Magicka: It’s An Adventure Of Some Sort

That sort of thing.

I think I have a new favourite trailer. For Magicka. Despite the accolades it’s already won it hasn’t crossed my path before, only announced this week as an official game. It’s the creation of developers Arrowhead Games, based in SkellefteĆ„, Sweden, and appears to be a cross between a dungeon crawler and a top-down shooter, letting you create your own magic spells on the fly. Offering up to four-player co-op, it’s, well, offering the chance to “become immersed in a generic fantasy world”. Which is where it gets enticing.

It’s only rumoured for PC at this time, while confirmed for XBLA, but looking at the potential fun I’m very hopeful they’ll do the obvious and take advantage of the enormous digital distribution options for our tall boxes. It seems fast-paced and explosive, if simplistic (it was originally conceived in 2D, and then switched to 3D later on). And, well, just watch the trailer:


  1. dancingcrab says:

    This looks sweet!

    Nice find, JW.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      this needs a PC release!!!

      also when i look at it in action it gives me the urge to play dwarf fortress

      actually that engine could make for a great dwarf fortress front end

      /googles quakebells

    • Jack says:

      That looks awesome!

      And you’re right, it would be a beautiful engine for Dwarf Fortress. Imagine the elephants!

  2. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    We honestly need more Diablo-alikes that poke fun at Diablo-alikes.

    And is it just me or are those little Jawa-people adorable?

  3. Torgen says:

    oooh, a dungeon crawler with friendly fire on? This oughta be good, especially when played while drunk! :D

  4. Gap Gen says:

    That is probably my new favourite trailer. And I don’t even really like Diablo-style games all that much.

  5. David says:

    Looks like it’ll be a blast to play, especially co-op!

  6. Alastayr says:

    The levels remind me of the gorgeous Infinity Engine backdrops. Yay for nostalgia bonus.

  7. Bhazor says:

    This actually looked better to me than the Diablo 3 trailers I’ve seen. As long as all that colour and character forms a decent setting rather than just being a gag I mean.

    But really any rpg where magic can backfire hilariously is a must watch for me. My favourite backfire is probably summoning a demon in BG2 and having it chase me around half the dungeon because I forgot my protection spells.

    • M.P. says:

      Yep, friendly fire is fun! One of my favourite tactics was stacking +Fire Resistance items on Minsc until he was above 100% (easily possible), then sending him into the middle of the enemy party to “tank” and aiming fireballs at him – if above 100% resistance, fire damage actually healed him! :)

      But anyhoo, this looks like it could be unhealthy amounts of insane fun, so, if this thread is about showing interest in getting it ported to PC, consider my arm to be enthusiastically raised in the air!

    • Meatloaf says:

      Wild Mages. That’s all I’m going to say.

    • Sobric says:

      Haha dropping cows on people, or accidentally changing gender was always fun.

  8. jackflash says:

    OMG that looks hilarious and wonderful. WANT. (on PC).

  9. Dolphan says:

    ‘I don’t have a house’

    I pretty much collapsed with laughter at this point (the sound effect is perfect). Want.

  10. noom says:

    Become Immersed in a Generic Fantasy World is possibly my favourite pitch for a game ever.

  11. Meatloaf says:

    This is like Lost Magic: The Satire RPG, and oh goodness does it look splendid. I think this will go up there with Castle Crashers for That Game That We Play Late At Night When There’s Four Of Us.

  12. Vinraith says:

    That has real potential, I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

  13. mortiphago says:

    looks like a bunch of generic fun to be had!

  14. Aftershock says:

    Really do want this, it looks like an absolute blast to play at a lan or such.

  15. Tunips says:

    Nox is what it makes me think of.

  16. Jad says:

    For those whom it may concern,

    I want this game.

    Sincerely yours,

    PS. On PC, of course.

  17. Ybfelix says:

    Ma-gic-ka. Hmm, hard to pronounce

  18. Alexander Norris says:

    I think what I like the most about this is the obvious irreverence with which it treats itself. We need more self-parodying fantasy.

  19. Aldaris says:

    ‘Accidentally get killed by up to 3 of your ‘Friends’.

  20. Rabbitsoup says:

    O wait I don’t have a house.

  21. bill says:

    I like the way the spells have machine gun and shotgun sounds…

  22. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Love the humour :)

  23. pkt-zer0 says:

    4 player co-op with friendly fire? This could be almost as fun as Wizard of Wor.

    Also, PC release please.

  24. Bobsy says:

    Am I the only person getting a massive Age of Wonders vibe from this?

    Oh wait, am I the only person who played Age of Wonders?

    Ah piss.

  25. Rinox says:

    Looks wonderful! I really hope this comes to PC, because the idea of co-op fun in an RPG that doesn’t take itself too seriously is a major turn-on.

  26. toni says:

    love the trailer, liked diablo but this all-nonsense and humoristic approach nailed it for me.
    hope for a pc release of course if only on steam (I still prefer physical copies and cheaper prices)

  27. Nimic says:

    That looked downright fun. Also, the trailer was… fantastic.

  28. Ian says:

    Brilliant trailer.

  29. skyturnedred says:

    Looks like this could be fun, hope it has online coop too.

  30. Sparvy says:

    I remember seeing this when they won some indie/school project competion a couple of years back, it really looks a lot better now. An extremely well made trailer too!

  31. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    Hehe. Color me interested.

  32. PHeMoX says:

    A PC release would be awesome!!!

    In fact, this is what a semi-3D sequel version of the older Zelda games should look like. It could have been slightly less colorful to my taste, but the gameplay looks very smooth and fun.

  33. Andy says:

    People will probably hate me for this, but since quitting world of warcraft I have longed for a game where you can just drop in and start a good dungeon crawl with your mates. Imagine if me and some friends could buy the game, load up, pick our characters/classes/weapons and start running deadmines, or scarlet monestary, or zulfarrak (without needing a week of grinding and levelling first). This game looks like something closer to my dream.

    • Sparvy says:

      I really doubt you are the only one. Heck, I would say this is the kind of thinking that made me buy L4D, it is essentally an FPS dungeon crawl without the grind.

  34. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Looks like fun, actually.

  35. DMJ says:

    Could it be? A comedy game that works as both comedy and game?

    This is a sign of the End Times.

  36. Zyzzi says:

    It appears that 4 player co-op is the new online multiplayer, what with L4D and Borderlands and all that stuff. This game looks refreshingly old-school, and great fun. This better come to the PC.

  37. Rai says:

    Found a few newsposts around claiming its PC and 360.

    link to

  38. Erlend M says:

    When I saw the opening picture, I noticed that they used the same font as the Gentle Giant revival band Three Friends use in their logo. And then one of the texts in the video include the phrase ‘three “friends”‘. COINCIDENCE!? (Well, in all likelihood, yes.)

  39. Winterborn says:

    God I hope that this really is coming for PC.

  40. Melf_Himself says:

    “become immersed in a generic fantasy world”

    I had to read this a couple of times before getting it.

    This looks like a heap of fun, hope you keep us supplied with more juicy info as you get it.