Time [Love – Ed]

Profilic, ever-entertaining indie madperson Edmund McMillen‘s latest free game is live, this time a collaboration with one William Good. Paradoxical puzzler Time Fcuk (c’mon, you know full well how it’s supposed to be spelt) will do damage to your mind, but it will also impress it enormously.

I’ll confess now I haven’t yet been able to put quite as much time into as I’d like, because I’ve spent today being prodded by doctors and being roundly beaten by RPS’s roving reporter Quinns at Space Hulk, but I’ve seen enough to confidently utter the noises “oooh” and “eh?” There’s been an occasional “ah!” when I solve one of its devious puzzles, too.

It’s a time-bending game, a theme that has lately proven so beloved of several indie developers. The difference here is that fcuking with time doesn’t affect your character directly, but rather switches the level you’re currently in with another room – an alternate dimension version of it. By switching between dimensions at the right times and in the right places, and by dragging certain objects with you, you create a path to the exit.

That’s the challenge element of it, and it quickly becomes complex, rewarding and terrifying. On top of the game’s own levels, there’s an editor for folk to create their own, and also a random game generator that creates a campaign by stringing together an assortment of usermade levels. Which means this, in effect, an infinite game. The kind of stuff that’s going to be coming out of the community in a few months – presuming Time Fcuk picks up an audience, which it most certainly deserves to – could be extraordinary.

But the real fun is the narrator(s). It’s you (or so at least it claims). Sometimes it’s you from the future. Sometimes it’s you from the distant future. Sometimes it’s you from the past, commenting on the level you just played. And it keeps talking about someone called Stephen. There are constant, unhinged, happy, tragic, perplexing missives from alterna-yous (with upsettingly poor grammar, alas, but clearly I don’t know if that’s deliberate/ironic or something), hinting at some great mystery, either arranged by a sinister external manipulator or something that’s happening inside your head.

It reminds me of Portal, as I guess is the nod that has to be given to any reality-distortion puzzle game featuring a creepy conversationalist. It reminds me of the Cube films. And it reminds me of BBC Micro games, visually at least.

I will play more, rest assured. But you should go and play it right now. It’s free, but nonetheless it earns deserved revenue for its creators via Newgrounds ads – a portion of which will go to the sterling charity Child’s Play. A clever free game that’s also for a good cause? I can’t think of anything more hateful, frankly. No, wait, that was evil alterna-me from another dimension saying that! This-universe Me thinks Time Fcuk is great! And Me from universe #1141 enjoys eating squirrels, but that’s another story.

Oh, and here’s a trailer. TRAILER FCUK.


  1. LewieP says:

    This is a message from the future:

    Having completed Time KFCU, I was massively pleased with the entirety of the game.

  2. TCM says:

    Hey, this is me from the next few pages, just saying this is a great game.

  3. LewieP says:

    I might give this a go.

  4. Railick says:

    Hey guys it’s me from 5 days from now. I’m on the last level of Time Fcuk but a nuclear bomb just exploded in the distance outside my window. I needs advice. Should I keep playing the last level and ignore the impending doom or should I duck and cover? BTW your responses are all great and funny but Vinraith’s response is very negative and I don’t appreciate it, you might want to consider not making it at all .

  5. frymaster says:

    I foresaw what you did there…

  6. Lambchops says:

    UKCF time – why I completed that last week

  7. bbot says:

    The difference here is that fucking with time doesn’t affect your character directly, but rather switches the level you’re currently in with another room – an alternate dimension version of it. By switching between dimensions at the right times and in the right places, and by dragging certain objects with you, you create a path to the exit.

    So it’s like Eversion?

    • LewieP says:

      A little, if you liked Eversion, I would wager you would like this.

      The mechanic is fundamentally similar, but used in a bit of a different way.

  8. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Huh. I just got to the part after The Harvest

    nothing is happening at a white screen

  9. EvilMonk3y says:

    Playing this now, I am strangely finding the whole thing rather disturbing, especially the voice.

  10. Blast Hardcheese says:

    On McMillien’s blog he has a trailer for Super Meat Boy

  11. Schrodinger's Lolcat says:

    Every time I complete the “Toast!” level my window goes white. The music keeps going but the next level never shows.

    I am assuming this is a bug?

    Anyone know how to get around this?

  12. Schrodinger's Lolcat says:


    I want to finish it but that level is completely buggered for me. :(

  13. LewieP says:

    I got the white screen bug too.

    Closed the window (it saves progress automatically) and came back later and it was fine.

    So, I guess that fixes it….

  14. Schrodinger's Lolcat says:

    I just tried that. No dice.

    I’m gonna see if quitting my browser completely will work…

    Anyone else have suggestions?

  15. TCM says:

    Well, I haven’t had any problems with that. Especially since the bug was solved two months ago.

  16. Edmund says:

    Yo Edmund here, the white screen bug is being worked on.

    it only happens if you arnt logged into newgrounds (the medal system is fucking it up).

    it will be fixed by tonight though.

  17. Bret says:

    Past me just said this game is great.

    Did I forget playing it, or is he just being a dick?

  18. golden_worm says:

    Form the aouhtr’s cmeotmns “Tmie KucF is not an art gmae, its an ageaollicrl gmae aobut stfuf you’ve nveer eenierxpecd, its an epsace form yuor cerrnut eenitxcse, its the flieeng of lsos and pniac.

    Tmie Fuck is a paly on how if one cgnahes aunord the lterets in a wrod eevn toughh it menas nihnotg lgloalciy, we all siltl see it as snhemoitg taht its not.”

    Srue snoud lkie an art gmae.

    tihs is not a cemmnot

  19. army of none says:

    This game was bloody brilliant. Loved it.

  20. luminosity says:

    Does this have sound made by a man saying bdewbdewbdew? Because from now on I will only play such games.

  21. Jazmeister says:

    I like it. It’s fun and darkly satisfying.

  22. Jetsetlemming says:

    Excellent. The puzzles hit that perfect sweet spot from getting you stuck and stumped, and but then giving way before you get frustrated, making you feel brilliant.

  23. Schrodinger's Lolcat says:

    Good to hear Edmund! Can you post on here when we know it’s officially working again??

  24. Edmund says:

    sould be working now. please tell me if its not :)

  25. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Is indeed working. Tried everything out, it all works.

  26. x25killa says:

    I am me. But am I me? Hold up, I think I just saw someone like me just now… wait, what? Am I the original? Hang on, what dimension is this? Uh oh, what year is it?

    Very good game. I think I keep an eye on this in the near future/past/present to see if there’s more maps to play with :D

  27. JonFitt says:

    That was good.
    Have you seen Primer? Now that’s a time fcuk.

  28. An Innocuous Coin says:

    That was really quite a trip. Good thing for the level skip function – I got stuck on one level in particular…can’t remember the name, but it involved a pair of boxes, two keys and two gravity switches…I wonder what the bad ending is like.

    Also I really like how the character reacts realistically to being in a game where he dies a lot. =)

  29. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Yes. Yes, he fcuked time up and destroyed half of my brain cells.

    Excuse me Alec, I’m informing RPS 90 seconds ago.

  30. espy says:

    Lovely. This and Canabalt: great examples of implying a larger backstory and world without actually describing it explicitly. Great atmosphere, brainfucking gameplay. Success!

  31. Theory says:

    I keep forgetting which button does what and dying because of it. Very annoying.

  32. lumpi says:

    Mmmm… still my favorite indie developer. His stuff is getting darker, though. Played like a David Lynch movie.

    I got stuck in one of the last levels, though. When I finished it, I got a white screen and nothing happened. Re-playing always gave the same result. Looked like a bug? :(

  33. Steven says:

    As a Steven, I had no idea that it would talk about this “Steven” character to just any player….I assumed that it was somehow keyed into my newgrounds account or something. Now it just seems, rather freaky.

  34. brulleks says:

    I think the creator has been listening to Adam and Joe…

    Incidentally, “STEVEN? STEVEN!”

  35. Tangy says:

    Well, I gave up on ‘Loaded’. Couldn’t figure out what to do and the music was getting on my nerves. Did I miss much?

  36. Lilliput King says:


  37. kyynis says:

    Steven? What kind of rapping name is that anyway?

  38. Waltorious says:


    I almost gave up on “Loaded” but then figured it out… if you would like some advice I would be happy to give you some sort of private message or something containing some hints. I should also point out that the music can be muted with one of the buttons on the right side. There’s also a “skip level” button that can be used twice, but if you’re like me you’re too stubborn to use it.

    Cool stuff happens later, so it’s worth sticking it out.

  39. Dead Fish says:

    I’m impressed by the ending. While it’s certainly open to interpretation, I feel like the games aim is to question my existence.

    • Dominic White says:

      Which ending, though? There are two. One is definitely more specific than the other.

  40. brulleks says:

    ‘Ray! Thankyou, Liliput King : )

  41. Hastur says:

    I’m boycotting Time Fcuk, because the developer released it too soon before Time Fcuk 2.