Torchlight Reveals The Alchemist


Runic/Perfect World have this evening revealed a new class for next month’s dungeon crawler, Torchlight: the Alchemist. And they’ve done so with a really rather pretty video, which you can see below. The new Diablo-ish from veteran Travis Baldree (Fate, Mythos) has me very much looking forward to the 27th October when it comes out.

Not least because it’s my birthday, and I intend to spend a good proportion of it playing Torchlight. The Alchemist looks splendid, a proper light show as it should be, once again reminding me how happy I am to see a game that’s so defiantly brightly lit despite its genre. Take a look.


  1. RiptoR says:

    Really looking forward to this. Wasted hundreds of hours in Fate and the Mythos beta.

  2. The Hammer says:

    Mmm, I’m a sucker for light-shows.

    Gonna enjoy this…

  3. El_MUERkO says:

    it is indeed a pretty thing

  4. Serenegoose says:

    I loved diablo but never finished titan quest, because as much as the gameplay was as fun as ever, the classes and their abilities never inspired. hopefully this will be different.

  5. wonder says:

    Woo hoo! Glad you like it! The Alchemist is totally fun!

  6. Arathain says:

    Oo, looks right powerful.

  7. Vinraith says:

    I’m just so happy to see the non-MMO action RPG genre getting so much love again. There’s been a bit of a drought, lately.

  8. born2expire says:

    counting down the days until i can give them my money!

  9. Spd from Russia says:

    so… any games like this already out? (and not Sacred2 )

  10. RyePunk says:

    Man, all the characters seem very appealing. I haven’t the slightest clue which one I’ll play first!

  11. SanguineLobster says:

    Does he shoot religious symbolism? Or am I thinking of the wrong alchemist?

  12. DarthBenedict says:

    Defiantly bright?

    What about Titan Quest, Sacred, Fate etc. In fact, the original Diablo is the only dark one I can think of off hand. Even Diablo 2 was pretty bright in the outdoor areas.

  13. RiptoR says:

    Fate (link to might be worth taking a look at. Keep in mind though the story is thinner than a leaf of cigarettepaper, the game solely focuses on action and “item fever”.

  14. Hedenius says:

    I like the art-style, but that is all i can say for now. The website does a very poor job of describing the game. No information about the skill system, not a single skill mentioned actually. What about items? Will there be more then 3 characters? Since it is basicly the warrior, mage, archer setup we have seen since Diablo 1.

    But yeah, it looks great.

  15. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Awesome, looks like a fun class. Definitely going to download Torchlight when it comes out on the 27th.

  16. pignoli says:

    For some reason this game seems to have me more excited than a lot of the ‘big’ releases on the way this autumn, it just looks like proper old fashioned fun. I hardly ever go for the magic-y classes in these things, but the swooshiness of the pretty splodey lights is drawing me, moth-like, to this alchemist.

  17. forch says:

    I played Diablo 2 all day today and when i saw that image i thought i was going insane.
    Hope it isn’t TOO close to d2

  18. Butler` says:

    This + borderlands within 3 days of each other? :(

    but I’m bored NOW!

  19. Namos says:

    For some reason, my eyes were drawn more to the background, which I found a bit uninspired. I think it was paving stones + grills in two different colors that broke me.
    Still, whoever looks to the background in this kind of game?

  20. cmd says:

    Happy birthday, John!

  21. gryffinp says:

    RPG: The Coloning

    That said, that game does look very neat. Will watch.

  22. goodgimp says:

    The lack of multiplayer is a real bummer, but at the pricepoint, I can forgive them. Plus I love to support me some developers!

  23. PHeMoX says:

    Almost forgot about this interesting Diablo-esque game. Too much of the happy graphics for my taste though, but I’ll keep an eye on this one.

  24. Dave says:

    Very nice. It’s no longer guaranteed that I’m going to start with the Vanquisher. It is still guaranteed that I purchase this on its release day.

  25. RogB says:

    more Diablo than Diablo!(tm)

    looks like they arent afraid to use colour too, which is nice.

  26. FuxDat says:

    This is the methadone to Diablo 3’s heroin.

  27. Severian says:

    Here’s the thing. If you’re going single-player only, I’m not a huge fan of randomly generated dungeons. I think you end up with a lot of repetitive, uninspiring backgrounds — which, honestly, are already boring me in these preview videos.

    Call me a Titan Quest fanboy, but I loved the intricately designed levels and lovely sets. Plus, you could co-op the game with friends/random strangers.

    Finally, only 3 classes — and I’m not sure I’m seeing enough differentiation between the play styles. I hate being a negative nancy, esp for a small developer product that I haven’t played yet, but I’m wondering why I should just go re-play Titan Quest Immortal Throne instead of this.

  28. RyePunk says:


    Those are some fine opinions. I also quite enjoy Titan Quest.
    addressing the 3 classes though, lets remember this title is not going to run you $50. So the 3 characters will be fine for a title that is being priced quite a bit lower. And watching the fluidity of the combat gets me all excited.

    Now my only problem is what class can I possibly play first? They all hold such awesome potential.

  29. Tei says:

    Well.. The trick to make this game better is a multiplayer campaing / level that is coop and of EPIC AWEOSOME dificulty, so no one can finish it. We know Diablo3 will be slighty better than this one, but will not include such coop awesomnes. Please Torchlilght, have that.

  30. Bremze says:

    The thing is, I’m felling quite the opposite. After we got region locked from the Mythos beta, me and my friend tried Titan Quest. In my opinion, Titan Quest entirely missed what made Diablo-like action rpg’s fun. The combat was slow, the skills were either weak, had large cooldowns or both, and I thought the colour palette was horribly boring. Mythos was the first action rpg that I found more fun than Diablo 2. I can’t wait for Torchlight.

  31. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Looking forward to Torchlight a lot! The classes look quite interesting and the Alchemist seems cool. Can’t wait for the game to come out!

  32. Kirgen says:

    Now I am REALLY sad.. I wanted this by the 25th .. so I could play it on MY birthday. Game looks to be a blast and exactly what I am looking for right now.