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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Die, Son

My PC broke this week, so I had to write this all on a borrowed laptop. It has Windows 2000 on it, and a tiny tiny keyboard – not fun times. Still, I laboured through, just for my love of cheap games and bringing them to you special people. Some fantastic expectations this week. Amazing revelations too. If you enjoy money and games, and like having as much as possible of both, you should have a look at my website, SavyGamer. On to the deals…
Dyson – $14.95
The free version of this is a lovely little design demo. The devs call it an “Ambient Strategy game”, which basically means it is pretty and relaxing, but still satisfies your need to kill other things just because they are a different colour to you. I’ve never tried buying from D2D USA from the UK, but I gather it works OK when the game is “available worldwide” like this is. It will be on Steam, sold directly by the dev, and possibly other platforms for those of you who are D2D averse (and I bet there will be similar preorder offers too). They are also running a competition to pick a new name for the game, since they have decided to rename it for it’s commercial release. I suggested “No Loss of Suction”, but I don’t think it’ll go down well. RPS coverage here.

Penumbra Collection – £5/$5
These games are kind of funny. They mash together some utterly brilliant moments of tension, terror and a fantastic adventure interface with some (at times) fairly ropey production values, puzzle design and combat. Overall, they are definitely more good than bad, the physics stuff is nifty, and there is not much like this out there. This price for the entire series is an utter steal. Turn the lights off, speakers up, and put a do not disturb sign on your door for this one, methinks. RPS coverage here, and demos here.

First Encounter Assault Recon 2: Project Origin – £12.49/€24.99/$24.99
I’ve not played this. I have, however, played the first game and it’s two (now rendered non-canon) expansions, and they were games about shooting people, and the only thing that they were really successful at was making it fun to shoot people. There are lots of corridors, and very very minor stealth elements (mainly shooting people with a big loud shotgun, but from behind!). The guns all sounded pretty great, and shooting people with a big nail gun in slow mo is always going to be badass. Does the sequel differ from the first game that much? The “Reborn” DLC is also half price. More importantly though, when is Condemned going to be on Steam? Lets blame Sega for that one. RPS coverage here and demo here. Oh, and if you feel like it, the multiplayer of the first game is free.

Scrapland £4.38/€4.76/$6.99
I played this a pretty long time ago. Shortly after it came out in fact. I can remember a few things about it. It was kinda fun, it had robots and transforming into different robots. You got to fly around a big robot city, and it was made by that guy that made that game that had his name on the box. It also gave me the dreaded starforce, but I have no idea if it has that on impulse too, I’ve looked around but can’t find anything saying one way or the other. Demo here.

Deal of the week
Titan Quest Bundle – £5/$5
Jim says a bunch of words about this game here, but the main thing you need to know is that it is a Diablo clone, and it is mostly competent. There is experience and loot waiting to be had, and you are sat there, not getting it, what’s wrong with you? The developer is sadly no longer with us, so I guess this is free money for THQ. Maybe they could give volition some more money to work on patching the known issues with the PC port of SR2, hmm? That’d sure be nice. For your five currencies you get the original game and its expansion, don’t bother leaving the house for a few days (Empty milk bottle at the ready). Demo here.

Also of note:
Five currency sale still on at D2D – UK/USA
25% off Freezetag bundles
EA games now on Steam in the UK – 10% off too! (No excuse for not playing Mirror’s Edge now)

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