Enigma: Rising (Rip) Tide

As excited as I am at the prospect of scrambling through the fetid interior of a fully-modelled U-boat, a small patriotic part of me is sad that Silent Hunter 5, like its predecessors,  won’t be flying the White Ensign. It was our turn, dammit! It didn’t have to be British subs – a single captainable RN corvette class would have sufficed. Hunting the hunters now and again can be a barrel of fun as Enigma: Rising Tide, recently released in free, StarForce-stripped iso form, proves.

Half Silent Hunter 3, half Battlestations Midway, ERT is probably better known for the bad luck that dogged it  than for for being a novel, varied, rather well-executed naval sim. The fact that it was built by ex-Dynamix folk shows in the elegant UI and sensibly simplified instrumentation. If you want to dial numbers into a Torpedo Data Computer and pore over charts, stick with SH. This is a lighter, more manoeuvrable craft.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t sim-like subtleties. As a corvette captain you get to set your depth charge depths and patterns. As a torpedo-loosing destroyer or sub skipper, you can play with gyro angles and run depths. Best of all there’s an excellent voice-recognition system which allows mic-equipped mariners to bawl orders rather than mouse or key them.

Tesseraction’s brave decision to go with an alternate history setting (It’s the late Thirties and an Anglo-Japanese alliance are at war with a US-German axis…)
probably cost it some sales, as did the unambitious campaign approach and absent multiplayer.  Complaining about these things today would be terribly impolite.  Better to raise a tot of rum to Kelly ‘East’ Assay for freleasing ™ this notable nautical novelty.


  1. Webster says:

    Hmm! I was thinking recently about trying to find a copy of this. I quite liked the demo when I played it a while back. For free? Toooo the download page!

  2. Fenchurch says:

    Oh my goodness, an alternative history sim? *Joyful dance* Only 1946 really supplies anything substantial in that regard elsewhere.

  3. Tunips says:

    I greatly enjoyed the voice-control aspect of the game. It scratched the itch that was implanted after Star Trek Bridge Commander claimed to support it, but then went and required some elaborate set of proprietary hardware that isn’t made anymore. It’s wonderful fun to scream “Hard to port!” and “Fire all guns!” at a little computer man who’ll probably get it wrong. The game could really use a time compression button, though.

  4. Nurdbot says:

    Oooh, I wondered why the Union Jack and Japanese Imperial flag were mashed together. Sounds neat, Silent Hunter has always been too hardcore for me.

  5. Torgen says:

    Probably one of my fav games, period. I was a long-time supporter, and very sad to see the Tesseraction team not make it.

    Its wave action and vocie commands were superb, and it’s confounding that no other dev team has incorporated the voice command system.

    Godspeed, Kelly.

  6. phuzz says:

    Downloading at a painful 30kB/s, anyone got a better link?

  7. Poita says:

    30 KB/s. I dreeeaaaam of 30 kb/s. Back in my day . . er now, i would get up in the morning, walk twenty miles to my computer, eat some coal, log on then be lucky if i had 20 KB/s. You don’t know you’re born.

  8. Wooly says:

    50 kb/s for me! 8D

  9. Hypocee says:

    Niiiine kbps right now. I was there first! Get off the line!

    It is totally sweet of the devs to host this up, though – I’ll have to throw ’em a few bucks before I even play the thing.

  10. Railick says:

    Silent Hunter 3 or 4 has voice commands do they not? ( I can’t remember which one but I’m sure one of them does)

  11. Kelly 'East' Asay says:

    Thanks for the kind words, was a pleasure to release it. Sorry we couldn’t keep hosting it…it was rum or bandwidth…you know how that turns out. Enjoy.