Don’t Just Stand There: Stalkerfest

Sergey Galyonkin sends word that he’s posted pictures from the heavily-attended Stalkerfest 2009 over on Flickr. You can check out the mass of cosplayers (reportedly around 500) and also see GSC’s developer band getting up on stage top strut their stuff. For those of you down with the local language, there’s also a blog account of the event here.


  1. skizelo says:

    So for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cosplay, you throw some tubing onto army surplus gear. Neat!

  2. Sergey says:

    Thanks for giving the link to the Russian blog Jim.

  3. Sergey says:

    Thanks for giving the link to the Russian blog Jim.
    In addition, the cos play looks great! Quite an enthusiastic crowd eh?

  4. Muzman says:

    That’s cool. They look like they’re having way too much fun though. Too much women folk are probably cheering them up.

    Did y’all see this one? It’s kinda Stalker LARP-ing, apparently in the actual Zone.
    link to

  5. Jacques says:

    The post should be renamed “Don’t Just Stand There: Sausagefest”.

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    The word cosplay has a rather fetishy connotation for me. Thinking of asian folk with penchants for strange and unknown characters. That, or elderly women dressing up as Xena, for example. *ahem*

    • Jacques says:

      Fetish clubs are scarier than that. Think old men only wearing a cock ring.

    • Muzman says:

      I remember when I was about 6 or 7 my friend’s mother completely shattered my whole world by casually referring to the manly Action Figures we were playing with as Dolls.

  7. Mort says:

    Liking the dancer in that set of pics.
    Never knew stalker had such a following. I bought the game at the weekend for fiver from d2d, and after an hour getting it working, I was distinctly underwhelmed. Insta-death by pack of dogs while I was talking to an NPC, only to discover no auto saves for the last hour. yay.

    • oceanclub says:

      Install the Oblivion Lost mod and give it a bit of patience. Trust me, I didn’t get into it at first, but the atmosphere will suck you in.

    • subversus says:

      it may be tough, but it’s a survival shooter, it won’t empower you, it’s more about pressure and constant menace.

    • neems says:


      It’s an acquired taste I guess, I recommended Stalker to loads of people, most of whom now think I have terrible taste in computer games. Still my favourite ever single payer FPS though.

    • Dominic White says:

      Don’t listen to oceanclub – Oblivion Lost will lead to many, MANY more horrible deaths by pseudo-random events. The STALKER Complete 2009 mod is a graphical/audio/text improvement dealie though, which is highly reccomended for first time play.

    • oceanclub says:

      No, no, listen to MEEEE. Yup, there are a few weird deaths – but they’re in the original game anyway. Oblivion Lost adds sleep among other things which I won’t spoil. A tiny thing like the ability to sleep really adds to the game, since at night, black is BLACK and trying to stumble around the countryside with your torch on the surest way to death.

      One moment really stands out for me how the game is so different, partly because you feel vulnerable in a very realistic way; not the usual Rambo type. I’m going through Garbage at night, noises all around, with very little ammo and a pressing need to sleep. Bandits are in the warehouses to my west, and anomalies and mutants are all around; no way can I take them on. So I creep further north, wondering what the hell I will find. I stumble across a Freedom headquarters, where I know I’m relatively safe, can have some kip and leave in the bright early morning. It’s the only game I know where I’ve been relieved to stumble across a bunch of armed fascists because they the _least_ scary of all options.

    • Smithee says:

      Mort – I’d give it another shot. I’m playing it for the first time right now, and on the recommendation of folks here I’m using the Complete 2009 mod, which more-or-less keeps the original gameplay (or so I’m told) and makes the game look absolutely gorgeous.

      Still, don’t be surprised if you die quite a few more deaths than the average shooter, some of which would otherwise seem unfair by most FPS standards. The Zone’s a pretty cruel place. (For example: I’ve been killed by a pack of dogs in my sleep – I never even had the chance to defend myself.) It all adds up to a constant feeling of menace, as you’re rarely ever safe.

    • TeeJay says:

      The STALKER Complete 2009 mod adds sleep as well.

    • Junior says:

      Oblivion lost is a horrible pile of other mod parts, all the best parts of it are stolen from the AMK mod.

      If you’ve only tried OL, you owe it to yourself to check AMK out.

      link to
      link to

      This does however require the 1.0004 patch, but TRUST ME, it’s well worth it.

    • Blurr says:

      I think the replies to your post show you how much of a following there is. The game is …. an acquired taste. Personally I started it 4 times before I ever got to the garbage but once I got into it I’v considered it one of the best games I’v ever played

  8. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Looks awesome :) Not really cosplay so much as kinky uniform-play though? Ah, actually that’s the same thing. Nevermind…

  9. Ian says:

    I have to say I’m glad to see that cosplay isn’t only limited to creepy fans of Japanese anime.
    Man, I wish I could have been there.

  10. Sergey Galyonkin says:

    Thank you for linking :)

    Yes, STALKER is this big in Ukraine. I suppose it is because it’s combination of biggest local-developed game and national tragedy. Something like WW2 games in Western Europe.

  11. diebroken says:

    Nice, but I find their lack of guitars disturbing… Also, women in the Zone? ;)

    • Dominic White says:

      Lack of guitars?

      link to

      Maybe nothing acoustic, but they’re definitely rocking out right there.

    • diebroken says:

      That’s my point, i didn’t see any acoustic guitars, let alone a stalker having one slung on his back… I hope they remembered at least to bring nuts and bolts! :P

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      Some cosplayers in crowd (not on scene) actually had acoustic guitars. But it was hard to navigate through crowd and shoot pictures, so I don’t have photos of them. :(

    • diebroken says:

      Ah, thanks anyway for putting up the images in the first place. :)

      I can’t believe I missed this on ttlg: link to

  12. Sergey Galyonkin says:

    Also, some of best dressed cosplayers are actually teams from annual STALKER strike-ball game. And their gear is completely working. For example guys from Monolith team (pictured here) have a beam projectors installed which help them to guard territory at night.

    I wasn’t at STALKER strike-ball game myself, but my friends were. You can check some pictures here link to or here link to

    Told ya it is big :)

  13. Taillefer says:

    The whole crowd should shout the “Don’t just stand there…” bit in unison.

  14. TotalBiscuit says:


  15. Fenchurch says:

    Ooh, ooh! Can I play the old man scientist who says:

    HELLO? Hello?
    HELLO? Hello?
    HELLO? Hello?
    HELLO? Hello?

    Over and over?

  16. mrmud says:

    Those look like Airsofters who put on a little bit of extra kit.

  17. Sunjammer says:

    With a name like Stalkerfest, you can’t really be surprised at a low female turnout ;P

  18. Cedge says:

    Get out of here, cosplayers.

  19. underproseductor says:

    Let’s test their gasmasks with a little bit of nerve gas.

  20. Ivan Druzhkov says:

    I wanna be the merc on the stairs!

    “I said ‘come in,’ don’t just stand there!”
    “I said ‘come in,’ don’t just stand there!”
    “I said ‘come in,’ don’t just stand there!”
    “I said ‘come in,’ don’t just stand there!”
    “I said ‘come in,’ don’t just stand there!”
    “I said ‘come in,’ don’t just stand there!”

  21. linfosoma says:

    I spent my entire weekend playing Stalker thanks to that awesome LURK mod and I see this.
    Can’t wait for the new game.

  22. ZIGS says:

    If only would someone help…

  23. Muzman says:

    Piss off!

  24. Hulk Hogan says:

    Stalker is the easiest game to Cos-Play for, just dress like a military version of a hobo and that’s it.

  25. DMJ says:

    I was about to comment about how crazy this is, until a quick trawl of my memory revealed that I’ve heard of Portal and Tetris cosplay. And that’s not even counting the Murlocks, of course.

  26. Brass Gerbil says:

    Add one spoonless grenade to that scene and the dork ratio in Russia would drop considerably in about 4.5 seconds.

  27. MrMud says:

    Ok, after watching the images, that is a bit crazy. Thought this was some kind of large LARP or similar (which would make sense) but this is nuts.

  28. Cooper says:

    Aw, shit.
    So I was in Kiev for 6 weeks, and only came back to the UK a week ago. I was there for my PhD, doing some pilot research (tourism and Chernobyl) and could easily have gone to this and claimed it as fieldwork. (I’ve claimed repeated playthroughs of Stalker and the Pripyat level in CoD4 as research, as well as the stalker movie and Roadside picnic…) But I didn’t have a clue this was on.

    I was staying on Kreschatik, I could see that main square – it was 30 seconds away from where I was staying. One more week there – if only I had known…

    Bugger. Hopefully I’ll get around to arranging that interview with GSC peeps when I’m out there next Spring…

  29. Günter says:

    I do hope someone was carrying some bolts tied to a bit of bandage gauze.

  30. OJ287 says:

    Kanyhalos, maker of Oblivion Lost mod says…
    …with pics.
    Anybody know more about this?

    • Justin says:

      Call of Pripyat is already out on the other side of the world, and the map files have already been pulled apart and used within the Shadow of Chernobyl game by modders. That’s an assumption on my part.

  31. Justin says:

    This is wierd, like being the only person you know who has seen Star Wars, and then going to San Diego Comic Con.

  32. Overwatch_UA says:

    Grigorovich did a little interview during this event and he answered the question about western release delay.

    Simple math: stalker is a phenomenon in former-USSR countries, so it’s released on schedule there, stalker was also very successful in Germany, so November ’09 for germans, but in all other Western European countries and in US stalker was just another good game which sold well, just another one in charts. The decision was made to evade competition and move the release date from the crowded september-Xmas period, so there you go — Jan-Feb ’10 release date.

    I know western stalker fans will probably say “Oh, those greedy bastard devs!!!”. But hey, come on, gamedev biz is cruel, not the devs. This move may actually increase budget (read “quality”) for stalker 2 or whatever they call it.

  33. Momo the Cow says:

    I second Justin.

    It’s odd, and oddly vindicating, yet ticklingly perturbing as well.

  34. Davee says:

    So there ARE women in the Zone. No, that can’t be… The Cosplay looks a bit silly, however the LARP/Airsoft-events looks like awesome fun! Too bad it’s in Ukraine. Not to mention the language barrier… :(