New Guinea: G-Force Demo

Sadly, not that G-force. It’s an action-platformer based on the contemporary Bruckheimer flick based around an crack squad of – er – Guinea Pigs who complete missions via their fancy high tech equipment. Hmm. Frankly, it sounds a bit like a kidified version of Morrison and Quitely’s Incredible-Journey-meets-Terminator WE3. Anyway, it’s over 600Mb and you can get it from here. And you’ll find some footage of the tiny rodents fucking shit up below…


  1. Heliosicle says:

    Oh look, a Guinnea Pig with some kind of jet pack, HOW INTERESTING!?

  2. Farrer says:

    I Can has Jetpack??

  3. underproseductor says:

    This game has no soul.

  4. Nallen says:

    This is exactly the shit I come to RPS to avoid :(

  5. Masaq says:

    This is a slightly odd thing to cover, isn’t it? A game licensed from a Disney childrens movie?

  6. Mischa says:

    Nice, a camera angle where you can’t see half the enemies you’re fighting.

  7. Kieron Gillen says:

    Odd – we blog every single kids movie demo that comes out – in fact, pretty much any major publisher demo – and this is the first time anyone’s complained. Is there something particularly loathsome about Guinea Pigs to the RPS readership?


    • Nallen says:

      Just looks like a terrible, terrible game and it’s not like you can say “well we put it up because young kids might like it” or something because you went and swore in the introductory text!

      Let Eurogamer or GT or someone give these guys free advertising, atleast charge for yours!

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      @Nallen: As Helio demonstrates, my main thinking is linking for adults who may want to get the game for their kids and/or want to get a demo for their kids.


    • Heliocentric says:

      Not just kids, the incredibles revenge of the underminer and the cars (with no subtitle)game on the pc were both great, the first being a coop brawler and the the latter a racing game with open world elements.

    • TeeJay says:

      It’s Gerbils that really get up my arse! (hmms “west end girls”)

    • solipsistnation says:

      I don’t know about the rest of said readership, but I am rather fond of guinea pigs.

      I have 3 of the whiny little dudes hanging out in the next room pooping and eating and pooping and basically being walking poop factories with cute little noses.

    • bill says:

      please don’t turn into VE3d and only post “hardcore” games. and then argue about which is hardcoriest.

      That said… the screenshot looks awesome… the game, not so much.

  8. Heliocentric says:

    “tiny rodents fucking shit up”

    Now thats box quote material.

  9. Heliocentric says:

    The wall-e game was dire, thats why i’m glad rps linked the demo i might have otherwise got it for my son when i saw it very cheap, when it is infact worth negative monies.

  10. Redd says:

    Balls out awesome. I’m gonna have to watch the movie too now.

  11. FP says:

    I love that the RPS homepage will have coverage of indie games, mixed with AAA cross-platform games, mixed with casual games, mixed with kids games, mixed with art games, mixed with experimental games and so on. So I’m glad you post this stuff, I hope RPS never turns into a games snob.

  12. Shadrach says:

    Thought it looks pretty cute, doesn’t mean I’d play it though…
    But what the deal with the little rodent grunting like some generic muscleman when he jumps?

  13. SanguineAngel says:

    What FP said. That is the reason i come here.

  14. Alex Norris says:

    I seem to recall that reviews for the console version claimed it was solid. Not great, not innovative; just a very solid platform game that kids can enjoy and that adults won’t spit on too much.

    Soulless corporate dross, but soulless corporate dross of acceptable quality.

  15. Walruss says:

    Well, I think it looks fun.

  16. Farewell says:

    That video actually put me off. Seemed the player had a harder time wrestling with the game controls and camera than they did with those waffle iron baddies.

  17. nordwindranger says:

    I for one welcome our new guinea pig overlords.

    I would consider buying this just because I used to have guinea pigs

  18. TCM says:

    Reviews of the console versions indicate it’s a pretty decent game.

    Not that I’ll be buying it.

  19. Scundoo says:

    I find the assumption that kids would like a game like this insulting towards children.

    • Scundoo says:

      Even from the first seconds of the trailer you can see that the camera movement is FUBAR

  20. Wooly says:

    That trailer was being played with a controller… :(

  21. TeeJay says:

    The concept of using tiny people running around giant-sized rooms would be cool setting for a standard (aka ‘proper’) FPS. I vaguely remember a counter-strike or UT2004 mod along these lines. It would certainly make climbing around buildings using the air-vents a lot more plausible.

    • po says:

      There was a map called Noddy’s Nightmare for UT99 that was part huge Lego world, and part kitchen, scaled to the point players were mouse sized. Many happy games were spent in that map sniping from the top of the fridge, or rushing round the Lego area with a Flak-Cannon.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      There is a whole subgenre of custom maps like that…

    • Hodge says:

      World Of Padman did that too – you were little people running around on kitchen benchtops so forth. It was a Quake 3 (I think) mod which eventually became a free standalone thingy when Q3 went open source.

  22. Chobes says:

    I’m downloading this as I’ve always felt that only ebonics-speaking rodents could ever truly speak closest to my personal human condition.

  23. Chobes says:

    I’m downloading this as I’ve always felt that only ebonics-speaking rodents could ever truly speak closest to my personal human condition.

  24. futage says:

    I apologise if someone else has already said this. Apparently they are making a Movie-Film of the other G-Force. Which, being of that age, I look forward to.

    link to

  25. jackflash says:

    I agree with those who say this is sort of odd coverage for RPS. I mean, slow news day and all, but is there anything to actually recommend here? I thought RPS’s angle tended to be those underground (in addition to the mainstream) games that have quality but you might otherwise miss. Just a thought.

  26. Marshall says:

    Since you mentioned it, I’ll just say that We3 is the only comic that’s ever made me cry.

  27. Wulf says:

    I have one thing to say about all this…

    Kieron’s read We3 and understood just why it was such a breathtaking little tri-series.

    +100,000 respect points!

  28. RogB says:

    We3 is indeed, teh awesome

  29. Captain Bland says:

    I did not like We3. The action sequences were beautifully done, and the way the animals communicated was ingenious, but ultimately it’s pro nature/ anti science message was too grating. It seemed fairly misanthropic and I can honestly say it didn’t move me.

    • Wulf says:

      Did you think that perhaps you might have misunderstood the message? I took it as Science having a dark side when given to military applications, but not particularly anti-Science per se. I think it was a tale of how any given military can twist things; Science, Scientists (people in general), and even Nature. Grant Morrison is a pro-peace kind of guy, so that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

      If it was anti- anything, it was anti-military, and I don’t think it was pro- anything in particular, I think it was just a tale of how people can overcome their own darkness, even darkness imposed upon them by others.

    • Wulf says:

      To stress the latter point, I think I need to stress that people was a bit of a metaphor and a misnomer, as it can apply to anything, including the animals or even an anthropomorphised aspect of Science; their armour and the technology involved. The animals turned away from that darkness, as did the Science involved, as did the people responsible for carrying that disease of darkness after having realised what they’d done by passing it on to others.

      And darkness I’m using here as another metaphor to imply a distinct lack of ethics and empathy.

      But that’s what I took We3 to mean.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      @Wulf. I think he actually a bit of a point, and I can see it throwing some people. It’s highly anti-Animal Experimentation as a general concept – which isn’t out of line with previous things Morrison has written and said before. I do think you’ve got to make a bit of a reach when you say it’s actually anti-science though.

      (Unless you’re someone who takes animal-experimentation as an intrinsic part of science, which is a cheat and you should question your assumptions. Animal Experimentation as The Dark Side Of Science is pretty much what Wulf is picking up on, I think)

      I’m highly pro-animal-experimentation, and think it’s one of the single best works in the comics demi-mainstream of the 00s. It’s formally astounding* and moves me deeply. If I actually visualise certain scenes, it brings tears to my eyes**.


      *I actually threw away a comics pitch I had finished when it came out, as I realised I had to raise my game if I’m trying to do an action comic.
      **(“UR NAME IS BANDIT! RUN! RUN FAR!”. In fact, it’s just done it now. Man!)

  30. pilouuuu says:

    At least the guinea pig graphics look good and surprisingly realistic. But the game will probably just be commercial garbage.

  31. Matt says:

    @Captain Bland:

    Personally, I barely felt a pro nature/anti science message. I mean, military technology doesn’t represent ALL technology. I was moved by the struggle and emotion of the animals- which was brought out BY the technology (via speech).

  32. bakaohki says:

    This is some shocking crap. Kratos, anyone?

  33. ZeeKat says:

    Guinea pigs fucking shit up? Downloading the demo right now.

  34. Captain Bland says:

    I’ll admit you have a point about We3 having an anti military stance, ‘the military will turn anything into a weapon’ (e.g. the use of the engineering rodents as weapons against We3). However, I still think that this is tied to an anti technology, anti human theme.

    *Major Spoilers now*

    The main reason I felt We3 was misanthropic ties into the character of the scientist. The scientist is one of two main sympathetic characters in the book. She creates and frees the animals. After she frees the animals, they then go on to kill many soldiers, and a civilian. When she is used as ‘bait’ later on to trap the animals, she chooses to free them rather than live. She is kind to the animals and she values their freedom, so I think it’s fair to say she’s sympathetic. What I had a problem with was that she values the freedom of the animals above the lives of people they go on to kill. There is no arguing that she did not know they would kill- she helped train them as killing machines and she set them loose in their power suits. So I see her as a misanthropic character.

    I also read this interview (link to with Morrison, closely after reading the book. I think it shows his pro animal rights/anti human stance quite explicitly.

  35. bill says:

    I like the idea of an FPS where you are tiny… fighting in larger versions of real life environments. But this game wasn’t as awesome or cute as i expected.

  36. Zed says:

    This game would be massively improved by the addition of:
    – Cybernetics
    – Motorcycles
    – Mars

    Rock & Ride!

    Oh, and the removal of that $#!+ camera

  37. RacerX says:

    Oh yea! I was sooo excited about G-Force until I found out it was about hamster mating.

    I used to get up early before 4th or 5th grade school in the late 70’s to watch Battle of the Planets. I actually only remembered it as G-Force. Sweet anime from my childhood.

  38. solipsistnation says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    Oh yea! I was sooo excited about G-Force until I found out it was about hamster mating.

    Guinea pigs are NOT hamsters. They're totally different. Guinea pigs are larger herd beasts, while hamsters are smaller and more solitary. Hamsters eat nuts, piggies graze on grass and hay and greens and so on.

    Piggies are cuter and nicer, too, while hamsters can get quite mean. So there.

  39. Michael Leung says:

    Can I hear a fuck yes?