Assassin’s Creed 2: You’ll Never Guess…

…but the PC version is delayed! I know! That never happens, right? Ubisoft has just dropped the bomb about the no-longer-November release, claiming it’s so they can “deliver the best quality game”.

Hopefully, that’s a sign it’s not going to be the resource-hungry cludge that the PC port of the first was. A leaner, more stable game that doesn’t require 37 menu button clicks to exit would be well worth the wait.

I’d be upset about the delay, but I’m currently more concerned that my currently-visiting sister is going to eat all of my cheese and biscuits. Frankly, between how game-busy this Winter’s going to be and how cold AssCreed 1 left me, I suspect I’m not going to notice the sequel’s absence until it arrives in Q1 2010. God, ‘Q1 2010’. If that’s not the name of a killer cyborg from the future then I don’t know what is.


  1. Christopsy says:

    How can you hate Ubisoft? There one of the premiere developing gaming studios in the world.Though I’m being a tad impartial I’m from Canada (Montreal,where the game was made) and actually had the privilege to test the game. What is is exactly you dont care for? As far as the game play is concerned overall its very adaptive and if your not blown away by your surroundings then I feel your being a little picky bro. Anyways to each there own.