The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 30

Down with TXT

Come the hour, come the men. Come the hour to podcast, come the three men (eventually). Quinns, Alec and Kieron gather in a (mostly) hungover state to discuss important things. You can download the file here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here. Hurrah! Also, you’ll find the full list of chat-topics below…

0:00 Introduction. Quinns squeals.
1:00 A little about the site.
2:00 A little mocking of the Activision
2:20 Our highlight of the re-design, being the beards on the About page.
4:00 A little about the subscriber situation. Also, the idea of subs-funded journalism.
8:00 A little about Red Faction Guerrilla.
10:00 Achievements. What are they for, as a tool for developers? What are they, as a breaker of atmosphere? What are they as an enabler of gameplayosity? The difference between actual achievements and just-rewards-for-playing-the-game? Achievements as games’ equivalent of photo-albums?
15:26 “You can tell we’re both hungover” Oh, we certainly can.
16:25 Kieron’s been playing Llamasoft’s Gridrunner Revolution. He talks at length about it, including the history of Llamasoft and Jeff Minter’s games. Also, Space Giraffe. Features the phrase “Neolithic Games Development” and lots of mechanic picking-over. Kieron uses the word “interesting” too much.
25:00 Quinns is looking forward to playing the Void, Ice Pick’s post-Pathologic game.
27:01 WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY!?!?!? It’s Alec. Also, Quinns has played Gridrunner now.
28:48 Alec is amazed by Kinder eggs.
29:09 Alec and Quinns played Space Hulk against one another! We talk about the beauty of cardboard and how evocative the game’s mechanics were, and what PC Gaming could take from it. Also, what is randomness for?
39:00 Which links to randomness in RPG combats. Kieron says something which makes everyone else say HEYYY!!!! Fundamentally, what people are willing to accept in terms of verisimilitude.
42:56 Reader twitter questions! First up, Spelunky! It’s tight apparently.
46:09 Are we going to the Eurogamer convention in Leeds? Not as far as we know. He’s going to Thought Bubble thought.
46:48 Kieron refers to stuff he cut from earlier. Monterization!
49:00 Schmug has a splendid name. WHAT DOES RPS PLAN FOR THE FUTURE?
49:55 The most inappropriate dating sim you’d play?
51:12 What other games would work like The Typing Of The Dead?
52:12 What would RPS the game be?
54:21 Borderlands a game of the year contender? Quinns thinks not. John’s thigh muscles are discussed.
57:50 The important gaming Polish question.
58:44 The important Quinns and turnips question.
59:00 What’s the best-worst videogame title. Alec brings up the classic.
1:00:06 What videogame podcasts do you listen to?
1:01:00 Are there any gaming books you’d recommend? Yes. Lots, in fact. We’re mean to all our friend’s ones though because we’re total cows.
1:06:00 Will we ever see a return to joystick based games?
1:07:06 What are our shame piles?
1:09:00 What other superhero games would we like to see? We talk about the problems of superhero games at length.
1:15:00 Cheerio!


  1. LewieP says:

    Oh god, my ex is still on my Wii

  2. jsutcliffe says:

    What proportion of podcasts featuring Mr. Meer are hungover? I think I see a trend.

  3. LewieP says:

    RE: Other things “of the Dead”, there is Tennis of the dead on Sega Superstar Tennis, and Pinball of the Dead on the Gameboy Advance

  4. ImperialCreed says:

    I really enjoy the sound of Quinns’ voice. I could listen to him talk all day. Moar Quinns on the old Electronic Wireless please.

  5. LewieP says:

    My favourite best/worst videogame:

    link to

    The best bit is that it was made in 1989, set in “the early part of the 1950’s”, yet the New York skyline has the Twin Towers, but no Empire States building.

    Also, in the single player, it is best of 3 rounds. If you win one round, then draw the next round, it is game over. If you win one round, then loose the next round, it goes to the third round as a decider.

    • Bobsy says:

      Damn those general businessmen. They are the true evil of postwar america.

  6. Youatemycheeto says:

    Does anyone else hear this podcast mostly in the right ear? I don’t know how many people listen to it with headphones, but the stereo seems a bit wonky. Maybe I just screwed up my headphones…

  7. KikiJiki says:

    Thanks for answering my question guys r.e: games in the vein of typing of the dead :)

    Incidentally, in The Dancing of the Dead, would you actually be trying to enslave said zombies in a Thriller-esque manner, or would you be attempting to emulate their shambolic gait with your ‘moves’?

  8. Bobsy says:

    On the subject of books about gaming, there’s a pretty great novel by Douglas Coupland called Jpod. It’s very cynical and sneering about the industry – the corporate hell the characters are in is pretty blatently based off EA in the early-mid noughties. Anyway, it’s a jolly read, even if you find yourself lacking parts of your soul by the end.

  9. nutterguy says:

    I have to turn the volume up very high to hear what some of you are saying so please don’t smack the table the microphone is on.
    I do love to listen to these little debates and discussions you guys have but I still think the quality could be better.
    A stereo microphone would be brilliant as it would help differentiate your voices a bit more.
    Not that you all sound the same at all… but it might help with the volume level as well.

    • Edgar the Peaceful says:

      Yesh, this has a pleasingly ramshackle and hungover feel to it, but the Jim/John podcasts are much easier on the ear in terms of sound quality.

      (I’m all for boardgame discussion by the way)

  10. drewski says:

    Gratuitous Jagged Alliance mention for the win.

  11. Arthur Barnhouse says:

    Do you guys put burlap bags over your mics before you record? Turn up the volume.

  12. SH4RKY says:

    God I love you guys….

    Not in a gay way.


  13. The Dark One says:

    Speaking of the About page, which does John prefer– Da Vinci’s Inquest or Da Vinci’s City Hall?

  14. Nick says:

    No fake blips.. this confuses and saddens me.

  15. Quinns says:

    I think I get why they cut out the fake blips, actually. I reckon it’s to do with pace.

    If it were a slower game, with more bluff and second-guessing, they’d work better than they do. As it is the Terminator player is simply scrabbling down corridors against a ungodly cruel egg-timer, and with 1-3 Genestealers being as little a threat as they are the Terminator player is unlikely to base tactical decisions on a single blip. The fake blips simply don’t produce the nail-biting tension and relief that they should, and so their removal represents the designers trying to smooth the game and produce something TIGHTER.

  16. Rei Onryou says:

    Quinns sounds like the man-child of Alec Meer and John Walker. A manly, yet highly excitable voice.

  17. parm says:

    Yeaaah, I hate to whinge, but the sound quality on this one was pretty awful – I think the quietness combined with the low encoding bitrate mean the signal:noise ratio was pretty low… Maybe you need to shout a bit louder or sit closer to the mic or something?

    Gridrunner sounds ace, though. I do like the way Mr Minter takes conventional games concepts and runs with them until they're basically unrecognisable – Space Giraffe was a great example: looks superficially like Tempest, isn't at all actually.

  18. Gassalasca says:

    Too long, not enough meat, poor sound quality. Tchah.
    Still, the only podcast I listen on a regular basis.

  19. Gassalasca says:

    Btw, I can’t hear Quinns properly at 61:45 and 66:25. :| Which two books is he talking about?