SWTOR Closed Beta Sign Ups

And the internet has flattened the SWTOR site. Theoretically you can sign up here, with the beta stuff here. But the site is now unavailable. Basically you sign up to the SWTOR site and then opt in for testing in your profile blather. No date for commencement has been decided upon, and places for the test are described by LucasArts as “limited” so getting in might be a long shot. Probably worth having a go if you’re interested, of course.


  1. Some Guy says:

    its now closed for mantenence. couldent get some beta keys for subscribers plz?

  2. Tei says:

    My prediction is 700.000 “beta testers”. But I could be wrong, and be less than 300.000.

  3. Heliosicle says:

    A few hours till its back up apparently. I’m not really interested in it though, so I’d probably be stealing someone’s place if I got in.

  4. nabeel says:

    Stop hogging the bandwidth, you guys >:| I want to sign up!

  5. Jacques says:

    Not sure whether I’m excited or not about this game, the story stuff looks fun, but dear god the gameplay looked dull in the videos.

    I think I’ll stick to waiting for the LOVE alpha test.

  6. Marty Dodge says:

    I am underwhelmed by the fact their site can’t handle the interest. Yes, I am unable to access it which is most frustrating.

  7. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Sweet. Gonna go add to the mess :)

  8. Torgen says:

    the guy in the screenshot looks like an elf. :P

  9. El_MUERkO says:



  10. Wulf says:

    I’ll give this a look, for curiosity’s sake.

    Still… really can’t get over the lightsaber hilts.

    I made my own lightsaber out of some tin-foil and the accompanying cardboard tube, you can too!

  11. Carra says:

    Sigh, their servers can’t even handle a html page to sign up.

    How will they handle the millions of players?

  12. Colin says:

    I live so close to the developer I’m just going to drop my beta invite in their mailbox.

    • Carra says:

      With one developer, no wonder this game takes ages to finish.

  13. Sprint says:

    The sign up page seems to be working now

  14. Sprint says:

    Down again, nevermind.

  15. TwoDaemon says:

    I do wonder about MMO-developer’s views on the interest their games have garnered, sometimes. Still, I guess a webserver collapsing under the weight is actually more acceptable than a gameserver – I mean, they don’t have any actual data to tell them what likely interest is, yet, and it’s entirely possible that some bugger is DDOSing them for kicks in any case. Hell, the sheer number of people probably trying to sign up practically is a DDOS attack…

  16. Kommissar Nicko says:

    Your mum tells you to put on a SWTOR before leaving the house.

  17. Owen says:

    Hmm, little confusing as after entering the first page of info (character name, email etc), you tick the additional T&C’s, then enter some personal info and THEN it asks you for the first page again.

    No email confirmation, I can’t login.

    Is the sign-up area still buggered or is it just a bit unclear and crap?

  18. Andrew says:

    Same here, Owen. Same here.

  19. Sprint says:

    It's bugged. Last night when occasionally a tiny window would open up and the site "worked" I got as far as the fourth page where the site scans your computer specs. Unfortunatly the site went down again during the scan so I'm in the same boat as you. We'll just have to check back every so often I guess.

  20. DC says:

    It’s to trick you. They really don’t want you to sign up.

  21. Deadminer says:

    I registered, got my activation mail but when i try to login, it doesnt say failure or succes, But it wont log me in, Any advice please? The people working on the game/site dont respond

  22. mcwizardry says:

    Signed up, the system scan takes quite a while it seems.