Extreme Trucker!

No! But yes. Continuing this morning’s transportation theme there’s a new 18 Wheels Of Steel game on the horizon, Extreme Trucker, and it’s almost sexual: “Experience the freedom and charm of a trucker’s life, as trucks of chrome and metal pound the hot asphalt highway.” Man! Check out the extreme environments of the latest American Longhaul below. I’m sure there’ll be a demo along soon, and I, for one, cannot wait.


  1. Vagueism says:

    Is this a UK version, the environment says otherwise? Australia maybe? I don’t have a drivers license but driving on the left side of the road just looks so “wrong”!

    Anyway, are the distances in the game “real” (like in some flight sims)?

    • Ratty says:

      Looks to be a mix of (mainly) Aussie & American (coping off on the Ice Road Truckers popularity?) environments.

  2. Tei says:

    Wikipedia Link Of The Day ( big explosion – trucks – themed )

    link to en.wikipedia.org

  3. Javier-de-Ass says:

    hahaha. very nice. they had to do something idiotic to this series, it’s been pretty bad since forever. and rig’n roll will be taking over the SERIOUS truck sim’ers beginning next year.

  4. Joseph says:

    Wow, that truck has 40 wheels.

  5. Alexander Norris says:

    “Experience the freedom and charm of a trucker’s life; be expected to keep ridiculous delivery schedules that require you to drive for eighteen hours at a stretch in breach of every road safety law ever conceived, for pay that amounts to peanuts which will be docked anyway because you arrived thirty minutes late due to traffic!”

  6. Mike says:

    In the lake! :D

    Every game needs an ice level.

  7. Ffitz says:

    Can you murder prostitutes?

  8. Count Zero says:

    Has there ever been a good game with the word ‘EXTREME’ in the title?

    • Heliocentric says:

      Go into gamerankings.com and search for extreme, I browsed for 4 pages and gave up.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Space invaders extreme on the ds was good.

    • Stuk says:

      Was Peggle Extreme any good?

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      extreme g racing series, extreme rise of the triad, stronghold crusader extreme, lost planet extreme condition, every extend extra extreme, trackmania sunrise extreme, pursuit force extreme justice, ship simulator extremes, tokyo xtreme racer series, kknd xtreme, delta force xtreme series, xpand rally xtreme

    • ascagnel says:

      Every Extend Extra Extreme FTW. Record: 4 trillion points.

  9. MacBeth says:

    This is almost tempting to get. Even though I know I wouldn’t really play it much when it inevitably turns out to be less fun than I imagine it is.

  10. Uglycat says:

    It’s no Interstate ’76

  11. DMJ says:

    Chrome and metal?

  12. Songbearer says:

    Please say that water tower is actually mounted on the truck.

  13. UK_John says:

    Didn’t know a thing about this – if it’s dynamic and open world enough,I will get this!

  14. lePooch says:

    Is this another german sim that I am too young to understand, like Forklift Driver and Subway Train Dude? At least this one is more open and cheery looking than that subway game with the creepy zombie music.

    And yet why would I opt to drive a 18 wheeler to explore these maps, especially the jungle map with the fire truck? Screw the plane crash, I wanna see some snakes and chimpanzees!

  15. Ecko says:

    Um… are you all being secretly sardonic? Or can someone please explain to me the appeal of driving a …truck along for hours on end?

  16. XM says:

    It’s the challenge of driving that people like. Getting to the destination in one piece is very rewarding.

  17. Jim Rossignol says:

    Try downloading a demo from one the previous games.

  18. Shep says:

    Will this game be compatible with the G25, including the clutch? I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck!

  19. Nick says:

    I like trucking.

  20. Delrius says:

    Uhmmm…my father in law is a truck driver. That’s about as much freedom and charm as I really want to experience. When are they going to come out with “Stabbing yourself in the eye with an Icepick 2 EXTREME”? It should be more funnish…

  21. Railick says:

    I want "Iraq VIP Transport Deluxe Exteme IED Editon" where you have to transport extremely high value people through the worst parts of Iraq in a non-uparmed Humvee. No seriously I do want this! Someone make it for me NOW!

    I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE a sim where you get to fly a predator and they make it as realistic as possible so like, if you can play the game on full realism mode you could literally fly a predator in real life.

    • Heliocentric says:

      You actually just described the vip play mode in project reality mod for battlefield 2 with the first part of what you said for the second didn’t advance warfighter 2 let you use a predator drone?

  22. Railick says:

    I've played Project Reality for Battlefield 2 but it was a long time ago, I didn't see any VIP mode ( it was pretty freaking hard at that , which is awesome. ) Sadly I don't have battlefield 2 any more ;(

    Is advanced warfighter 2 a ghost recon game? I've always wanted to try that out but somehow missed it. I believe that is the one where the comericals show the guy shooting around the corner with a camera? as that any good?

  23. Heliocentric says:

    The advance warfighter games are alright. Awful ai though, your buddies will get stuck while following you, but you can command or abandon them, that works fine. Interesting multiplayer too.

    Project reality has moved on alot, several unique playmodes, and non conventional millitaries used in asymmetrical matches.

    Scs made bus driver, but somehow trucking holds no appeal even though i really enjoyed bus driver.

  24. Railick says:

    I played a few levels that were asymmetrical matches. I played as an insurgent against US forces in Iraq or something it was actaully really not very fun :P I was driving around in a truck with an ak-47 while the other team constantly bombed us with A-10s, M1A1s and Bradleys rolling through the streets constantly. I couldn't even find any RPGS or anything :( I remember hiding in a building or near one and popping a few random soliders in the head but I felt bad killing US soliders in this setting , it felt to real. (I spent like 10 minutes in a ditch with A-10s flying back and forth killing everyone around me)

  25. Rei Onryou says:

    How can the truck in the picture even turn? EXTREME!

  26. Delrius says:


    Yeah, did that for 10 monthsish…something tells me it would not be nearly as much fun in the comfort of my house.

    Now if they could somehow get the smells of burning shitte and plastic waterbottles to come out of the fan ports on my PC, well, maybe, it would almost be like the real thing…

  27. .... says:

    when can we play the game demo? or download the full version?

  28. Sean says:

    Do you get to piss in an empty 2 litre coke bottle, eat while driving, read a map while driving etc., like I had to when I drove a rigid in real life?