Cogs Turning: Machinarium Release Date

Another of 2009’s Unknown Pleasures inches ever closer. Samorost’s creator’s commercial adventure will debut on October 16th via all the digital channels you can imagine, including Steam and Impulse. If you want to pre-order you can do it from their site for a mere seventeen – count ’em! – dollars. Which saves you three whole dollars over the release price. I’m not particularly interested in the pure adventure genre any more, but this really has be intrigued. Here’s the latest short video…


  1. Stijn says:

    It just… looks… so good…

  2. Lewis says:

    It is good.

  3. Nero says:

    Yes thanks. It’s finally here soon. Pre-ordered and ready.

  4. Owen says:

    Just delciously gorgeous in every way. Come on October 16th, get a move on!

  5. Chris Evans says:

    It is amazing :)

  6. Pags says:

    I have a feeling Walker might cry at this one. Cute robots are always a tearjerker.

  7. Kakksakkamaddafakka says:

    Why is Kieron the heathen writing about this?

    Not interested in the pure adventure genre anymore. Tsk tsk.

  8. Risingson says:

    And this game isn’t even a traditional adventure game…

  9. Shadrach says:

    I am so looking forward to this! The world they have created is just gorgeus.

  10. ZIGS says:

    I want to like this game but I don’t like the classic adventure’s gameplay mechanics :(

  11. NeonBlackJack says:

    Very intrigued by that video. I love great art design and world atmosphere. Pre-ordering.

  12. neems says:

    Hell, I never really liked adventure games (Grim Fandango excepted), but I’m having this, oh yes.

  13. Στέλιος says:

    This looks really nice. It must be good – I mean is it possible that a game with pretty visuals will have rubbish gameplay? Oh wait. Well, for all my waffling, I may just have to take a chance on this one though.

  14. Lambchops says:

    Pre ordered this a couple of months or so ago – really looking forward to it. I thought the Samorost games were great; Machinarium looks like it is taking everything that made those games so wonderful and improving on it.

  15. A-Scale says:

    Steam, punk me away.

  16. Wulf says:

    This looks like one of those little joys I’m going to be ranting about to apathetic friends who simply won’t get it for months after.

    I need more expressive, artistic friends. Oh well, at least my partner will keep me sane by being just as excited about this as I am when I show him!

    Nonetheless, I’m off to pre-order this!

  17. Hybrid says:


  18. Severian says:

    For people wondering what kind of gameplay this could offer, I’d suggest taking a look at the free Samorost: link to

    Yes, puzzle-based pixel clicking but, in my mind, more inventive and stimulating than the typical fare.

  19. deanimate says:

    Can’t wait! Put my pre-order in agesssss ago :D Samorost 1&2 were cracking little puzzlers with so much character. Hoping this will be more of the same. If not better. Hurrah!

  20. fucrate says:

    Anybody know if this is still done in flash?

  21. ZeeKat says:

    Samorosts were fantastic, I’m totally buying it.

  22. sbs says:

    I love how I effectively paid 20,23 $ preordering it for 17 $ thanks to tax in germany, more than the regular price. Loving it. Really.