Behold: The RPS New-o-Forum

Don't hurt me Disney

You may already have visited the new forum we built when we redesigned the site. The tech and structure was about eight-four million percent better than the amorphous horror we were using previously, but it was ultra-bare and perhaps a little uninviting, like an evil refrigerator. Well, now we’ve redesigned the redesigned forum. Shiny! Loving!

It’s still fast and spacious, but we’ve now got avatars, signatures, private messaging, quoting and postcounts. We have hired the services of a warlock to ensure the size of your genitals is mystically but directly proportional to the latter. Mostly though – less plain text, more character.

So, please use it. We’d love for it to become one of the main PC gaming chatter-places on the internet. Link to news we’ve not written about, enthuse about electric videogames old and new, arrange games with or against fellow RPS readers… Oh, and if you want to talk about Blood Bowl, there’s currently about three thousand seperate ongoing discussions in there already.

Also, the old FAQ is reinstated, there’s a suggestions thread and a dedicated sub-forum for arranging multiplayer games.

Oh, and please stick any tech complaints/queries (including those about our current ads) in the RPS-talk sub-forum rather than lost admidst comments on this or any other post, as it’s much easier to keep tabs on ’em that way. METICULOUS ORDER FTW.


  1. Twix says:

    Now if I could just watch the front page on one screen it would be excellent.

    • bansama says:

      Indeed. Fixed width on the front page of a size which is around 2000 pixels (give or take a few)? Not every one browses full screen and not everyone has monitors with that high resolution. Sure the Capcom advert is very nice and all that, but it shouldn’t be given priority over displaying the real content of the site properly.

    • Vinraith says:

      Alec addresses this literally 2 posts down from yours (well, three now).

    • bansama says:

      Yes that may have been so, but given how hard this site has become to navigate and the negative impact it has on actually wanting to navigate through the site; I’m not going any further than the first point I see a relavant complaint, ie., this comment.

  2. Sweedums says:

    mega props for using a picture of some muppets, this is now officially my favourite site :D

    will check out the new forum…… now!

  3. ordteapot says:

    Misread: amorphous horror -> amphibious horror

    New forum mascot: Creature From the Black Lagoon

  4. Alec Meer says:

    Re the front page ad – there’s already a long thread about that, in which Jim explains the situation and folk vent at their leisure. Join in there if you like, but this ‘ere thread is about the forum, not the front-page.

  5. Vinraith says:

    What Sweedums said. The mere presence of Statler and Waldorf on the front page elevates the entire site yet another notch, and prove that Alec is a man of taste and sophistication.

  6. Rei Onryou says:

    WALDORF: This isn’t half bad.
    STATLER: Nope, it's ALL bad!

  7. bookwormat says:

    A good way to promote the forum would be to add a “recent posts” preview to the main page, just as it was before. Or maybe put the tagcloud on the main page.

    • Vinraith says:

      There’s an issue with cross-linking, I think. It would have to have a means of only promoting forum-only posts, or it would just be redundant with the front page.

  8. SirKicksalot says:

    Hey, remember when we all received a PM from Kieron about Bloodbowl?
    Fun times.

  9. Mil says:

    What about importing the posts from the old forum? Is it happening? Or are they already available somewhere and I’ve missed them?

  10. Alec Meer says:

    We can’t import the old posts, but they remain available for your read-only persual here.

  11. nutterguy says:

    Right… One bug…
    Links back from the F.A.Que link back to the about page with all your shiny faces… Not back to the FAQ thread in the forums like I suspect they should.
    Not sure where to post this either, is this a suggesting or a comment or AGhhhhhhh…

  12. Dinger says:

    There’s been some discussion concerning the nature and character of our nouveaux icons. So I thought I’d throw a post down saying:

    Nice work on the forums. Cheerio, pip pip, and don’t let the smelly one of the RPS-six on the dance floor.

    so I could see what I’ve become.

  13. LionsPhil says:

    Dear RockPaperShotgun,

    For illustrating a post about ONLINE FORUMS and CHANGE with the patron saints of Angry Internet Men, you win one (1) Internet(s).

    The Internet Meme Advisory Board

  14. Markoff Chaney says:

    More props for Statler and Waldorf. Best Muppets Ever.

  15. Meat Circus says:

    Argh! You reset my post count to zero. YOU MURDERERS.

  16. nutterguy says:

    Why can't I delete this?

  17. Heliocentric says:

    I desire sidebar referencing to recent forum posts, otherwise I’ll end up visiting for forum rather rarely due it just attempting to digest everything once in a while.

  18. Vinraith says:

    While I understand the complexities of a “recent forum posts” box considering we now have forum integration, it does need a higher profile on the front page. When there isn’t a post like this directly referencing it, I suspect a lot of people simply don’t know it’s there.

  19. golden_worm says:

    ooohhh! new shiny refridgerator! I wonder what’s in it?

  20. nutterguy says:

    Also why can I see these [Edit Move De-link Moderate Spam Delete] links on all of Mr Meers posts but not mine. Under my post I can only see [# EDIT QUOTE]
    I think something is not working quite right…

  21. Nimic says:

    Now if only the nickname I’m sure I registered as was actually mine.

  22. Schmung says:

    Shiny? Yes. Friendly? No. The RPS forum, hates you just as much as real life does you miserable meatsack.

  23. Linfosoma says:

    Warning! Comment not related:

    link to

    “Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences. Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the player’s computer. If the player kills the alien, the file it is based on is deleted. If the player’s ship is destroyed, the application itself is deleted.”

    Who wants to play a game ;)

  24. luminosity says:

    It appears I am a squig. How could you let this happen Alec Meer? I thought I could trust you!

  25. Ian says:

    So back to the every-month-on-the-button Talkback-O-Trons, Alec? ;-)

  26. sfury says:

    El Forum Nuevo

  27. zipdrive says:

    Kudos on the redesign (forum and otherwise).

    Can I suggest a couple of things?

    First, please separate the actual post text from the “Posted by unregistered user: XXX” line preceding it- it makes for better readability.

    Second, I found the different color RPSers had for their comments useful. Any chance that can be brought back?

  28. Tei says:

    Humm… not half bad.