Assassin’s Creed 2: You’ll Never Guess…

…but the PC version is delayed! I know! That never happens, right? Ubisoft has just dropped the bomb about the no-longer-November release, claiming it’s so they can “deliver the best quality game”.

Hopefully, that’s a sign it’s not going to be the resource-hungry cludge that the PC port of the first was. A leaner, more stable game that doesn’t require 37 menu button clicks to exit would be well worth the wait.

I’d be upset about the delay, but I’m currently more concerned that my currently-visiting sister is going to eat all of my cheese and biscuits. Frankly, between how game-busy this Winter’s going to be and how cold AssCreed 1 left me, I suspect I’m not going to notice the sequel’s absence until it arrives in Q1 2010. God, ‘Q1 2010’. If that’s not the name of a killer cyborg from the future then I don’t know what is.


  1. gryffinp says:


  2. hrmf says:

    Hmpf, I did preorder it (the black edition even) although I seriously dislike Ubisoft, and definitely felt they screwed AC1 up in many ways. For some reason though, the new trailers it look like it might become a good, or at least better version of AC1.

    So this kind of upsets me – but mostly because the more I think about it, I still guess the port will be shitty, and it’s all done only because of the oh so bad Piracy ‘n’ stuff on PC.

    So to see the positive side of it: If the console versions show that it hasn’t significantly improved, I’ll still have enough time to cancel my preorder. Yay!

  3. Turin Turambar says:

    Well, after the first one, it’s not like i was going to buy the second part.

    Very good engine, very pretty game, well produced and polished, but that little thing called GAMEPLAY was very lacking. And if you didn’t quit the game in disgust after a few hours, the plot was very typical, in the bad sense.

    • PHeMoX says:

      Good game engine? I beg to differ. The first game had bugs Ubisoft never cared to fix.

      I hope they’re going to fix the annoying sound issues that delay the game by every loading event and during gameplay in the sequel. Many gamers never quite must have been able to hear what the story was about, let alone finish the game…. Oh, and yes I did patch the game.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Even quitting the game in disgust was a chore in the first one.

  4. The Waltz - hiding from his boss... says:

    Assassin’s Creed 1, despite it’s horrible port over to PC was still entertaining me when I finished the last tedious assassin mission that was practically just like the last one and the one before that…

    But I don’t think I’ll fall for that one again!

    Even though I am practically drooling over fancied up trailers…

    As a PC gamer I am patient enough to wait for AC2. I spend most of my time waiting for Valve and Blizzard these days, so Ubisoft can suck it, cause they ain’t got nothin’ on takin’ forever!

    and as with any game I find entertaining, I wish there was an editor! no matter how unrealistic that is, every game needs an editor… Not so I can play a bunch of terrible maps, but so I can stand infront of a hundred npc’s and proceed to find ways to murder them horribly….

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      How the heck was the first Assassins Creed a horrible port? I’d give the game itself just a 7/10 but there was nothing wrong with that port.

    • DarkNoghri says:

      Well, for one, it literally took 11 or so clicks just to exit. No PC gamer should have to endure that. I have a feeling this is where a lot of the complaints come from. Yes, we could use alt-f4, but we shouldn’t have to. Especially since you have to be careful not to accidentally quit during an autosave, which happened everywhere.

      Two, it probably could have been optimized better. It could probably have used a better set of graphics options, if memory serves.

      Three, I believe Assassin’s Creed 1 was the game in which it didn’t support fullscreen PCs, although I could be wrong. Seriously? Taking widescreen and letterboxing it for fullscreen? Absurd.

      Seriously, though. I think number one is probably where most of AC’s port’s bad reputation comes from. Truly ridiculous.

    • Thranx says:

      Graphically they did it right, but from a UI and control standpoint I agree. Entering and exiting the game was horrid.

  5. TheSombreroKid says:

    i’m just going to say cunts and be done.

  6. drewski says:

    Good on Ubi for taking the time to get it right. Don’t see why this should bother anyone.

    • hrmf says:

      But..but..but.. we are The Angry Internet Men, aren’t we?

    • Devan says:

      As a multi-platform developer myself, I find it quite likely that the reason they need this extra time to “deliver the best quality game” is because the PC port has been neglected until late in the cycle.

      It’s not that the PC has more difficulties or problems than consoles, it’s that the whole design is built around the features and restrictions of one platform (probably Xbox) and then they have to adapt to differences in the PS3, and finally they end up at “okay, so how will we get this to work on PC?”. But since there’s not enough time alotted to fit a square peg into a round hole, they have to either ship a lousy port or delay the PC version and maybe still end up shipping a lousy port.

      This back-burner approach to PC development frequently results in poorer quality and performance when compared to the console versions. That combined with the delayed ship date results in lower sales for PC, which means even less focus for our platform the next time around. And the cycle continues..


      So even though this game being delayed is of no inconvenience to me, I see it as a symptom/cause of a more prevalent problem: the misconception that the PC SKU isn’t worthwhile for developers.

  7. Aubrey says:

    I have nothing but sympathy for a 3 platform game. That’s tough. And not giving a development time to give PC controls a proper treatment ought to be a crime to PC mens.

    But then again… didn’t I read somewhere that the game had 200+ people on it? How many of them are actually developers?

  8. Rinox says:

    lol @ AIM tag to this post.

  9. Monkeybreadman says:

    Well bugger me with a fish fork!

    I shall be playing OpFlash, MW2, and Borderlands anyway so a big huge ‘MEH’

    And what kind of cheese? Been eating alot of St.Agur recently, that shit is sex in cheese form. Hungry

    • Monkeybreadman says:

      Oh and i forgot to say. I bet all the St.Agur in the world, that Bad Company 2’s pc port will also be delayed for ‘optimising’. The skys will be ripped apart by RAGE

  10. sfury says:

    Well I wasn’t holding my breath for that one, but today I was just discussing with a friend that after Borderlands got delayed that even without it there will not be any major release on the PC for a month or so (at least nothing that interests me) and the bast bragged how lucky he is that it will be Rocktober and he has a X360 and how that the Brutal Legend demo was top stuff…

    So I guess I’m left with a bunch of half-played indie games (yay!) or could have a jab at Call of Pripyat or King’s Bounty: Armored Princess in Russian. Don’t know how this will go as I have studied it only in primary school but hell at least in Stalker I probably won’t miss an amazing story, and well the atmosphere and the gameplay should transcend any national and language borders. :]

    • sfury says:

      Long sentences are long.

    • sfury says:

      If only I could get my Edit button back…
      Edit: Oh great, so through the forum then?

    • Archonsod says:

      There’s still some good stuff out in October. Borderlands should still hit by the end of the month, there’s also Tropico 3, Empire Total War : Warband, Fort Zombie and Alpha Protocol.

      Sucks for me, I got a holiday booked at work for Borderlands, and they go and delay it a week later :(

  11. The Waltz - Still at work... says:

    Well… Yeah, about that… I’m just gonna avoid mentioning why that was a fact for me… and a few people I know… Multiple reasons, and I see now I would just be complaining about things that I could’ve fixed just by making wiser purchases, but my pocket book isn’t open for discussion so I am just going to retract that last statement :D AWESOME PORT.

    But the game itself seemed lacking, as if it was more of just a trial run to test out how people would like engine and gameplay…

    It seems as if that was the true issue that was addressed in AC2, the whole game just looks better and more well rounded.

  12. Vinraith says:

    Here’s hoping they’ll take the time to clean up the port. I quite liked AC1 (yes, it had its flaws, but ultimately I still had a lot of fun playing it all the way to the end), but the optimization was absolutely horrible.

    Here’s hoping it’s still out by Christmas, I’m really looking forward to this.

  13. Mister Hands says:

    I’m disappointed. Not because I was counting down the days to its release – it’s just now it’ll take longer for it to drop down to budget price, at which point I’ll probably pick it up, assuming the port’s handled well.

  14. Chopper says:

    I personally get really bored with these games. I mean sure its really COOL for the first 2 hours but after that i notice im only pressing one.. or two buttons the whole time… sure the dude moves around and does wildly creative and ghastly counter attacks, but all i pressed was one button.

    This whole mentality of ‘ we need to make a game accessible to all levels of gamers.’ Really who doesn’t know how to play a video Game these days…

    It would be nice to be truly challenges by the interface of games. anyone ever play the specialists.. Half-life mod… one of my all time favs.. because your skill level was the determining factor of the game.

    Successfully executing a wall flip over your peruser then activating slow-mo and throwing a knife into the top of his noggin was darn satisfying, and the game rewarded you for your…1337 skillz!!

  15. subedii says:

    Whenever I see one of these announcements these days, my internal monologue goes something like this

    Pre release: We need to delay the PC version well past the marketing campaign, the hype, and the point where anyone cares about it, to save ourselves from piracy.

    Post release: We delayed the game well past the marketing campaign, the hype, and the point where anyone cared about it. It did poorly, we can only assume it was piracy.

    Not that I’m, you know, cynical or anything.

  16. Bobsy says:

    You know, it may just be my wacky craziness, but to me it seems like the most logical of strategies would be to delay the non-PC versions so that they can release on all formats at once. Maximise sales on the back of a media blitz.

    Oh, but what do I know. I probably pirate games, films, handbags and cars. Hell, I’m probably pirating a wheel of cheese right now. Over the INTERNETS.

    • Whiskey Jak says:

      Delay the non-PC version and miss Black Friday in the US? Sorry, but business wise, I’m pretty sure that there is no single way that this would make any kind of sense. Whether we like it or not, the console versions are generally getting the devs more money, because consoles generally sell more copies. (FYI, Black Friday is the biggest day of the year in terms of sales in the US… if I’m not mistaken).

      So yeah, delaying the PC version does make more sense, to me at least, and doing so actually shows that the devs care about it. If they didn’t they wouldn’t even try and just release whatever they got at that point.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      One thing I’ve learned from watching Blizzard: it doesn’t matter if you release before or after the competition, it doesn’t matter if you release before or after christmas – as long as your game is good, people will buy it.

  17. Nero says:

    Oh boy, a delay you say? What a surprise. Yeah take that extra time and give it your best boys!

    Oh well, I’ll do the same with this one as with the first. Buy it a few months later for very cheap.

  18. subedii says:

    Yeah I have to be honest and say that I was never planning on getting this until it was going cheap anyway. Well, not unless the reviews were truly stellar, but I’m not really expecting that.

  19. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    “Black Edition”? They’re charging extra for versions with graphical glitches, now?

  20. SirDorius says:

    This is a new way to combat piracy. If they release all versions at the same time people will be tempted by the ‘free’ version on the PC. This way they sell as many copies as possible on consoles and still get slice of the PC market with the minimum impact of piracy. Oh well, it’s still better than some out of this world new DRM solution.

  21. El_MUERkO says:

    the chances of me buying it at launch were about infinity billion to one so i really couldn’t give a monkeys

  22. Azradesh says:

    Does this mean they’ll actually optimise for the PC this time and not have insane min requirements?
    Oh no wait, they delayed the first one for the same reasons and did crap all. Tossers.

  23. Po0py says:

    Problem with things like this is that by the time it is released the hype surrounding the game will have died down and hardly anyone will care much for it except those of us who are fans of the first pc game, whom are quite few and far between, given how buggy it was and how, erm… late it was in the first place. So nobody will buy it. And, of course, like what happened before, many will point to the bit torrent scene and start whining that too many people are opting to steal it rather than buy it and then you have a complete repetition of what happend last time until AC3 comes out late and we are all on here whining again about how Ubisoft doesn’t really give a shit.

    I just finished a cracking bowl of Coco Pops, though.

  24. Gorgeras says:

    Maybe they’ll remove the thick black borders from the top and bottom this time so it’s not using up just 40% of my screen.

  25. Tei says:

    It will be another useless mediocre overhyped console title.

    The videogame version of a 4$ “bestseller”.

  26. lePooch says:

    Azradesh, I call BS: the “insane” min requirements(on the box) are a 2.4 GHz processor and a 256MB graphics card, as well as 1GB of RAM. Recommended was 512 graphics and 2 GB RAM.

    Whats all this blathering on about crap Ubisoft PC ports? Ubisoft may not be the most PC-friendly team on the market, but a quick glance at my pile o’ stuff tells me I have three of their ports: Chaos Theory(recently acquired for five bucks), Assassins Creed, and the Prince of Persia series. All three perform fine on my old single core computer with an Nvidia 8600 card, which is decidedly mid-low range in terms of PC’s today.

    And while Assasin’s Creed may have taken ages to exit, it loaded fast, did not take forever to load cities, and even had some basic improvements over the console versions(fast travel to cities, changed sounds etc).

    By comparison, we have Blood Bowl, by another frenchy company. It takes me two minutes to load, has myriad bugs, and has an online league system that is so crap, people use an EXTERNAL client to match make and set leagues up. Even PC darling the Witcher pales in terms of control schemes and loading times. And do not get me started on GTA IV.

    Ubi may not work overtime to port things over, but they do make sure it is at least stable and has a control scheme that makes sense on a keyboard/mouse combo. And then they add a solid leaden layer of DRM over it…

    • Azradesh says:

      They aren’t high now, but at the time of release they were, and the game still run badly. Compaired to other games that came out about that time like Farcry 2 and Fallout 3, both looked better and played better on slower systems and were much bigger.

    • Azradesh says:

      Sorry read the first part of what you said and then replied.

      GTA IV is an awful port and Blood Bowl is a buggy mess, as was the Witcher on release. i have no first hand of Chaos Theory but I hear it was also a pretty bad port for PCs at the time, but I could be wrong. I haven’t had any issues with the Prince of Persia ports and have no problem with Ubisoft in general.

      P.S. Why is no one using the reply button? :P

    • Benny says:

      It’s less the game being a ‘crap’ port and more a lazy one.

      The 360 is a bare bones PC. A 3.2ghz tri core CPU, 500Mhz GPU (equivalent of a Nvid GF7800 or ATI X1900 card i believe) and the RAM is 512 shared across the whole system.

      The specs are basically a PC, porting it over isn’t too difficult as most 360 games are written in some form of C coding language and then recompiled for the certain CPU architechture. The problem is they plop the game over, make sure it works, change the context of the interface a bit and dump it on our laps.

      If Ubisoft were to make it properly for PC they’d remove some of the stupid features that were forced on the 360 for whatever reasons. All of those obtuse and many menus in AssCreed1 were there to hide the HUGE load times it needed because of the console’s hardware limits. Now the PC doesn’t need them, so why have them? They CAN do it, but they don’t, and that’s why people get angry at sloppy console to PC ports, because when a company has that much money to throw around they should be doing a good job of it.

      As for Blood Bowl, it’s very different to AssCreed, and most of the difference boils down to money. Cyanide needed to release or they most likely would have lost money. While the same is true for Ubisoft, they can put huge amounts of money into the game knowing people will buy it and they’ll make profit. I’d hope to see a Witcher-esque content pack/update for Blood Bowl, as it would solve all the problems people have with it. But that’s down to whether the time and effort is worth the cost.

  27. Davie says:

    GOD. DAMN. IT.
    Well, my late-autumn game purchase choices have been reduced to L4D2 and Borderlands. Less indecision, at least.
    It had better be pretty amazing then. Q1 2010 could mean anything up until early May, judging by how most publishers measure it.

  28. Shalrath says:

    I hope this will make it better than Assassins Creed 1, which is, and I’m not joking here, THE WORST port I’ve ever played.

    • ZIGS says:

      Shalrath, go play Saints Row 2 and then drop me a line

    • Persus-9 says:

      Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is a stupid piracy thing? If I were Ubisoft and I was contemplating avoiding piracy by delaying the PC version of the game then I’d delay it about a month and still release it before Christmas. I can’t believe that they believe that a delay of that length of time is the best solution. I think this is a genuine case of not having time to sort out all three platforms in time for release and so letting the least profitable (for this type of game) and the hardest to debug slip.

      Hopefully it’ll all play out like last time and we’ll get arguably the best version in the end. Yeah, you read that right, I think the PC version of the original was the best one. Why? Because if you had a reasonably beefy PC then it ran just fine and the PC version introduced the most fun investigation options like archer assassination and rooftop race. I can’t imagine how sick I would have got of eavesdropping, interrogation and pickpocketing if I’d had to do at least one of them every time, I think it would have ruined the game for me.

      Anyway I’m completely underwhelmed by this news, I enjoyed the original and I fully intend to play this at some point but when push comes to shove it’s just a boring old more of the same cash in sequel isn’t it? I’m actually more disapointed by having to wait an extra week for Borderlands.

    • Persus-9 says:

      I have no earthly idea why that’s popped up as a reply. Maybe it’s because I’m using Iceweasel. Ah well, the middle paragraph is almost a reply.

    • Thranx says:

      You never played Halo 2 for PC did you?


    • JKjoker says:

      @Persus: Devan said it perfectly earlier, they often dont give a damn about the pc version during development so a month before release they suddenly realize “damn, this thing doesnt work right” and beg for a few more weeks to try to put it back together with glue or something, now the 1/2 weeks delays yeah, those are stupid piracy strategies (that often end up hurting them since they distribute/manufacture the boxes earlier and one always ends up in the hands of pirates so they get to release it before the official launch)

      @ZIGS: try out Resident Evil 4 PC (and dig up some wii or gamecube screenshots) and drop me a line, also while the SR2 port was bad, the GTA4 port was just as bad or worse with the additional install bloating and the “we made it for futuristic computers” crap

      @Thranx: never tried Halo 2 (since i have managed to keep vista away from me so far) but i can only imagine the horror

  29. suibhne says:

    Visions of Mirror’s Edge – a game which terribly excited me in early videos, then was seriously delayed for PC and released for consoles, helpfully affording the opportunity to read critical reviews and watch gameplay videos and explore forum reactions and decide, oh wait, this might not be worth anything at all like full price.

    Well, good on the console kids for being guinea pigs. You go.

    The only reason this particularly irritates me is that it’s becoming de rigeur in these gaming parts – whether due to hyper-prioritization of console versions and poor project management, or to hyper-paranoia about PC piracy and the belief that the various markets (PS3, 360, PC) are less segregated that common wisdom might hold. Either way, we’re getting fewer and fewer simultaneous releases. At least Bioware/EA is (apparently) bucking the trend with upcoming DA and ME2.

  30. John Smith says:

    I hope they learn from the mistakes they made in the first game. The beginning tutorial was a pain to get through. It was such a pain I never got into the game. (not being able to move when people talk, then move just to get a loading screen, to load, to move, to a loading screen again, almost at the game… no sorry back to the animus… loading… wait for you to move… loading…

    quit.. quit.. quit… login… login… quit… quit…

  31. Jimbo says:

    There is nothing accidental or mismanaged about it. It’s so that PC piracy doesn’t cut into the initial console launch window. How many high profile games are going to have their PC version delayed last minute before people cotton on?

    You’re going to see more of this and PC versions kept hush-hush entirely until the the console launches have run their course.

    I wish they’d just come out and call PC gamers a bunch of thieving cunts (which, collectively, we are) instead of making up some lame excuse at the last minute. ‘Oh, we’re just taking a couple weeks to add… umm…. PhysX? Yes, PhysX that’ll do.’ Pfff.

    • Persus-9 says:

      What part of the adding PhysX story don’t you find entirely plausible? Also why is this title being delayed three or four months when Batman was only delayed a few weeks? If it’s all the same thing then surely they’d all delay the PC launch until just past the end of the hype period and no longer. Call be naive but I think Batman was delayed to add PhysX and AC2 has been delayed because they can’t finish it on all three platforms on time so they’d decided to delay the least profitable. Not everything is because of piracy.

    • Legionary says:

      PhysX isn’t believable because presumably the console game had something to handle physics in there. Even if you buy that they needed to implement it, it really isn’t the sort of thing that would require weeks of work to add in (since again the physics is basically already all hooked up, you’re just pointing the handler from your own or licenced systems to PhysX).

      And let’s not forget, they had the time to code in bug especially for those downloading copies of the game. If they’re doing THAT then I imagine they’ve got time to spare, certainly enough time to avoid their game slipping several weeks and thereby missing their peak marketing push.

      Common sense dictates that these games being delayed is a response to the perception that hyped games suffer very high piracy rates – if your game was developed primarily for a console, it’ll sell most copies on that console. You have the luxury of deciding that perhaps you don’t want to risk increased piracy by adding a slight delay before it comes out on PC.

      After all, the pirates will probably have bought a copy on console if there’s a delay, so what you’re left with is PC-only gamers potentially pirating it, rather than gamers who use both PC and consoles deciding to get it free on their PC.

    • Persus-9 says:

      Unless I’ve very much mistaken none of the PhysX cleverness that the PC version is capable with if you can dedicate a 2nd graphics card to it would be writen into the console version because the console version could never cope with that level of physics objects. No point in writing code for how you want the smoke particles and the scraps of papers lying arround to behave if they’ll never apear in the console versions because consoles just don’t have the processing power to cope with such things, right? Hardly just a matter of pointing what is already there to a different engine surely?

    • Jimbo says:

      There have been far too many staggered – or ‘delayed’ at the last minute – PC releases for multi-plat games this year (eg. Res 5, Red Faction, AC2, Borderlands, Arkham Asylum etc.) for it to be down to incompetence of project management. These guys aren’t amateurs anymore, if they really wanted to hit the same release date across all platforms, they would manage it. It’s not like the existence of PhysX snuck up on them in the last two months before release and it’s something which could easily have been patched in post-launch for the handful of people that care about it.

      Financially, it is beneficial for publishers to release all versions on the same date because it makes better / more effficient use of their marketing build-up. I can only assume that they have realised that this benefit is outweighed by the loss in console sales that comes from having a pirate PC version available at launch.

  32. RagingLion says:

    NNNnoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Gah!! It’s happened again. The second time now, having happened in exactly the same way with the first. The original date was so perfectly placed next to my birthday as well. I was holding out hope things were going to be ok this time. Well I’ll still get to play it, I know. Just a bit later isn’t really a big deal in reality – just need to keep myself spoiler-free till then.

    This was actually my only nailed down title till the end of the year so this does leave a fair hole for me. Still, it’s about time I got round to playing Far Cry 2 and maybe I’ll get a second Mass Effect playthrough in.

  33. Digit says:

    Seriously, people who don’t know how to make PC games should really just leave PCs alone. I’m so sick of all this shit. I just really want someone to say, “Hey we are going to do this.” and then *gasp* ACTUALLY DO IT.

    Also, if I have to click 11 times to quit AC2, someone will die. Just a random stranger, maybe, but there will be blood.

  34. army of none says:


  35. Anach says:

    TBH. I don’t mind PC game delays at all. Usually we end up with more content than Console versions, and if they need extra time to get proper PC keyboard/mouse support, then that is fine by me. I mean look at Dead Space. Nice game, but the controls on a PC were like playing with them in a bucket of syrup while wearing mittens, and bad controls can ruin a perfectly good game.

  36. Thranx says:

    I’m actually ok with a delay. It’s sad, but it’s better than a REALLY bad PC port.

    Many times they find issues with art assets if they’re going to high poly models… which I wholey support. Say what you may about consoles, but the models are just poop compared to what you can get with most PC games anymore.

  37. Wooly says:

    I picked up AC1 for $10 on sale and I still feel ripped off. Seriously, it runs like crap.

  38. John says:

    I played through it a bit…I loved the concept, but found the implementation to be sorely lacking. It didn’t help as well that for a game that has such a large amount of dialog, there were no subtitles or captioning. As a hearing impaired person, it makes it very difficult to follow whats going on in the game. Hoping that one of the improvements for AC2 is the use of some kind of captioning system – that should go a long way for my enjoyment

  39. Poita says:

    Ass Greed delayed . . . . oh nooooooooooooo.

  40. V. Tchitcherine says:

    Assassin’s Creed was a terrible game, whilst for the first hour one is mesmerised by the impressive vistas and art direction, for a sandbox game it stunningly lacks freedom. Missions were horribly linear, proscribed events the numerous failings of which I shall not need to review here. The game was horribly repetitive collection of mini-games and solidified in my mind the stupendous pretension of Ubisoft, whose artists and engine designers deserve to be partnered with people who know something about level and mission design.

    As for being a bad PC port, I could run it fine after rolling back patches via reinstallation after discovering a rather representative example of their callous greed presented here in delicious point form;

    Assassin’s Creed was one of the few games to support DirectX 10.1.
    nVidia cards do not support DirectX 10.1.
    ATi cards do support DirectX 10.1.
    nVidia paid money to Ubisoft for a ‘The Way It’s Meant To Be Played’ sticker on the box.
    ATi cards with DirectX 10.1 perform better than comparable or even better nVidia cards in AC.
    nVidia dutifully reminds Ubisoft of the money they were given.
    Ubisoft releases patch to remove DirectX 10.1, cites minority of small issues, promises later fix.
    No patch has been released since that munificent pronouncement.

    When I installed the game I patched it to 1.2 and could play the game quite reasonably with the minimum option for Anti-Aliasing. When I re-installed without patches, I could play with full anti-aliasing flawlessly. Why must Ubisoft be such whores for even small amounts of money?!

  41. sexyresults says:

    Luckily I don’t give a damn about this game

  42. Duoae says:

    “how game-busy this Winter’s going to be ”

    You serious? This winter seems to be so empty to me….

  43. Bogie says:

    Shit game anyway. Who cares?

  44. Senethro says:

    Commenting to let everyone know how much less I care then they do!

  45. Rinox says:

    Re: insane port jobs

    The early version of the Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (I think) pc port had no quit button. I’m serious. You had to alt-tab/ctrl-alt-del and kill the program there to get out. Completely batshit.

    (you’ll recall that console games often don’t have ‘quit’ buttons – you just turn off the machine)

  46. simon says:

    Hi Alec, is your sister hot? I will feed her all the cheese and biscuits she wants.

  47. Tei says:

    Will be a incrediblle accurate “Grass Grow” simulator, with all and 24 hours long day/night cycle be more fun than this?.

    Is Ubisoft here. You practically buy a FMV game with not skip / jump buttons.

  48. dudugo says:

    They are doing it to prevent piracy. It’s a simple as that.

  49. sfury says:

    Uh-oh if this story is right Alpha Protocol might get pushed back too – link to , and not with a week or two but MORE THAN HALF YEAR, WHAT THE FUCK SEGA ???!!!

    Sorry, my AIM syndrome…

  50. no says:

    What else do you expect, when your system of choice for gaming is merely an afterthought for most developers?