Elite Released 25 Years Ago Today!

…if you’re reading this in Honolulu and within 35 minutes of me publishing this. Otherwise, it was released 25 years ago yesterday. On the 20th September of 1984 David Braben and Ian Bell’s Elite shocked an shy world of 8-bit videogame heads. Really, it doesn’t get more seminal than this. Frontier Development have celebrated by making a micro-site featuring assorted Elite memorabilia plus a forthcoming interview with Braben on the 23rd (Via twittering them questions). Go See! I suspect one of RPS may weaken and do a retro piece before the week’s out. But until then, here’s something that’s testament to Elite’s majesty. Ian’s Brother Aidan (with lyricist Brian Phillips) wrote a musical about it. And this is its finest number…



  1. Bogie says:

    Elite 4 = Infinity: The Quest for Earth.

    link to infinity-universe.com

    Remember where you heard it first. ;-D

  2. Στέλιος says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    Me too! Found my instruction book and novella for my Amstrad 64 version. Awesome.

    I remember being intrigued by Elite when I had my CPC464 – but never managed to get it. I feel like I have missed out on a singularly formative experience (read: RPS denizens will make fun of me, maybe something about my lack of masculinity or my being a Peggle-playing big girls' blouse – which I probably am).
    Interestingly enough, BBC World had a short blurb about it last night. Nice.

  3. DarkOne says:

    Hi Everyone

    I know there has been quite the talk about an Elite 4 and I know a lot of people including me would love to see one. Hopefully in a few years we will and like the other poster said “infinity = Elite 4” that might be very true. With a lot of space themed games coming out the genre is getting another boost if the demand is there Elite 4 will get made. :)

    Have fun with FFED3D everyone and do stop by SSC and chat about all your favorites space games.

    Admin SpaceSimCentral