Pesidential Suite: PES 2010

It’s the season, clearly. The foot-to-ball season. Following the latest FIFA demo we have the rival for the world’s affections. It’s a just-shy of 900Mb Demo of the new PES. It features a slice of the foot-to-ball action which will be available in full-form on October 22nd. It looks a little like the -ah- FOOTage below…

And providing us with our particularly weak title pun, here’s a track from Gonzales’ splendid Presidential Suite. Fingers like tubes of toothpaste, apparently.

I too want to be loved and hated in equal amounts. Also, have an extra testicle.


  1. LewieP says:

    A mate of mine who actually likes these games told me that last year they introduced a mode where you get to play as an individual player, and for the first few matches you get to just sit on the bench.

    Was he pulling my leg?

    • juv3nal says:

      for the first few matches you get to just sit on the bench.

      Was he pulling my leg?

      That’s basically true. You don’t sit out the whole game though (you do get subbed in) and you can run the match at double speed for the bits where you’re not playing.

    • linfosoma says:

      That sounds really cool. It reminds me to a similar game made by Namco on the PSX, I think it was called “Libero Grande”

    • Pidesco says:

      This mode was actually pretty awesome if still with a lot of room for improvement. I hope it’s improved in PES 2010.

  2. Pags says:

    You really do have awful, awful taste in music sometimes.

  3. Po0py says:

    After a quick play all I can say is that besides the graphics the demo is uninspiring. Maybe there is a good game there but the demo is too limited to say.

    After two years of trying to get back into footy games on the pc I’m basically now at the point where I’m just about done with it. I have a 360 and I am well aware that Fifa on the 360 nowadays is a very noteworthy game. But I don’t want to play on a console. I want to play on a PC. Konami can’t seem to deliver the goods anymore and Fifa PC is gimped because they want you playing it on console.

    And what really pisses me off. What really gets me mad is that the journo’s don’t pick up on this. They are all too afraid to speak out against EA and their gimped as fuck fifa pc game and EA’s pathetic excuses for it. We all know that the pc is perfectly capable of handling the physics and 360 degree directional play that console gamers are now enjoying. I’m sick of all this pathetic console bias. And journo’s that don’t want to talk about it.

    • Pidesco says:

      Hear, hear!

    • Vandelay says:

      Is that true? Are the FIFA games on PC not as good as they are on console? That is really unacceptable.

      Having said that, this demo of PES still doesn’t come off as favourably as the FIFA demo that was released a few days ago, even if FIFA is only half of what it should be. Perhaps it is because I have only really ever played PES besides some of the FIFAs in the 90s, but this felt exactly the same as the previous PES I played, which would have been 2008. In two years the game feels pretty much identical. I only played one game, so maybe there are some subtle changes that I missed, but I could hardly tell the difference outside of the graphics.

  4. Sonic Goo says:

    Yo Kieron, I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you finish, but…

  5. Kunal says:

    @Sonic Goo – I believe the exact wording is “Imma let you finish…” :).

  6. rob says:

    Keiron, don’t forget the Super Furry Animals’ effort –

    • rob says:

      agh, spectacular name-typo! Nice redesign, but where’s the edit function? etc etc

  7. Schmung says:

    This year I may finally switch to FIFA. I feel like a dirty manslag, but PES has made no progress for about three sodding years. So sad, because it was king by such a long way. I weep gently for it’s demise.

    The become a legend feature in PES was stupidly addictive. Managed a game with three of our characters a few weeks ago and it was just amazing, wonderful fun. Of course, we must now standardise games. Ah well.

    • Pidesco says:

      Well, the PC version of FIFA is still a PS2 port, so I don’t think you’ll have any luck even if you switch to FIFA.

  8. Firx says:

    It doesn’t matter if PES advances over the years or not. It’s the official game among male friends who wants to piss off everyone else by winning. At least in Argentina. Every new version is welcome even if it doesn’t advances much. We don’t care.. we only care about having little improves in gameplay and strategy, it’s by far better than any soccer game out there, and there is no doubt about it.

    I’ve seen lots of soccer games, besides tehkan world cup arcade, PES games make you play soccer with your fingers literaly.

  9. Flibberdy says:

    I accidentally opened this story (I don’t know how, it was just suddenly open) but I’m glad I did as I’ve not heard this Gonzales track in forever. Time to see if Presidential Suites is on Spotify