

      Thanks a lot, Dan. That clears a lot. I saw the original comment from Sion Lenton, i.e.,

      There will be no offline multiplayer, nor an offline co-op mode. Online you can play the co-op mode with up to four friends.

      but nothing about the post you link. It should have had the same visibility on the webs reporting the first.

      Ok, so I can now look at this without remorse ;)

  17. Knight Of Cydonia says:

    Looks good. Kinda glad it’s coming out on 360, since it’ll actually look how it was intended to on that, rather than on Low on my PC.

    If anything, the stagnation of PC graphics in line with current-gen consoles is a good thing – the more time PC users have to catch up, the less people have the right to moan about games only looking and performing right on over-priced shop-built rigs, or on a homebuilt rig that most people don’t dare attempt. Remember the endless crying on the internet over Crysis? Perhaps if PCs made only incremental increases followed by a big boost every couple of years, people wouldn’t complain about PCs being the most expensive and elitist of games machines.

    • kalidanthepalidan says:

      Agreed! The previous constant push for “ZOMG” graphics in PC gaming didn’t help anybody. Didn’t help developers as costs continually went up and up, didn’t help current pc gamers as it makes us feel like we need to constantly upgrade, and forces potential pc gamers away as they don’t want to commit to the large initial cost.

      I haven’t had to upgrade my comp in 3 years. Which is great in my opinion.

    • lumpi says:

      I couldn’t care less about the number of polygons. It’s how the 360-focus affects gameplay that worries me. Or rather… I’ve just given up on ever looking forward to an FPS again…

  18. Bogie says:

    This looks awesome!

    It looks like Battlefield, COD4, and ARM:A all glued together and streamlined.

    Just what I have been waiting for.

    Now all we need is a Star Wars Mod for it!!!!

    • Subject 706 says:

      Tsk, Tsk, streamlining is an ugly word, don’t you know.

  19. Heliocentric says:

    Really, we need to know more before we can make observations. A demo or a few trusted reviews, everyone who has an opinion already is just posturing.

  20. Davee says:

    Hmm, I do hope this is a nice mix between generic FPS-games and ArmA2-realism with less bugs. Going to wait for the reviews though.

  21. SprintJack says:

    DEMO was officially delayed for PC and canceled for console.

    link to community.codemasters.com

  22. Nutterguy says:

    Really not impressed by those screen shots AT ALL….
    Textures hardly seem present on lots of stuff and forceflow said, the horisions look awful.
    25km view distance my arse!
    Hope these are crappy console graphics…

  23. 357SIG says:

    So no one else has noticed the terrible sound?

    • Bantros says:

      There’s a dev diary video somewhere about the sound recording and it was pretty impressive. Sounded alright in the video for me, apart from near the end when the player is moving toward a chain link fence

  24. Kem0sabe says:

    At this point im more than willing to bet that the game will launch in a more playable state than ARMA 2, which is a complete mess.

    OPF Dragon Rising might not be as complex as ARMA but its a trade-off between beeing playable and mostly bug free and not being able to finish a game until after 10 patches.

  25. Pod says:

    Why didn’t they just put in 5 minutes of uninterrupted, continuous game footage? Best way to show off practically any game.

  26. Pl4t0 says:

    The game’ll be a lotta fun, no doubt about that whatsoever.

    That said, it’s essentially a consolized version of ARMA II with the combat of COD4…I mean, really, if you look at how the guns fire, how the action is paced, it just shows that the publishers saw a Sim in the making, panicked, and said “we need this to sell on CONSOLES, too”.

    I’ll probly pick it up, but for now I’ll stick with the insanely beautiful and complex ARMA II.

  27. Poita says:

    Been looking for something to suceed Ghost Recon1 PC for a looooong time. Thing might do what plenty of others have failed to do (including GR sequels).
    It looks like it might have the potential for GR1’s stately pace punctuated by hard core fire fights. They always show run ‘n’ gun style combat in the trailers though. Looking forward to some long gameplay vids.

    By the way. I’m very very tired of modern games squeezing the hud icons towards the center of the screen. It’s so fucking patronising. At least give us Hud placement options and let the player decide where they go.

    • Vinraith says:

      A true successor to the original GR would be a beautiful thing indeed.

  28. Shalrath says:

    If you were to have told me that was COD…6 or whatever the hell the new one is, I’d have believed you. I don’t need blows-up-your-computer-if-you-die realism, but come on, it gives you a little cross when you hit someone on your ironsights?

    I dunno, I just saw CoD all over that video.

  29. Spectre-7 says:

    The kill conformation marker (and most of the HUD for that matter) are only for the lower difficulty levels. If you’d prefer not to have them, simply crank the game up to Hardcore mode.

    There was also another video released today:
    Fog of War

    In addition to about 11 minutes of gameplay footage from a TV program called X-Play:
    Part 1
    Part 2

  30. Spectre-7 says:

    Grrr… That should read confirmation. Grod only knows what conformation means.

  31. lumpi says:

    Console-menu alarm!


  32. Shalrath says:

    “The kill conformation marker (and most of the HUD for that matter) are only for the lower difficulty levels. If you’d prefer not to have them, simply crank the game up to Hardcore mode.”

    And according to the dev playing: “Well, I reached a checkpoint so my dead team-mates respawn…”

    Does Hardcore mode remove that?

    I’m just saying the text, menu’s, UI, etc, all remind me of CoD. Arma has a billion flaws, but no-one would mistake it for anything expect Arma.

    • Spectre-7 says:

      Does Hardcore mode remove that?

      Yes. There aren’t any checkpoints in Hardcore mode, which I believe was mentioned in the X-Play video.

      Regardless, while the HUD does look vaguely like Modern Warfare’s, I doubt I’d ever mistake one for the other, nor do I think having a unique looking interface is necessarily a selling point. I’m far more interested in the interface relaying information quickly and efficiently, and (more to the point in this case) getting out of my way when I so choose.

  33. Phried says:

    I’m surprised just how much that reminded me of Battlefield 2.

    I might pick this up when it hits cheap, but there is no doubt in my mind that compared to ArmA 2, this game won’t hold up as a Mil Sim. If that’s not what it’s trying to be (And it doesn’t look it), then I think this game is going to try squeeze into a market already getting pretty full/has been conquered.

    Obviously only time will tell, looks like fun, but not something I can see myself playing on release.

  34. hitnrun says:

    A good take on that.

    Short version: many people interested in playing graphics intensive PC FPSs are pirates, wildly out of proportion to the percentages on other genres and platforms.

    This has created a confluence of Intelligent Design and Darwinism. That is to say: intelligent game designers are avoiding the old cutting-edge-graphics race, and the ones who keep on are getting mercilessly culled.

  35. hitnrun says:

    Reply fail. Gonna take some gettin used to.

  36. Ybfelix says:

    Does the whole game has this de-color(what’s the proper word in English?) filter on? I feel like watching through a tinted glass.

  37. Jonas says:

    Didn’t the Mythbusters once find that you can’t in fact see lasers with any sort of night vision or similar? Not that I’m complaining, I love the effect, I’m just surprised they went for eye candy over realism in a title like this : )

    I think this will be a quite engaging game, so I will probably pick it up if I’ve got my gaming PC in order by then.

  38. dsmart says:

    Absolutely frigging SOLD!!!

    The video – for some odd reason – takes me back to the Novalogic days. Or is just me?

    As I said before, ArmAII and OFPDG are going to be so far apart that anyone comparing the two is nuts. One will remain hellaciously buggy (they’ll fix it, fer realz!!) and hardcore while the other will be slightly buggy and consolified.

    • Chaz says:

      @ DSmart

      Aye, the vid made me think of Joint Operations too. Which is no bad thing because I really enjoyed Joint Ops, so really looking forward to seeing how Opflash 2 stacks up, although the 4 player co-op will be my first port of call.

  39. NeonBlackJack says:

    That looks rather awesome. It also looks like less of a head-slammed-through-wall learning curve than its big brother, ARMA2. Consider my interest piqued.