Go West: Pioneering Demo

This screen looks like Legends of Valour

We have no idea how good or bad this is going to be – it’s certainly low tech – but it’s certainly interesting. Pioneering: Explore The Early American West is a first-person episodic RPG where you explore the far reaches of the martian colonies. Sorry – misread the press release. Apparently, it’s the American revolution. You play a settler, who is trying to achieve life-goals, via owning property and marriage. In other words… God knows. The 150Mb demo is available now, and the first episode soon (With episodes offering 2-4 hours of game). And for a taste, here’s the trailer…


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    Fists! Awesome.

  2. Spinex says:

    It made my eyes cry. Black void shadows ftw!

    • Jonas says:

      I have to agree. I can live with the ancient graphical tech if the gameplay, story, and setting is good enough, but these levels are in desperate, desperate need of better lighting. Hell, even some ambient zone lighting would be preferable to those shadows.

  3. Spriti of Whisky says:

    Go West Guy seems to be rpetty angry.
    Why is that?

  4. RARGPHLAM says:

    When I first saw the pig, my kneejerk reaction was OH GOD POLAR BEAR.

    Then I realized it was a pig, and was very confused as to why it was shot.

    • Orange Required says:

      In the American West, pigs were often used to level up settlers too weak to fight on the frontlines. They were also harvested for their valuable gold coins.

      And that’s a fact.

  5. ordteapot says:

    What unseen anger drives our protaganist to clench them so? Maybe he’s just infuriated by the city planning.

  6. Lh'owon says:

    That looks terrible. I want to play it.

  7. Bobsy says:

    I’m quite sure there was no American revolution. The colonials got a bit riled up over some dodgy taxation and we went over had a civilised chat, came to an agreement. Specifically, an agreement that they would shut up and we would stop bayonetting them in the hips. Sure, we let them have what they THINK is a “declaration of independence”. But read the fine print, people! Not our fault if Big Johnny Hancock scrawled all over it.

    • phil says:

      Perhaps the most interesting thing about the declaration, asides from the apparently numerous secret codes, maps, diagrams and saucy limericks written on it in invisible ink, is the reference to the “present King of Great Britain” as the force they are confronting. It was the only the then current regent not Great Britain the initial rebellion was rejecting, then things got a little, well, intense.

  8. yhancik says:

    Is that a prepreprepreprepreprequel to Redneck Rampage ?

  9. rhubarb says:

    This is removing the urine.

  10. Christian says:

    Hooray for 2-dimensional bushes.
    Also: where did the sheep really a pig? go after being shot? Shouldn’t it have left at least a spoon or fork or the afore-mentioned gold coins?

    I didn’t understand what was going on, but I’ll definitively download it and have a look this evening. Seems like the weird kind of funny.

    • pauleyc says:

      Hooray for 2-dimensional bushes.

      A truly jaw-dropping moment. The ultra-black shadows are one thing but this…I am almost disappointed they went for 3D models of NPCs instead of sprites.

  11. jti says:

    If I’d been playing on that video it would’ve been twice as long, because I’d get lost into those shadows all the time. This has to be a joke! Please. Anyone. Tell me, it’s a joke.

  12. starclaws says:

    Good idea. Bad Execution.

    *Running like a boxer
    *Pigs don’t fly… They just die and disappear
    *Area is all canyon limited

    Love the idea though… Looks interesting… Could of been breakthrough but came out broken like too many games now-a-days.

  13. JuJuCam says:

    Not the remake of Oregon Trail we were all hoping for then…

  14. Magjam says:

    … Could of been breakthrough

    No, it “could have” or “could’ve”.

    It is never COULD OF!

    How can this happen, you may wonder. Easy: Say the contraction “could’ve” (for “could have”) out loud. Hear it? It sounds like “could of,” and if a person is a bit careless about his writing, he could easily write it as he hears it. But “could” is an auxiliary (helping) verb in a verb phrase. The word that it “helps” must also be a verb, of course. Is “of” a verb? Well, just try conjugating it: I of, you of, he/she/it ofs, we of, you of, they of. I don’t think so.

    By the way, the same goes for “should’ve” and “would’ve.” But you knew that, didn’t you?

    /grammar police signing off

  15. manintheshack says:

    You sound like a man who encounters bastardization of the English language quite alot, Magjam.

  16. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Which isn’t at all surprising, or is it, manintheshack?

  17. shiggz says:

    I’m aching for an rpg of “Oregon trail”. You walk along the wagon and stuff happens. Of course you could crawl up in the wagon and fall asleep to advance time and you’d be woken up when some advance happens. You could play as a doctor, trader, soldier, farmer etc..

  18. Chaz says:

    1776, a time of high contrast and dark shadows.

  19. Pod says:

    When I saw that screenshot, I immediately wanted to ride them down on my horse. What has mount&blade down to me? :(

    Also: The description sounds very much like “The Guild” (also sequel). Did anyone play this? Quite fun, but ran terribly slow on my old pc.

    • Kanamit says:

      Yeah, I played the Guild 2. A lot of great ideas with poor execution and some of the worst optimizing I’ve seen.

  20. Bobic says:


  21. Altemore says:

    Are there any games where you play as a settler on mars? Because if not, one should be made a.s.a.p.
    And I don’t mean a shooty shooter where you happen to be a guy who settled on a rock called mars, I mean a game where you do some settlin’

  22. Ed says:

    We don’t have none of that fancy-pants ambient lighting or high-falootin’ pixel shaders here in 1776, boy howdy!

  23. Oak says:

    Explore the early American West in an invisible car.

  24. Andy says:

    Ahhhh the music!!

    Quick hide before hillbillies come to rape us!

  25. ACardboardRobot says:

    Both those games were incredible. Anyone who says otherwise should be ruthlessly hunted down by a ravenous pack of wild truffle pigs and snuggled to death.

  26. Blather Blob says:

    Do you think in the full game you can actually enter a door and have a title card pop up saying “The Frontier is at War” and find yourself clutching a rifle, staring down a tunnel at an angry miner? Because I think it should definitely have that.