The RPS Bargain Bucket: Something Else

It’s that time of the week again. That time when you can help yourself from buying games because they are cheap and you might want to play them at some point. That can only mean it’s bargain bucket o’clock. A mix of indies, oldies, and games that are not even finished being made yet are on offer this week. Bargains from the future if you will. For more cheap electronic entertainment, check out SavyGamer

Left4Dead 2 – £20.25/€33.75/$33.75
Whilst the prerelease 10% off is quite nice, the real deal here is the pre-purchase four pack, for £80.99. If you buddy up with 3 other Left4Deaders, you can get the game for £20.25/€33.75/$33.75. Hey, isn’t that what we usually pay for an expansion pack?

Oddworld Pack – £3.05/€5.09/$5.09
Hello. Wait. Follow me. Grrr. *Whistle*. *Whistle again*. *Fart*. Hehehe. Amazing the kinds of things you can do with this vocabulary. The two Oddworld 2D platformers are disgusting, hilarious and challenging puzzlers. For this price, you basically need to have them in your Steam account please. They are of the Prince of Persia/Flashback/Another World/Blackthorne/Heart of Darkness lineage (which Wikipedia helpfully tells me is called “Cinematic platformers”, makes sense), and have the insanely fun gameplay mechanic of letting you charm and then inhabit enemy characters, and then make them kill themselves in funny ways. Not for the easilly frustrated, since there is going to be a lot of trial and improvement whilst playing these. These games have a wonderful personality, and feel like a real place, not a gameworld. I’m sure I heard there was plans for the two Xbox games getting PC ports, anyone been following it?

The Spirit Engine 2 – £4.71/€5.15/$7.50
JRPGs tend pretty heavily towards linear game design, although they often seems to attempt to mask it. The Spirit Engine 2 embraces it’s linearity, and presents the entire game on a 2D plain. Kieron wrote some words about it, and certainly seemed impressed: “The battle system seems to be agreeably direct yet tactical – there’s building of skill chains for your characters to work up and… well, it’s more than just selecting the biggest attack. You can also swap your party order of three – a Knight, a Swashbuckler and a Priest, ideally – at any time to mitigate damage multiplication and… oh, it’s a battle system. And a good one.” Seems like it’s worth a gamble at this price if it sounds like it might be your thing. You can also get 20% off using coupon “SURVEY-2009”, but you’ll have to get something else to meet the minimum spend requirement. Demo here.

Company of Heroes: Gold – £11.29/€12.34/$17.99
Speaking of “Something else”, this could be your something else. This includes the original game and the Opposing Fronts expansion pack. This is Relic’s WW2 realtime strategy game. Kieron said lots of lovely things like “I wish that we saw games this good more often.” about the original game, and then Alec followed up by saying some other lovely things like “No other RTS provokes the feeling that you’re inventing rather than enduring to defeat your foe to this extent.” about the expansion. RPS coverage here and demo here. Use the coupon “SURVEY-2009” to get this price.

Deal of the week
Indie games for £5/$5
D2D’s assault on prices turns its attention to indie games this week. It’s very difficult for me to pick any one so I’m not going to. There are RPS favourites Mount & Blade, World of Goo, Defence Grid (which can be added to Steam), The Path and Cogs. There is also Ed McMillen’s Gish, and Bridge Construction set (which is so cool it has a level in World of Goo named after it!), Sword of the Stars and Light of Altair too. UK folk can get something called Zatikon which I’ve not heard of, anyone played it? USA folk can get a PDF of pixels shaped like ladies. Wonderful. A bunch of games from previous weeks are still on sale too, the likes of Bioshock, Civ4 and Penumbra Collection are all worth your attention.

Also of note:
Audiosurf – £2.99/€4.99/$4.99 (Includes the complete Orange Box OST too)
30% off Tex Murphy games

If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.


  1. Oak says:

    I have a debilitating condition that makes me play any RTS with base-building as if it were a city builder, so I was keen on getting Sins in the hopes that it would coddle me with all sorts of planetary management and oribital colonies and the ability to trade space widgets with moonmen. It didn’t do that, of course. No, it sent fleets of spaceships to blow all my stuff up and remind me that I am simply abominable at strategy games. I’m not holding a grudge, though. It’s a fine game, just not what I was looking for.

    Sword of the Stars is sounding pretty interesting, however.

    • Vinraith says:

      SotS is pretty sparse on colony management by design, what you want for that is Galactic Civilizations 2.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      I’d disagree (slightly). At the start of a game SotS is pretty light on the planetary management stuff but the more stuff you research (trade for example) increases the amount of effort you can put in to have your colonies running at ‘optimal’ efficiency.
      You can however just not research those things or even if you do you can get by without developing the use of those technologies if you can’t really be bothered (and obviously lose out on the benefits). One of the good things about the games tech-tree is anything which is a “must have” tech as far as economics goes is either a pre-requisite to a ship or weapon tech which you’re really going to want or is tied to a ship or weapon upgrade (e.g. Waldo units give 10% reduction to ship building costs, 15% increase to your industrial output and gives you the very useful Hammerhead ship section). Also there appears to be very few, if any, pointless techs which you research just to unlock something else you actually want (everything has a use even if you’re not interested in that use particularly).

  2. Railick says:

    Might have to get mount and blade again, will be the 4th time I've purchased it :P