Trackmania 2 Revealed Via Wobblecam

Thanks to the folks who forwarded me this link (Blues), it’s cheered me right up. French devs Nadeo have announced a true sequel to Trackmania at the Paris Games Festival, and you can see it (shakily) in action below. The video shows off the track editor and a load of shiny, shiny cars in action. It doesn’t look like Trackmania 2 will lose anything of the mad verve of the original – insane toy-car physics are still in evidence – when it is release next year. We’ll bring you more concrete details on this as soon as we can, natch.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    How do you make a sequel to such a complete game without either copying half the content or feeling less complete?

    The game is beautiful, the ultimate in scalability and perfectly customisable.

  2. pignoli says:

    What Heliocentric said.

    I’m sort of excited, but also worried that it will be very hard for Nadeo to update this game and make it worthwhile too. I recently spent a good few hours messing in the track editor after a visit to Alton Towers had me inspired to make some silliness; and it’s still as great as ever:)

  3. Orta says:

    This is great! Pitch me in with the I love this game. I sometimes load it up on steam between TF2 matches

  4. Heliocentric says:

    Yeah, trackmania is a great game to play while playing other games which are big on waiting. Turn based multiplayer games or mmo’s for example.

  5. Tangy says:

    Wow, that looks stunning. That’ll be me playing the TMSunrise demo in my lunch break, then.

  6. pepper says:

    Bought the original one a long time ago , loved it to death, especially all the free updates, these guys rock!

  7. derFeef says:

    I am more interested in the shooter and rpg game they┬┤ll make

  8. Heliocentric says:

    Not excited for the shooter, but certainly the rpg. Both are very much about compulsiveness, additionally i’m going to love designing dungeons which i’m sure nadeo will make super easy.

  9. derFeef says:

    Has there been any detailed infos about those two games? While I can imagine a rpg, I have no idea how a shooter will look like out of nadeos hands.

  10. Matosh says:

    Well, it’s breathtaking, of course. I expected nothing less. As for the content, I expect there will be more environments, more sophisticated editor controls, stuff like that. Regular sequel, which in this case is just fine by me.

  11. ZIGS says:

    I’m pretty sure those FPS and RPG games were a joke

  12. Nero says:

    This looks very nice. I’ve always liked the series even though when the course goes crazy will jumps and stuff, I’m always a bit behind. Looking forward to it.

  13. Sagan says:

    I’m a little disappointed. Looks like they just put in a new car and some new special effects. Especially the editor looks really old now, after Sony has showed how to do it better with Mod Nation Racers.

    And I don’t think that they showed a single new thing in that video. Which is a really bad way to first show a new game.

  14. SirKicksalot says:

    You can import models from any 3D editor for the track editor.

    That alone makes Mod Nation Failures look last-gen.

  15. itsallcrap says:

    Is it really a sequel, though?

    Certainly all the releases from the the first Nations up to United Forever were basically snapshots from the continuous development of one game.

    It’s hard to tell from the swoopy camera-angle footage shown here whether or not this is a whole new game.

  16. Nutterguy says:

    Excellent. Can’t wait. That is all.

  17. Al3xand3r says:

    The changes that will be apparent are: Better graphics. Ability to import your own geometry for the levels. The first is nice to have, even though United/Nations look very nice still, and the second is pretty much game changing, I can’t wait to see what crazy courses the talented individuals out there can make when they aren’t restricted by Nadeo’s pieces, when they already made such awesome stuff with that restriction. I imagine it will also lose some settings and perhaps gain some others.

  18. iainl says:

    It looks _very_ shiny, although I rather like the way United Forever holds a solid 60 fps at 1680×1050 on my monitor at the moment (I’ve only got a HD4670).

    However, two game-changing ways this _doesn’t_ appear to improve from United Forever, that have been minor bugbears since the original TrackMania game all those years ago, are (a) we’re still turning all corners in multiples of 90 degrees, so making real tracks like Spa are out, and (b) while it wouldn’t quite be TrackMania any more, part of me would like at least the option of car-car collisions.