More Shadowy Customers: Ninja Blade PC

The game opens with him surviving falling from a transport plane by doing a forward roll. It's quite the thing to see.

I was planning to write up a Blood Bowl game now, but realise I have to write up a story idea for my COMICS PAYMASTERS. Instead, I’ll do a swift mention of some surprising port news. Apparently ludicrous 360-Slasher/Platformer/QTE-’em-up Ninja Blade is to appear on the PC in October. Who’d have thunk it? I reviewed it for Eurogamer when it came out on the 360, and gave it 7/10 for its agreeable lunacy. And it really is proper mental. Some of its lunacy is highlighted in the following trailer…

…but not nearly all. Seriously, go read the review, and I’ll tell you stories.


  1. Whiskey Jak says:

    I just hope for them that they won’t release the same demo they did for Xbox 360 on PC because that demo certainly convinced me to stay the hell away from that game like few did before it. I totally hated the experience, but I guess there has to be something for everyone.

  2. Vinraith says:

    I’m not usually much for ninjas, but that actually looks so completely ridiculously over-the-top that it might be a lot of fun. Do we know how the game’s structured? That is, is it mission based, open world, what? Because based on the movement in the trailer, at least, it looks like it’d be a blast to move around a large urban environment with that character.

    Kieron, any chance we could get that Blood Bowl write-up over the weekend? Not that I don’t totally understand if you have other things you’d rather be doing. :)

    • Vinraith says:

      Disregard that first question, I just noticed/read the review.

  3. Dominic White says:

    Not played the full game yet (only the demo), but plan to rent it on the 360 – it strikes me as the perfect kind of game to rent. Not AAA by any means, but daft and fun and simple enough to just jump in and burn through in a couple of days.

    It ain’t no Ninja Gaiden 2 (as corny as it is, it has some of the best fighting in the genre), but it’s fun.

    Wouldn’t shell out full price for it, though.

  4. LewieP says:

    I hated the demo. Hate hate hated it.

  5. Dominic White says:

    This game also highlights what a strange studio From Software is. The same people who made this bit of non-stop ninja lunacy are the people behind Demon’s Souls, which is about as slow and methodical and practical as an action-RPG can be. They also made Chrome Hounds, which is the best ‘walking tank’ mech sim since Mechwarrior, and the Armored Core, which is almost as complex but is more of a Do It Yourself Gundam-style fast action game.

  6. ZIGS says:

    $10 bucks say this is gonna be an half-assed port

    • Spoon says:

      Coincidentally, that is the price of buying the original Xbox 360 version on ebay.

  7. linfosoma says:

    This game is being ported by the same guys who ported Dark Sector, you know, the game that doesn’t support widescreen resolutions.

    • Dominic White says:

      Ouch. Yeah, heard about how bad that was. Even more crazy, as the game ran in NATIVE widescreen on the 360. Welp, good thing I plan on renting the console version. Like I said, it’s not the kind of game you buy at full price, but it’s a solid weekend of daftness.

    • Wooly says:

      Ugh. That’s unfortunate, I was thinking this looked ridiculously awesome.

  8. Toby says:

    Wrong Ninja game. Gaiden please, both of them, stat.

    Good lord a pc Ninja Gaiden would be sex.

  9. Carra says:

    I wants me a ninja-blade-pc too.

  10. Dominic White says:

    I do wonder though… Why, of all the games they’ve produced lately, are they porting Ninja Blade (probably their weakest, although I believe the Armored Core games have gotten lower review scores from dumb people who are wrong) rather than, say, Chrome Hounds, which would be completely at home on the PC? Or Demon’s Souls, which is a very western-styled dungeon crawler?

  11. Hyetal says:

    Actually, the port of Dark Sector has full widescreen support. I should know, because I just installed it to confirm my assumption. It was easy, I have an .iso.

    It’s not the best port in the world, but I completed the game and it ran fluidly through and through.

    • JKjoker says:

      Dark Sector does not have widescreen support, however, you can set it to a widescreen resolution editing the .ini but youll get an stretched version of the full screen format (not that bad tho)

      i should point out that for many, MANY players the game crashes when trying to access the graphics settings menu, the .ini is the only way to change options for them

  12. Hyetal says:

    (how the blurb do you reply here?)

    JKjoker: I can select 1680×1050 right away, so I’m not sure what problem you and those other people are having.

    link to — It’s vert-, but it isn’t that bad, as you said.

    I hadn’t heard about that crashing thing, though.

  13. Benny says:

    For actual gameplay terms, it’s average at best. For those wondrous moments when things which not even hollywood directors would attempt for their lunacy this game is great.

    Anyone looking at this should take a look at some gameplay footage from Metal Wolf Chaos. Proably the most patriotic american game ever made. Ever. The fact it was never actually released in america makes it an even greater feat.

  14. JKjoker says:

    for those that played this on consoles, is any of those scenes in the trailer NOT a QTE scene ?

  15. Davie says:

    Holy crap! It’s like Just Cause and Prototype made a ninja baby! I do hope there’s a demo, just so that I can sample some of those batshit ninja antics.

  16. Senital says:

    JKjoker: Nope i have had it since it came out on the 360 and they are all QTE’s but the moves you can do with the weapons you are given are pretty impressive, just make sure to play the game on a higher difficulty or you will be bored out of your pants

  17. VLAJA says:

    i just downloaded ninja blade from a torrent evrything was ok until i started to play,its like the game is in slow motion.can anyone help pls