Danger! High Jumpage: Joe Danger

A few months back I met up with Hello Games, a new British indie who emerged from places like Criterion, Sumo, Kuju, EA and Climax. And since there’s four of them, that’s a fairly impressive roster. Anyway! They’ve made their game public and while it’s a little off – Spring next year – I wanted to bring it to your attention. It’s called Joe Danger and it’s a much more free-flowing stunt-lead Trials 2 with a whole splash of Trackmania. I’d direct you to the hands-on with the ever-lovin’ Jon Hamblin over at Eurogamer for more information, and some splendid quotes. Oh – you can guarantee it’ll lead on a console, unless people like us make a lot of noise about it. On Steam first! Didn’t hurt Trials 2!


  1. lhzr says:

    trials + trackmania? fuck yes.

    although.. a most important question doesn’t seem to be answered by the EG article. does it have multiplayer? a yes could turn it into a party favorite, while a no would prolly make it just something nice-ish to pass the time every now and then.

  2. AndrewC says:

    I’d be dead happy with ‘Games You Can Complete In One Sunday Morning, Possibly While Hungover’ being a recognised genre – where there is no stigma attached to a game being small and focused (and cheap, obvs).

    The feature-bloat that happens, not because the game-design calls out for it, but because the developers need to make the game look like a ‘real’ game is quite exhausting to me. Switchball, for example, is a marble-madness type game that filled a lovely couple of hours – and had multiplayer. Why?

    If there are such games, RPS, make an article to tell me about them! And I hope this game is dead good and succesful, and has multiplayer On One PC.

  3. drygear says:

    Jumping in the disco! Jumping in the Taco Bell! Jumping in the disco! Jumping in the gates of hell!

  4. Clovis says:

    This thread is not popular. I blame “Tea Rex”.

  5. Mark S. says:

    Trials and Track? sandwiched together in one game of jelly goodness? Pure awesomeness.

    But as AndrewC says, you have to be able to play it whilst drinking and the next morn. hungover.

  6. Railick says:

    Tea Rex LMAO.

    I also like the surge drink that looks like a battery, I would totally drink that.

  7. Kua says:

    Well this is definitely something I’ll be looking out for.

  8. Lambchops says:

    Looks like a fun time waster to me.