Hazard: The Journey Of Life

“Philosophical First Person Single Player Exploration Puzzle Art Game,” apparently. I spotted Hazard: The Journey Of Life over on Indiegames, but I haven’t had time to get it working yet. The video (below) is definitely worth checking out though, as this minimal Unreal Tournament 3 mod has a fascinating minimalistc presentation and promises some strange-looking puzzles. (More fodder for the first-person puzzle camp.) It seems to be a work in progress as the mod only runs at 800×600 and requires some batch-file fiddling to get working, as explained in the readme. (Which also instructs you to read itself…) Anyway, worth taking a look.


  1. sana says:

    It’s so hard to find people who can both script well AND make something visually appealing instead of using hacky, horrible programmer art. Thankfully this guy is one of them! Looks absolutely brilliant.

  2. Jonas says:

    I love the presentation, and the puzzle mechanic looks pleasingly different from the usual gravity gun fare. The voice-over kinda grates though, but I’ll download it and give it a try : )

  3. Yargh says:

    watching that made my head hurt, I think in a good way though.

  4. fishyjoes says:

    Wow, I know nothing about this game but still i want to know everything. This looks sooo cool in terms of visuals, gameplay and “story”! :O

  5. Gurrah says:


  6. Metal_Circus says:

    That does look impressive. I like the philosophical edge to it – This is what artgames should be to me. I know some people would call it poncey but at least there are some people giving this sort of thing a shot.

  7. Gutter says:

    The question is : Does it delete your files?

  8. EyeMessiah says:

    I think im in love.

  9. Quasar says:

    For some reason, this keeps crashing as soon as I click where I want to go. Sucks :(

  10. Tom says:

    That looks awesome

  11. Crescent says:

    I’d definitely try this if I had UT 3 :/

  12. Matt says:

    If you keep posting interesting-looking UT3 mods, I’m going to be forced to buy UT3 specifically to play them.

    And honestly, I hope that you do. I concur with somebody’s comment from a few days ago that the mod scene is one of the big things that you can’t get anywhere but PC, and deserves more exposure here. The mods that you post here draw more interest from me than 3/4 of the indie games posts.

  13. mattwombat says:

    I’m another one lacking in the UT3 department.

    This, and the fact that it’s a fiver on Amazon, seem reason enough to get it right now.

    • Bhazor says:

      You could yes or you could get Unreal, Unreal 2, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2004 Editors Choice Edition and Unreal Tournament 3: Black editon for £9.20. Yes, I win at deals.
      link to store.steampowered.com

      For someone who only has Unreal Tournament (on disk buried somewhere in my shed) this seems a pretty good price.

  14. Igor Hardy says:

    The narration in the video seems like an intro to some kind of boring religious sect. I hope the game itself is devoid of things like that.

  15. Alexander Bruce says:

    Hey guys. I created this. For those interested, this is actually a “complete” game, gameplay wise, but it’s at about 99% right now. There are some things (like the 800x600ness) that are easy enough to change, but that I didn’t get time to implement as I had to get the thing finished for SOWN, MSU, etc. and then organising a trip to Tokyo started taking up my time.

    I’m currently in Tokyo, as I just presented at Sense of Wonder Night, but if people have issues with the game, please send me an email at alex@demruth.com. I will answer everything when I get back from Tokyo in a couple of days. I appreciate that people are interested in this thing, and for more information (without requiring UT3), look out for when the SOWN presentations are put up online for a better understanding of the philosophy within the game.

    Also, there are no voiceovers in the game. They are trailer only.

    • Dominic White says:

      Cool that you’re posting here. Any plans to do a slightly more polished and bugfixed 1.1 version once you’re back to normality? I notice that on your site, you thank a group for letting you use their music, but being unable to implement it in the current build. Next version? While this may be a production for the Sense Of Wonder Night dealie, it’d be nice to see it continue its existance beyond that.

  16. Devan says:

    Colour me interested. Like others here, I don’t own UT3, but perhaps that might have to change.

  17. GabrielTycho says:


    If you’re going to make an “art game,” don’t call it an “art game.” Learn the lesson from what Dragon Age is doing with the “gritty, mature” thing.

    • Dominic White says:

      So… put inappropriate pop-metal in the trailers and randomly flash conveniently covered naked ladies on the screen?

  18. Ph0X says:

    It’s really sad though, all these non-polished unfinished mods that were forced to be release for that UT3 Mod competition. Even with my quite high-end rig, I was getting alot of major fps drops. Also the fact that he had to cut off the music was pretty sad. We all learnt after Korsakovia that music can give a major boost to games.

  19. Alexander Bruce says:

    I’m not disappointed that the game is missing the music in the current version. I would like to put it back in there, but there were some issues when I tried to get it in, so I had to rip it out last minute. There are a couple of things that need to be fixed, and when I have time I would like to keep polishing it. It took a massive amount of time away from being able to get other things that I needed to do on a day to day basis. I certainly don’t want it to just die.

    I’m aware that requiring UT3 is a huge hindrance, and I would like to change that as well. It doesn’t make complete sense for me to have wanted to keep the game size so tiny so that people could download it… when it required an 8gb game and a high end PC.

    As for the art game tip, I’m not too concerned about what I call the game, and if I wanted people to not be scared of it, I would say that the game was a “cool geometry manipulation game with broken 4Dimensional space”. But the intention was to express the game as being more than just it’s mechanics, hence the addition of philosophy.

    The game could use polish, but at least with a released version right now, people can get a feel for the game, and provide feedback about what they think needs to be fixed the most to take it from being “interesting” to being “excellent”.

  20. SenatorPalpatine says:

    I'm glad I bought UT3 for cheap last weekend; I'll definitely give this game a try soon.

  21. matt says:

    I’ve tried following the instructions on the website, however when I run the bat script, it just boots up ut3 directly, can’t see any indications of how to access the actual mod, anyone know what might be up?

  22. Alexander Bruce says:

    Send me an email. I’ll be able to reply in like 2 days. For others who’ve had that issue, it’s because they didn’t have patch 2.0, or alternatively, you’re running it from the wrong direction. I should definitely try to fix some of these more minor issues when I have a couple of minutes around the place. Should start having more spare time soon. Please don’t give up on the game over small issues just yet. It’s a work in progress polish wise. Thanks.

  23. Sonic Goo says:

    I like what I’ve seen so far, but having to jump through hoops to install it sounds like a bit of a turnoff. Someone remind me when there’s a user friendly version 1.1 :)

    • Ph0X says:

      Personally I get more satisfaction extracting it myself than having an installer that installs doing things I have no clue about. Even with installers, I end up extracting them manually and copying the files myself. For mods that is.

      But I do admit that the whole .bat file thing is a little too much, even though the rar file could of came with a premade bat file already, since there are only 2-3 different variations for most installations (steam or normal install)

  24. Alexander Bruce says:

    The bat thing is partly because I submitted the mod at like 4am in the morning for make something Unreal. It’s not a 100% final release or anything, heh.

  25. geoff says:

    Not many games make me say this: WOWEE