ATi’s Graphic Science Fiction

I’m going to have to fall for the viral marketing tricks on this occasion and link to ATI’s science fiction website for the XFX graphics range of 2118AD (which is a rather unsubtle teaser site for the Radeon HD 5000 cards), because it’s a little bit bonkers. The spoof corporate videos poke fun at common futurist themes, such as the blurring of the reality-virtuality distinction, and the silly science of post-human augmentation, with not-quite-funny-but-what-why-did-they-do-that results. It’s just a shame that my crappy 2009 internet is having such trouble streaming videos from the future…


  1. TeeJay says:

    I lolled

  2. Po0py says:


  3. MrBejeebus says:

    great tag there!

    and the videos seem to be reaaally laggy for me, maybe i shouldnt buy an xfx card!?

  4. blahhh says:

    LOL @ tag!

  5. a says:

    The searing pain of real explosions or making out with a red-headed robot. Either way, the future looks quite depressing.

  6. Andersen Peters says:

    Silly science?

  7. linfosoma says:

    My god this is so good, I want a card that supports DX67 like right now.

  8. Larington says:

    In the future, websites will still struggle to load quickly…

  9. Eplekongen says:

    turns out, videos from the future doesn’t work as well as youtube does.

  10. Pali says:

    I honestly don’t think they spent a great deal on it, at least I’d hope they didn’t. Still it’s a pretty amusing/interesting advertising campaign.

  11. duel says:

    those videos went pretty weird at some points, i forget what they are trying to sell…

  12. El Stevo says:

    Too juddery. Didn’t watch.

  13. Marshall says:

    We just don’t have the technology handle their sophisticated futuristic compression formats.

  14. Pags says:

    *Play video*

    “Eh eh eh ex eh eh ef eh eh eh ex…”

    *Close video*

    In the future, everyone lags.

  15. Serph says:

    Guys, it’s obviously laggy because of the time distortion field on the website. How else could it have been beamed from the future!?

  16. Nova says:

    Strange he doesn’t load anymore but the videos are laggy like hell. A bit embarassing for ATi.

  17. Monkeybreadman says:

    The phrase, ‘so much good work is lost for the lack of a little more’ springs to mind.

  18. army of none says:

    The tag is the best part of this post.

  19. Tei says:

    Is depresing that OpenGL is still second to DirectX in 2118 :-/

  20. Rath says:

    I’m still going with nVidia for my next card. I’ve had Radeon cards for so long I just feel it’s time for a change.

    On an extremely tangential note, Kieron Gillen either has a clone or is moonlighting by resurfacing the ice during Cardiff Devils games.

  21. diziet says:

    Wot no Better Than Life references?

  22. A Delicate Balance says:

    “XFX Graphics: We make reality delicious!”

    I’ve always wanted something that can do that. Reality is not realistic enough. Or delicious enough.

    When is this going to be released. I bet this turns out to be another Duke Nukem’ Forever. Damnit, I will so be dead by the time reality becomes real enough to be possible to represent in computer game form. How frustratingly unrealistic.

  23. jungleFish says:

    I don’t think this is an ATI campaign. I think XFX is a brand name that sells computer parts. I realized this when I was on their main site and it was giving me ads for NVIDIA products.

  24. Paul Moloney says:

    It would be nice if they used all that money to hire some decent developers who can code drivers that don’t cause video freezes. I’m definitely going for an nVidia next time.


  25. Deuteronomy says:

    Video number three with that chick with a confused expression holding up a molecular model was quite amusing. Unless Nvidia gets its shit together I will be getting an HD5850 this christmas.

  26. Toto says:

    Yeah, don’t get hopeful with Nvidia. Their drivers have been complete crap for a while. In fact, every driver since 182.xx has been crap (blue screens, stuttering, freezing, nv4disp crashes, etc..).

    • jalf says:

      Sure it’s not just your GPU that’s broken? ;)

    • JKjoker says:

      i havent experienced any crashes, but i do hate the (sort of ) “new” bloated control panel GUI for retards, i loved the old one, simple and to the point.

  27. Spoon says:

    Video 1: “XFX graphics is here to make it realer.”

    Could they not even find someone with decent grammar to write a script for them?

    • fearian says:

      Psst, Spoon! Don’t tell anyone, but I think it’s a joke!
      That said, if you where joking yourself, give me the ol’ wink or a nudge.

    • Spoon says:

      Wink and/or nudge. It still bothered me every time they used the word though.

    • Paul S says:

      And it feels so real you can feel the feeling.

      “But these cards go to DX11.”

  28. fearian says:

    It didn’t lag for me and I tittered to myself pleasantly. I MUST BE FROM THE FUTURE.

    Honestly I thought it was a pretty funny, low budget video that probably more about making ATI seem like a cool funny ‘with-the-web-trends’ company than directly selling graphics cards.

  29. Elyscape says:

    The main thing being advertised here is actually ATI’s Eyefinity Technology, a breakthrough feature that allows you to utilize an unprecedented six displays for unparalleled immersion. [/advertisement]

    Incidentally, it didn’t lag for me. Also, Eyefinity seems to be an evolved version of the Surround Gaming thing that was on the Matrox Parhelia forever ago.

  30. waffles says:

    It didn’t lag for me, though i do have a XFX radeon card.
    Also, this is a XFX campaign, not ATI.

  31. underproseductor says:

    Didn’t lag for me, too. Maybe the server is somewhere in my town. Cuz normally even youtube videos lag for me.

  32. Flit says:

    I love the black tape over the wii logo on the mario kart wheel.

  33. Srejv says:

    Feels like one of the intro videos from Better Off Ted.

  34. Patton says:

    Unless the ATI 5800 series offers a large boost in performance compared to my ATI 4870 1Gb, and i do mean LARGE, i wont be buying it. In this economic situation wasting 300-400 euros on a card thats not a great improvement doesnt make any sense.

  35. Lack_26 says:

    I had no problems with the video, which was funny, the other two videos are good too.

    I love that at the top it has;

    Gaming Research, Bio-tech and Genetics, Military and Weapons, Aerospace.

    Wait what? Well, it's good to see that in the future our brave soldiers will be fighting with ATI assault rifles and backed up by man-pad Nvidea hunter-killer missiles.

  36. Tei says:

    I have a XFX card, and i have it permanently underclocked to the max to let it work decently. In vengence, I flag “spam” all mails I receive from then (I probably registered his product with a checkbox [x] you accept to receive information with new productos, but I choose to act irrational here).

  37. wahwah says:

    They’re very similar to those Verdian Dynamics ads on Better Off Ted, which isn’t a bad thing.

  38. Stringycustard says:

    @wahwah I was about to say the same thing. Veridian Dynamics is much better, though.

  39. Schmung says:

    Man, I wanted to be the first person to make the Veridian Dynamics connection. That’s what I get for waiting ’till this morning to watch the vid. I guess time and the RPS comments thread waits for no man.

  40. Garg says:

    Didn’t think that viral campaign was too great, but geeking out a bit and looking at ATI’s new cards and you can see that NVidia really need to pull the rabit out of the hat for their next gen cards. Ultimately this is great, the competition of the past year has really driven GPU prices down and this looks like it’s going to continue.

  41. Lilliput King says:

    Dunno, Garg. Will probably be the way it is for a very long time. In GBP, you get a budget card for about £80-100, and a mid range for £180-200. It’s only top level cards that vary, and It’s really just a case of who offers a more powerful/stable/overclockable card at each price range that decides who is the current king of cards.

    ATi is doing well at the moment but Nvidia’s 8800 range wasn’t so long ago, and was ludicrously popular at all price ranges. Tbh they both deliver fairly decent products, so they’ll probably keep duking it out at the same level of competition for years to come.

  42. Clovis says:

    Immerse yourself in a gaming environment that is so real, you’ll prefer it over real life!

    Hmm… I already prefer my gaming experience over real life! Apparently I too am from the future and am not just suffering from extreme depression. Hooray!

    I’m outraged!

    • Clovis says:

      Er… why did my sig appear in this post? That looks idiotic. I wasn’t outraged at all (and no one around me suffered).

  43. bill says:

    Unrelated, but:

    Can you RPS guys contact ATI/NVIDIA and see if they can do anything about backwards compatibility of video drivers? With the recent resurgence of classic gaming, it’s becoming increasingly evident that modern cards can’t run old games.

    There must be something they can do about it. With a little prodding…

  44. Tem says:

    How about around 2x the performance? link to

  45. Shadow Wulf says:

    Odd cause the video doesn’t lag for me at all. In fact it ran beautifully for me.

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