Shift Release, Trailer Shows Donnington

Vrooom, etc. Need For Speed is like some kind of proper racing game again, with Shift recreating the great and the good of motor-racing tracks from around the world. One of the most famous in the UK, Donnington, is trailered below, and the game footage does look pretty extraordinary. That said, we’ve yet to actually get our hands on a copy of this 13th NFS game, so perhaps anyone who has picked up can make appropriate critical noises in the comments section?


  1. Sartoris says:

    I could never understand the appeal of driving in circles on samey grey and green maps. Now, Burnout: Paradise, there’s a game whose crazy destruction I can understand.

    • nakke says:

      The appeal, at least to me, is to have game be so good that you have to be at the edge of your seat every lap, pushing the car so much that it is just about to spin, but won’t. Soon you’ll know every little bump, every braking point by heart. After a while you stop improving your laptimes every 10 laps, and instead start focusing on driving within 0.5 secs of your personal best every lap. Eventually you’ll be good enough to seriously compete for victory in online races against other good drivers.

      Oh wait, I’m describing iRacing, not NFS Shift. Well. The latter is a pretty okay-ish arcadesim imo. While at pro settings it’s already pretty simmy, how the game is laid out is in no way like a sim. Impossible to practice automatically before a race, no qualifying, stupid voiceovers, stupid-aggressive opponents, 2-lap races (I guess 2-3 minutes is the attention span of the Common Gamer), ridiculous tuning, etcetera.

  2. Blurr11 says:

    Wow that actually looks like a half decent racing game rather then the arcade racing disappointments the last couple have been but i’ll stick with Dirt2.

  3. Sweedums says:

    apart from dirt2, this looks like pretty much the only other half decent looking racing game coming for the PC… i want a reason to put grid down already….

  4. itsallcrap says:

    It looks a hell of a lot like GRID, actually.

    I’m interested by the info on each individual corner, though. I wonder if it gives specific advice on how to take them.

    That’s what I really need in racing games – a tutorial on how to drive like an actual race driver.

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      Forza 2 does this really well. As one of the optional driver aids, it not only gives you a racing line, but colours it to show the appropriate speed. It is of course possible to do better yourself, but it’s great while you’re learning the course.

  5. Chris Evans says:

    I am torn, it is a darn good game in many aspects, but the career mode is starting to get to me a bit. Needs more play time before I can formulate my thoughts with a review.

  6. GibletHead2000 says:

    I too would like to know whether it’s worth buying this, given that I already own Grid. (I do quite like Grid though)

  7. GSquirrel says:

    Hmm. I’ve got to say, I really didn’t enjoy GRID – just found the handling unbearable. I tried a few laps of Brands Hatch at GAME this weekend (play the game, win a Nissan! (didn’t win)), and this really felt a lot better – much more realistic. I’d have liked to try with wheels & pedal, but even just playing with a 360 controller it felt controllable and responsive. Haven’t bought a NFS game since Hot Pursuit, but I might have to splash out on this one to tide me over until GT5…

  8. Songbearer says:

    Would be better if Download festival was going on at the same time methinks

  9. Whiskey Jak says:

    I played most of the major racing games that came out in the last 3 years, looking for one that I would really like, and this one is the only one, (GRID was good but didn’t draw me in as much as I expected for some reason), that I REALLY want to continue to play after two or three races. The accessibility of the game, the PERFECT cockpit view (it works so well that I can’t even tell what is the button to change view) and the sound design are the highlights of the game for me, and the rest of it is pretty good too. I’ll give Forza 3 and Blur a try when they come out, but right now, I would say that NFS:Shift is my racing game of choice.

  10. DarkNoghri says:

    How’s it compare to Porsche Unleashed? That being my favorite NFS thus far.

  11. crumbsucker says:

    English is is not my first language, but I’m pretty sure they spell Donington with one “n” :)

    link to

  12. itsallcrap says:

    Eurogamer gave it 7/10:

    link to

  13. cheal says:

    I love circuit racing, it’s all about practise, patience and concentration. Hours and hours of practise learning every inch of the track. Fantastically satisfying.

    That looks plenty spangly and all but other than that, it looks pretty awful as far as a racing game.

  14. Optimaximal says:

    I still can’t fathom why this is a NFS title – surely just calling it SHIFT would slot it nicely next to Codemaster’s GRID in the ‘arcade sim’ range.

    • nakke says:

      Haha. GRID, DIRT, SHIFT, FUEL… what else, what next? PEDAL? ASPHALT?

      Btw, GRID is not an ‘arcade sim’!!!!!!!

    • GibletHead2000 says:

      The next driving game should be called FORWARDS

    • Vinraith says:

      I have to agree. Then again, I think everything after Hot Pursuit 2 should have been called “Underground” without the NFS as well. We haven’t had something truly recognizable as an NFS title in a long, long time. I quite miss it. :(

  15. nick says:

    Been to donington, and I actually recognise this track from the video, although it was somewhat wetter when I was there. Even so it was fun! Besides the painful sight of a DB9R getting smashed up a lil….

    It would be interesting if a game like this introduced other environmental factors other than weather. Patches of oil and gravel and debris on the track are common in real racing, and I think it would be a nice element to perhaps mix things up a bit

  16. theSeekerr says:

    FORWARDS? More like SIDEWAYS….

  17. Shawn says:

    I was very dissapointed in this game. I went in thinking it was going to be fairly realistic since it’s real cars on real tracks. After just a few hours of playing I don’t want to touch it again. It completely fails at simulation and is too frustrating to be a good arcade style racer. It seems like every time you touch the steering your rear wheels break loose. With some tweaking of the controls it becomes much more predictive but as far as I can tell with tier 1 and 2 cars if you have tier 2 upgrades it will become very hard to drive. I’m glad I only rented it… Can’t wait for Forza 3.

  18. Feintlocke says:

    I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it, probably a good bit more than Mr Welsh over at Eurogamer. It seems the handling really irked him, while I’m finding the challenge of learning how to tease the triggers and analogue stick to be the most enjoyable part of the game. Comparisons to GRID don’t really work (they are sufficiently different and I will continue playing both).

    You are almost forced to use the in car view because the handling has obviously been tweaked to feel responsive from that position. If you switch to the chase cam (how I will always play in GRID) the car swings about like a rabid ferret and the handling makes absaloutely no sense. It helps that the interior of the car looks fantastic and that your view of the road seems much larger than in other racing games.

    The other big difference is the ever visible racing line, which changes colour when it thinks you’re going to take a corner too fast. The option to turn it off isn’t in the difficulty/driver aid panel which makes me think that when you do find out how to turn it off you aren’t playing the game as intended.

    Religiously trying to stick to the racing line, taming the wily controls while finding avenues for clean overtakes all from the driver’s perspective is a far cry from how I drive in GRID and I heartily enjoy it. If the matchmaking pairs me up with drivers of similar driving style and difficulty settings then I’ll be playing this for a long while to come.

  19. Adamos says:

    Finally after a long time that a decent need for speed is released. Like others i will still wait for dirt 2 and i will most likely buy this on bargain bin ( let alone a true race sim call me “race on” by simbin is coming)

  20. plonk420 says:

    it’s a pity Forza 2/3 isn’t out for PC. i want a sim on PC, but also eyecandy. didn’t really like the non-asphalt aspect of DiRT, and i didn’t really like the feel of GRID 1. i guess this will do. i just need a better video card, methinks ;) (am using a 3850 while i RMA my broken 4870 before selling it for an HD5000. 3850 is… not so good in this game.)

  21. Kyr says:

    Well, it’s a ripoff from good racing games from past years – like GRID, Forza Motorsports – but it’s not the promised racing simulator. In fact, they did it even worse than ProStreet – a big disapointment for anyone who was waiting for rebirth of NFS. Anyone interested in “driving in circles” should go back to GRID on PC or Forza Motorsports 2 on 360 for simulation and fun. That’s “wot I think” :)
    And to think what they’ve got in store for us in theirs NFS:Nitro… I’m already terrified.

  22. Kyr says:

    By the way, RPS guys, I love your new design :)

  23. neems says:

    I must confess I am really enjoying Shift – or I would be, if i could get any sort of decent performance out of it. At the moment, it would appear that if you have a Radeon card, then you are screwed (my personal theory is that because the game uses PhysX, if you have a radeon it dumps the physics processing on to your cpu and maxes it out).

    The cockpit view / driver cam is awesome though.