Still No Sign Of That Dragon

I’ve alt-tabbed out of a game so I can write this post. It looks suspiciously like an unreleased military shooter. Hmm. Perhaps I’m playing it with a view to writing a critical analysis of its workings in the near future? Who can say! In entirely unrelated news, I’ve just spotted a new trailer for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which just happens to be released in the UK on October 9th. The footage shows helicopters, smoke, big guns on armoured vehicles, “CONTACT!”, dudes getting shot, and other military things that are a complete mystery to me. Go take a look.


  1. hmm says:

    What a tease.

  2. Alexander Norris says:

    Embargo? What embargo? ¬_¬

    I’m going to pick up one of either this or ArmAII eventually, but I’m still not sure which one. Apparently, the recommended specs for this include a quadcore processor, so I’m leaning towards ArmAII; but last I heard, ArmAII was a horrible pile of bugs. :(

    • Spectre-7 says:

      Some kind soul uploaded a video to Youtube comparing performance with different quality settings and hardware configurations. You can check that out here.

      From the look of things, the game seems to run pretty darn well even on the low-end dual-core systems tested.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Okay, wow. From that video, it seems the engine is really properly optimised. Colour me impressed.

      I guess it means I’ll have to choose between ArmAII and OPF2 on the strength of gameplay alone, then.

    • Rabbitsoup says:

      awesome news, I need to build a new rig anyway its just nice to see that you don’t need a pc 3 times as good as a xbox360 to run a game the 360 does.

    • CaseytheBrash says:

      I strongly suggest you download the ArmA II demo before you buy it, it runs (limps) poorly on my system.I have a Phenom II x4 955, 6G DDR3 RAM and a GTX 295. I’ve spent a hour or so tweaking it using every tip I could glean from forums and such. I tried different drivers, you name it, above and beyond. It’s not very well optimized.

  3. Vinraith says:

    Like Alexander, it’s this or ArmA II IMO, but almost certainly not both. Considering what I continue to hear about the state of ArmA II, and the fact that for once I have a computer that’s up to modern requirements so I stand a reasonable chance of being able to run either, I’m very much hoping to hear that this is good.

    • Turin Turambar says:

      The state of Arma 2 is pretty much fine, thank you. I just finished today a new user made mini campaign (5-6 missions), this one
      link to

      I recommend it, it features the normal man in the army experience that the Arma 2 campaign lacked, as it was so much focused in a small group of spec ops.

    • Vinraith says:

      I don’t own it, so I don’t have a stake one way or the other in this. All I know is that a lot of people are reporting it being very broken and very buggy. I’d love nothing more than to learn that this is not the case, or that it has been fixed.

    • Dominic White says:

      Been talking to a guy who has a review copy, and the general vibe seems to be that it has most of OFP/ARMA’s worst elements (MOVE. TO. MAN. AT. 12. O’CLOCK.), but loses a lot of their best (freeform multiplayer, mission editor) which even made it into the original Xbox port of OFP1.

      Seriously. If the ORIGINAL Xbox can handle a basic mission editor, then why the hell can’t a megabudget, high-profile pseudosequel manage it on vastly more powerful hardware?

    • TeeJay says:

      @Turin Turambar

      …could you clarify – have all the various bugs and problems I read about just after released been fixed, or are you saying you are happy with how it is at the moment regardless?

    • Dominic White says:

      Have all the bugs been fixed? No chance. It’s a huge open-world military-spec sim (there’s an actual military edition for training purposes) by a small Czech company. Doubt they’ll ever get it polished to a mirror sheen.

      Have the worst of them been fixed? Yeah, pretty much. They release a new patch every few weeks, too. Works fine for the most part. You just gotta accept some rough spots if you want ambition like that.

      It does have a large modding and multiplayer community though, which is always a good thing.

    • Spectre-7 says:

      It should be noted that if you want to check out Arma 2, there is a demo available; no need to jump into things completely blindfolded. And for the record, I didn’t encounter many problems in the demo except for some sluggish performance, and I have had quite a bit of fun with it. It even includes a demo version of the mission editor.

      Available here or through Steam.

    • Ybfelix says:

      @Dominic White: How does he say about single player? That’s what I cared most for now.

  4. 678 says:

    It’s probably going to disappoint military shooter fans, after all, it was designed for consoles.

    • Dominic White says:

      Bah, to hell with that. Consoles have only one real disadvanage – fixed architecture. They don’t disallow modding (Unreal Tournament 3, for instance, is moddable on the PS3), they don’t disallow mission editing and sharing. They aren’t limited in what genres they can handle, either. Again, OFP made it to Microsofts first Xbox almost entirely intact. BETTER in places (AI, lighting engine and a few other bits were improved).

      It’s just that most studios don’t give a damn and cut corners.

    • Wisq says:

      Consoles have a different target audience, so the original comment’s point is completely valid. Something that is designed for consoles and ported to PCs is not necessarily going to be un-fun, but it’s also obviously not primarily directed at certain PC-centric audiences, such as the first-person military simulation crowd.

      As for their actual limitations, they also lack things like keyboard-and-mouse control, which means the interface has to be a lot more streamlined to fit onto a gamepad. That’s good in some cases, bad in others. I tend to think it’s bad for this particular genre.

      And if by “fixed architecture”, you also mean lack of support for some of the more interesting gaming peripherals, then sure. The sim crowd are the first to want to use things like a good HOTAS for flight control, head-tracking for enhanced situational awareness, etc.

      And while OFP was indeed ported to the Xbox, keep in mind that was after four years of being on the PC. To me, that feels like a cash-in attempt on old property, and they’d have probably been roasted by reviewers if they hadn’t improved things.

      This may be good, and I certainly hope so, but if it’s indeed a console game + PC port, I find it hard to believe it’s meant to occupy the same niche as ArmA 1/2 or the original OFP.

    • Dracko says:

      console people are really dumb and ruining my computer games let me just post that on the internet

    • Joshua says:

      Wisq, haven’t you heard, Gran Turismo 5 will utilize the PlayStation Eye for head tracking, and there are flight sticks available for the hardware. Hell the PS3 is a pretty open system, if a company really wanted I am sure they could enable compatibility with PC joysticks of various sorts.

      It just comes down to what the developers want to do. Certainly the audience is a factor, but the capability is there for consoles to do a lot more than you think, and its not just theoretical.

  5. Eplekongen says:

    “Think you’re ready?” No, not really.

  6. Seraphim2150 says:

    looks good, but I think the modding community will stick with ARMA

  7. Mort says:

    Hmm that trailer put me off a bit, in fact each one has put me off a bit.
    I’ve held off on teh Arma II purchase for this, so I think I’ll wait for reviews/demo now and put that preorder on hold. Something about that trailer is not looking right at all. It’s not screaming ‘serious tactical manshooter’ at me.

  8. Railick says:

    now I want a serious ,tactical man, shooter where you track down and kill a serious tackle man, like a dude who knows the ways of the wild and but is unarmed but can still kill you if you fall into his traps.

  9. jackflash says:

    I love watching FPS trailers where the person playing is clearly on a gamepad. Look. Left. Look. Up. Look down. How people play on these things is beyond me. And I actually own one (regrettably).

  10. Gap Gen says:

    The dragon is one of the secret weapons. Naturally, the Onion go right ahead and spoil it: link to

  11. Thiefsie says:

    Boring boring trailer…. they need dislexic or whatever his avatar is to make one for them.

    That trailer makes vanilla Arma 2 look like willy wonka.

    How dull are the physics for explosions etc… they even know the helicopters explode lamely so they cut out the cobra (??) explosion… hahaha

    How bad is it, they just get a black damage model and hurtle towards the ground in a parabolic line. Hmmm… what about speeding in crazy directions in some approximation of the force of the blast or rotors still turning?

    Meh. I bought Arma II and unfortunately haven’t had enough time to play it much. It’s frustrating, but still has that OFP magic.

  12. Turin Turambar says:

    Some reviews

    87% Pc Gamer Sweden
    78% Gamestar
    77% PCG (alemana, creo)
    90% Pc Zone
    70% Official Playstation Mag in the UK
    80% Xbox Official (uk)
    90% Power Unlimited

  13. MrTest says:



  14. SirKicksalot says:

    The review was withdrawn until the embargo expires, lol. But they’ll republish it with the same text.

    Inb4 .cz bias accusations etc.

  15. dingo says:

    Sad that only seems to have the balls to call “shit” “shit” these days! :p
    The “Gamestar” (German mag) rating speaks volumes since they hyped it to kingdom come (the editor that covered it was / is a huge fan of the original OFP).
    Only 78% shows that it’s probably shit.

    I have a pre-order but mainly because it was cheap on (24 EUR).
    Will see if I cancel that or not.

  16. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    @Turin: That’s just ‘scores’, not reviews. Grades May Possibly Not Mean Anything.

  17. Richard Clayton says:

    I hope that Jim’s mischievous teasing is a good sign.

    I’ve preordered so am keeping a close eye on this one…

    You could alt-tab out but could you alt-tab BACK!!

  18. Psychopomp says:

    Judging by that deletion, I think brits don’t know what a butt monkey is :(
    link to

    • Richard Clayton says:


      Did your “butt-monkey” post get deleted or were you posting in the wrong comments thread as you mention it in the Charlie Brooker thread 40 mins earlier (link to where you refer to John Walker as a butt-monkey.

      Confess that I had to look it up, being a Brit and all. If I hadn’t, and had to guess… well, let’s just say we’d have been talking at cross purposes!

  19. tigershuffle says:

    Ill still take a close look at this one………….oh and Ive already got Arma II….. love it.
    Arma2 was running fine on my old rig… skt939 3600+ dual Athlon! 2gb memory…. it was with 256mb 3650. but ive done the honourable thing and bought a 4770 card for £68 from Ebuyer.
    Looks and plays even better now.
    There are plenty of tips out there to get it optimised and the patches are still coming ;)

    OpFlashpoint DR will still find itself on my pc unless its very broken…and from what ive seen it looks like it will be good for a few hrs larks every now and again.

  20. westyfield says:

    But the real question is: Did it crash when you alt-tabbed out, Jim?

  21. party gowns says:

    I would hope to be back tracking. Thanks for the great write-up.