The Witcher 2 Presentation Video Leaked

Polish site has leaked the first video of The Witcher 2, and it basically looks shit hot. I’ve posted it below. The video contains loads of game footage, including new world details, new conversation system, and new combat dynamics, all narrated by the company CEO. Clearly it’s a pre-announcement internal video, so best take it all with a pinch of salt. But still…


  1. subversus says:

    I think they are mocking “leaked” videos, because that’s clearly professionally cut marketing video with “alpha” slapped over it just because of perfomance issues in the build. Looks hot.

  2. Paul S says:

    Oooh. Yes please.

  3. Psychopomp says:

    Considering that The Witcher was on of the best RPGs to come out since BG2, color me excited.

    inb4bitching about QTE’s

    Are God of War and Resi 4 the only games allowed to get away with them, or something?

    • pkt-zer0 says:

      Who said God of War and RE 4 are allowed to get away with them?

    • Heliocentric says:

      To me qte are welcome when they fit within the flow of the game. When 4 or 5 are just tacked on to a game its a problem.
      Ideally failing should still allow lesser progress, and also the qte’s should always be triggered by the player, perhaps as the applicalation of a special move? To me god of war gets away with it, resi doesn’t.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    Great news that we will see a sequel. With the development of the console version dead it looks like we’ll be seeing more of “G’dog”.

  5. Ybfelix says:

    RPS, what video service do you use. This internet censorship crap in China is getting even more stupid, I can’t watch the trailer..

    Assassins of Kings? Means assassins who only kill kings? Or assassins who work for kings?

    • Stick says:

      Spoiler-free response: The “outro” video of the original pretty much answers that question.

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    Ybfelix – that’s a YouTube link.

    • Ybfelix says:

      Oh, I thought it’s giantrealm that RPS usually uses got blocked suddenly. Youtube has been blocked since Tibetan riot this year :( Well, proxy time.

  7. Okami says:

    Yay, Quick Time Events in an RPG! Why hasn’t anybody thought of that before?


    I know.

    Because they suck and everybody hates them!

  8. Jon says:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to change v.o to the original language. The english sounded shit.

  9. Subject 706 says:

    Looks witchy and great. Call me stupid or blind, but since I watched this without sound (from work y’know), and couldn’t hear the narrator, where were the qte’s?

    • Psychopomp says:

      They appear to be interspersed throughout bossfights.

      Kinda like how God of War handled them, it seems.

    • Fatchap says:

      Just before the last fight. With, apparently, no sense of irony they were described as a great innovation.

  10. Cedge says:

    Lord, yes. Please. More.

  11. Wurzel says:

    Might be a private video for investors, hence it’s well-cut but still alpha. Looks pretty nice though, especially as the first one was one of the most enjoyable rpgs I’ve played for a while.

  12. Generic Individual says:

    I’d kind of assumed that was placeholder dialogue – it sounds very much like Polish game developers talking in english.

    Or it’s just *that* bad.

    But yes, i’m all excited about this. My only major criticism of the original (once you get the polish language patch and ignore the SEX CARDS) was that all the plot/dialogue imagination went into the main story, leaving the subquests to be horrendous fetch quests of no real worth.

    Like the opposite of Oblivion, really.

  13. Uglycat says:

    Wots with all the pixellated dialogue?

  14. Lars Westergren says:

    Liked: New Witcher game! Nice graphics, bigger levels (looked like), more complex fighting.
    Disliked: Cliched drill sergeant. The English voice acting. Oh god no, quick time events!?

    A new Witcher game is sweet, but I think even better would be, not another sequel in an industry rife with them, but a RPG in a new setting just as fresh and trendsetting as Witcher was when it arrived.

    • Azradesh says:

      It’s an alpha build and that’s partly placeholder voice over.

  15. ironanno says:

    CDProject Red have definitely proved they have a sense of humor. Most likely leaked on purpose.

    I hope the English is bad only because they haven’t started with the actual voice-work and what we heard was recorded for the presentation. Anyway, why would they change the guy that voices Geralt?

    If NPC:s react to Geralt bringing down a tent, then why don’t they notice a gigantic black dragon burning the camp down?

  16. c-Row says:

    There were some mouse icons displayed during the last fight – apparently you need to click at the right time to trigger those events. Since the combat system in The Witcher was all about clicking at the right moment, I don’t see any problem with the current system.

    • Stick says:

      Agreed. (And having the conversation continue during the fight? Very cinematic and lovely.)

  17. Spoo says:

    @Jon: Clearly that wasn’t real voice actors, and probably just developers doing the voice work. It’s still an alpha build.

  18. Morph says:

    As someone who loved the Witcher and believes bad voice acting only adds to a game’s charm I’m rather excited about this.

    On the other hand… QTEs! Nooooo!

  19. Real Horrorshow says:

    What in the fuck is up with Geralt’s voice? If they don’t get the same guy as last time to do his English voice I’ll be pretty pissed off. Its so attached to the character for me that it’d be like getting someone besides David Hayter to do Solid Snake.

    • Azradesh says:

      It’s an alpha build and that’s partly placeholder voice over. sigh

  20. Jim Rossignol says:

    Spoo/Jon: I think that sounded pretty good compared to the original voiceovers. Still, I agree I’d like all voice options, I loved having the original game in Polish with English subtitles.

  21. Jorgen says:


    The Witcher was THE BEST GAME I’ve played in the past 2 years. I absolutely loved it! This is how you make a GOOD RPG.. forget Oblivion, forget Fallout 3, this should have been GOTY!

    This really made my day! :D

    Also, the VA is most likely placeholder dialogue, so no need to worry yet.

    Haven’t been this excited like this for any game in a long while. :)

  22. Dominus says:

    Bring back the original Geralt’s voice actor pls!

    and let Geralt’s hair loose also!

    • chaves says:

      He probably saves those wild hair moments for the card game encounters. For the everyday life, ponytail. Hair obscuring your sight (or your mouth) is certainly annoying, and Geralt seems to have finally realized that in this sequel. How did he manage to be so efficient in combat until now with loose hair escapes me. Horse grease, probably.

      Anyway, while I agree he looks a bit weird now I understand the reasons behind it from a realistic approach, which the Witcher has always aimed at.

    • Azradesh says:

      It’s an alpha build and that’s partly placeholder voice over. Sigh again.

  23. Hmm says:

    Quick time events, as if the combat system didn’t rely on clicking the mouse button at the right time already. It’s safe to assume they’ll be releasing it on consoles, as well. Pathetic.
    Where are improvements in regards to dialogue system? Come on, even Mass Effect had skill occasional checks.
    The graphics are great though, ooze atmosphere.

  24. Paul says:

    Giggidy giggidy.
    giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy.

    I can’t wait. I love you CDP! and I love you RPS!

  25. Butler` says:

    Seems like a real step up from the 1st. The VO sounds poo to me, sounds like they got random members of the dev team to do the voices!

  26. gulag says:

    These guys go from strength to strength. While I wasn’t blown away by some of the additional content they produced, I can’t wait for another full-scale outing as the Witcher. Bring it on!

  27. Ian says:

    Still need to play the first. Luckily, I’m about to go through my games and be brutally honest about which ones I’m simply not going to complete/play again.

  28. Finn says:

    @Generic Individual: what’s so inherently wrong with the Sex Cards?
    If anything if served as a raunchy collecting game, not to mention it was fun trying to figure out if we could bed every single woman in the game; heck, even in the lore witchers are known for their sexual escapades (there were several NPC’s that whenever saw us walk by would cry “A witcher!, hide your women!”.
    If it’s about the whole sexist thing I don’t see a problem either, collect the cards if you want, don’t collect them if you don’t want.

    As for the language, I think it’s just a bunch of CDP guys doing the voice-overs for the sake of having the characters talk in the presentation, I reckon they’ll at least cast the guy who did Geralt’s voice in the previous game.

    • Generic Individual says:

      The sex cards were a problem for me not because of the concept that you’re a womaniser who goes around bedding saucy wenches – that’s typical fantasy fare – but the fact they were actual *cards*

      It just seemed juvenile and dumb for a game that otherwise was generally mature and thoughtful.

      And while you do not have to collect them, every time i’ve played The Witcher i’ve invariably come across a few of them, and they’re just… stupid.

  29. Rinox says:

    Echoing the sentiment that the Witcher was one of the best RPG’s since BG2, PST and Kotor if not the best. Maybe I can forgive some of its more major flaws like the dialogue and stilted translations more easily than others here because I’m not a native English speaker, but still. What a game.

    It was the first mainstream RPG in a long time to make me ponder true morality and neutrality (or the impossibility thereof). Because let’s face it, great as a game like Kotor was, it’s all pretty cartoony when it comes to those aspects.

    So, yeah, more Witcher please!!

  30. James G says:

    Just can’t get into the Witcher for some reason. The whole thing just feels plodding, and I find the combat tedious, only a step up from Jade Empire. I saw some people who mocked Alec’s PCG review, claiming that he clearly missed something in the combat, as it isn’t just click … wait … click …. wait … click. However this is exactly what it seems to be to me, and unless people are getting excited by the ability to select sword and stance (which is always a bit of a no-brainer with regard to the enemy) then I’m still left clueless.

    • James G says:

      Oh great. No I just realised that “I’M” the negative one.

    • Rinox says:

      No, the combat just isn’t that interesting (other than the cool moves and animations). It’s true, and even a Witcher afficionado like myself will gladly admit that. :-D

      It’s just…the combat isn’t really the point of the game, is it? It’s not Titan Quest or some such (I know you didn’t say that, I’m just going for the hyperbole here!). So it didn’t really matter much to me. But admittedly, since you spend a lot of time in combat I would welcome a more involving system. Or a real combat system, period.

  31. Xercies says:

    The quick time events doesn’t look to bad since the combat in the first witcher was about clicking at the right time I don’t see the problem really and from the looks of it they changed the voice. Why? But yeah going to have to complete the first one now

  32. Wacky says:

    Geralt needs his old voice back,this guy has a very crappy accent,but it’s most likely cause it’s in alpha and they haven’t had the time to use VOs yet or implement them i hope.But man Witcher looks hotter than ever :D best RPG series this gen for sure.

  33. Paul S. says:

    Hang on… I’M Paul S, and I’m pretty sure I hated The Witcher and thought it was badly written, badly acted, badly designed teenage nonsense – clearly I’ve had a change of heart, though.

    • Paul S says:

      I’ve been a third-generation Paul S. for many years, enjoyed The Witcher, and I endorse this message.

  34. subedii says:

    @ Dominus and everyone else commenting on this:

    This is an internal alpha video. That voicework isn’t final, it’s placeholder voicework done by one of the devs. This piece was never meant to be seen by the public, it’s designed to push the product at potential publishers.

  35. Sabre says:

    I see Geralt has yet to invest in a scabbard, instead relying on telekinesis to hold it to his back. While only a nitpick, visually I found the lack of scabbards in the first one annoying, given how unnatural floating swords look and how often you’re looking at Geralt’s back, especially since he had scabbards in pre-release screenshots and the cutscenes in the end product. And what the heck’s happened to Geralt’s hair?

    Still, this looks entertaining. I’m guessing we’re not in Temeria anymore, seeing as how the open nature of plot elements in the first one would make it difficult to continue from there on, unless they’ve cheated and made one of the endings “canon” or some similar rubbish.

    I feel that this is probably going to be beyond the range of my computer to play comfortably though, and I don’t have the money to invest in a new laptop now…

  36. Kem0sabe says:

    I played the first Witcher game but i just couldn’t get “into” the gameplay, the combat and dialogue just turned me off.

    The constant clicking and repetitive nature of the sword combat was annoying, especially when you spend most of the time in combat, the game became a chore. Another thing about the combat were the sound effects, annoying as well and they got on my nerves by chapter 2.

    Now for the dialogue… at least the English dialogue was very poorly voiced and writen, it all sounded like a caricature of the typical fantasy clichés.

  37. SirDorius says:

    Quick time events are an innovation? Other than that, looks bloody fun, and I don’t even like RPGs

  38. Ravenger says:

    Loved the game, loved the music, loved the story. Didn’t like the voice acting for the other characters apart from Geralt much, and the translation was iffy in places. The sex card mechanic was fun, and in keeping with the game world – Geralt is sterile and immune to disease, and as such is someone women can have a bit of fun with without getting pregnant or catching a disease. It’s win-win situation. :-)

    The English voice actor for Geralt is Doug Cockle. I met him some years ago when I was directing him in a game I was working on. He’s an excellent actor, and I had a great time working with him.

  39. Pemptus says:

    Guys, stop this tomfoolery about voice acting, right now. It CLEARLY sounds like a random Polish fellow doing placeholder dialogue.

    Someone mentioned that QTEs would actually suit a combat system like Witcher’s, and I’m inclined to agree. I don’t think I’d like the “cutscenes” breaking the flow of clicky sword-twirling though, I hope they reconsider this.

    But hey, enough about the fighting, combat was just fine in the first Witcher, especially with Flash Mod (a mod drastically increasing the difficulty and encouraging the use of tactics and alchemy, greatly recommended). I wish they’d do something about the writing. I really don’t understand all the standing ovations the game got for that, even among the Polish fans. The story was an obvious (for a Polish fan, at least) reenactment of the plot from the book series, only applied in a much less mature and coherent form. The conversations were dodgy and, again, filled with citations from the book, often with no sense whatsoever.

    I enjoyed the first Witcher, it was a decent RPG. But for the love of Geralt, please get a good writer this time, not just a drooling fan of the book saga.

  40. Lobotomist says:

    Did anyone here read Witcher books ? Absolutely amazing.

    Its a story that absolutely begs for film adaptation.

    And as for game. It was expected. Witcher was one of the best RPGs for PC of all times. I dare to say approaching and even surpassing Bioware in many areas. No wonder Bioware seems to steal so many ideas from it , in Dragon Age

    • Kem0sabe says:


      “Witcher was one of the best RPGs for PC of all times. I dare to say approaching and even surpassing Bioware in many areas. No wonder Bioware seems to steal so many ideas from it , in Dragon Age”

      How so? The cinematic dialogue and the the new dialogue response system was taken directly from mass effect, not the other way around.

      I’m not sure what element Bioware’s Dragon Age takes from the Witcher, unless your referring to the delayed consequence of certain actions that the Witcher implemented, apart from that, 2 very different games.

    • Rinox says:

      @ Kem0sabe:

      The Witcher was released before Mass Effect.

    • Kem0sabe says:

      I’m referring to the dialogue demonstrated on this new video and how it borrows from mass effect, sorry if i didn’t make that clear. The first Witcher was more akin to the dialogue tree system of classic rpg’s than the cinematic system employed on mass effect and on the soon to be released Alpha Protocol.

    • Rinox says:

      Oh ok, sorry if I didn’t get it at first.

    • Stick says:

      Also, Bioware is on record saying something like: “Dragon Age was in development before we saw the Witcher. We never read the books, what with them being in Polish only at the time. But the settings have similarities, yes.”

      (And I’m really glad CDP did decide to borrow the Mass Effect dialogue system. I think it would’ve worked in the first game too; fully-voiced main char with preset identity decides how to go about being himself.)

  41. El_MUERkO says:

    people have been rabbiting on about The Witcher for donkeys so i thought I’d give it a go, can you buy a download version in the UK? nope, three different services offer it in the US but not the UK

    • Ravenger says:

      You can get the DVD version cheap from retail or online stores, plus the most recent patch removed the DVD check, so it’s as convenient as a downloaded version.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      The Deluxe edition, if you can get it – and it’s the same price at the normal one – is really nice.


  42. Michael says:

    Woah – I’m busy playing through the first one again and despite it being a leak – this is great news!

    Looks amazing. Glad to see Eastern European developers making sure the game isn’t just crammed full of features that ‘sorta’ work, but are actually looking to polish the game as well.

    And the music sounds just as good ;)

  43. autogunner says:

    to be fair the QTEs are fully integrated with the combat clicking, i think it looks good.

  44. jti says:

    I don’t get easily excited by trailers, but this looks like a winner.

  45. ZeeKat says:

    Lobotomist: there’s a Polish movie, but trust me, you don’t want to see it :)

    Bought the first Witcher recently, hope I’ll like it (I already see voice acting is pretty annoying though – I’m talking about the Polish version).

    • Pemptus says:

      Yeah, the Polish version has some middling to bad voice acting. The most annoying one would be Alvin – he sounds like Ciri from the godawful movie. Polish children are make terrible actors, it’s proved again and again. Overall it’s not bad enough to be cringeworthy ALL the time, though. :)

  46. Igor Hardy says:

    As a Pole myself I was wondering if people here find what those CD Projekt guys say easy enough to understand? When I speak in English I sound quite similar to those guys and I’m wondering if there is a point of participating in podcasts etc or will it be only painful to the listeners.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      They sound fine to me. Anyone with an accent will throw some people though – I mean, a lot of Americans can’t listen to our RPS podcast due to our accents, apparently.


    • Subject 706 says:

      “I mean, a lot of Americans can’t listen to our RPS podcast due to our accents, apparently”

      They do??? I am swedish and I have no problem understanding you or the CDP guys. You’d think americans shouldn’t a hard time understanding a different dialect of english. You guys don’t even speak in some unintelligible cockney gibberish.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      It’s an odd one, but apparently true. It’s a general thing too. There seems to be a lot of Americans who have trouble with any kind of regional UK accent.


    • Alec Meer says:

      That said, Kieron’s voice is far beyond a classification so simple as “regional.”

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      At least I know you have to speak at the microphone for it to record what you’re saying.


  47. Skiv says:

    Howdy from a Pole too.
    I was all but skeptic for the accent they are using.
    But it turned out that they did a quite a good job.. I mean it was 12323x better than russians reading english :D

  48. Rivian says:

    Geralt is back! I’m sold!

  49. Stick says:

    I think nobody else said it, so:

    HAVOK physics! Wheeee! (I’ve wanted push-your-opponent-over-the-cliff functionality in my RPGs forever. It just seems wrong to have dramatic fights right next to sheer drops with nobody ever going over. Outside of cutscenes.)

  50. The Sombrero Kid says:

    i see they havn’t fixed the dodgy sexuality and dialog