The Qix And The Dead Format: Fortix Demo

John Walker and I have just blown 15 minutes talking about this post. We're professional even when we're being deeply unprofessional.

This most attracted my attention, because it’s a PSP/PC development split, which is something that I don’t see very often. Fortix is basically a medieval update of the attritional-take-over-of-area game which is much harder to explain than actually play. You can get the demo here or skip below to see if you’re tempt to rush out to buy a PSPGo. Or spend five dollars on the full version.


  1. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Sort of fun while it lasts. Well, somewhat entertaining, at least. I doubt I would finish the real game, it’s just more of the same, I suspect.

  2. brulleks says:

    Ye Gods. Does the world really need another Zolyx clone?

    What was the game I was playing with one of these in recently?

    It was definitely a mini-game in something else – something recently released. Involved having to avoid scissors that moved around the lines you drew… Gah.

    Bully! That was it. It was a minigame in Bully. A really bad minigame in Bully.

  3. Finn says:

    I think I remember a game from YEARS ago, named Silk or wossname, which was like this but you.. er.. had naked japanese anime ladies… on the background or whatnot…

    Anyway, it was fun and this seems fun.

  4. Finn says:

    Gah, canĀ“t edit my comment; anyway, yeah, it was a Qix clone, abandonware by now, here you go:

    link to

  5. Baris says:

    Oh man, a game in the same genre as this, but with a more purple-ish theme (I really have no idea) was all my friends and I played for a good year back in the 90’s sometime. Nostalgia win!

  6. noom says:

    Loved one of these called Volfied way back when. Might give this a crack for nostalgia’s sake.

    • RobF says:

      Volfied is very much Qix done right, the original is one of the most brutally unforgiving arcade games I can think of. I learnt to hate the Qix and its stick-y multicoloured evil.

      The only thing I can say about Fortix, mind, is contrast people. Use it!

  7. seras says:

    ive watched the video twice….and i still have entirely no clue what’s going on

  8. dingo says:

    You “gain” part of the play field by drawing a quarter around it (white in the video). Once in your possession the bad guys (birds, cannonballs here) can’t access them anymore.
    Your goal is to gain a certain amount of play field (usually around 75%-80%) to win.

    I played some clone with uncovering naughty anime pics some years ago (parts you owned were uncovering the picture underneath it).
    Fun diversion for some time but I certainly won’t pay for it.

    • dingo says:

      Forgot: You have to avoid the bad guys of course and you can only move on your lines therefore making this a bit strategic.
      You can trap the enemies and destroy them that way draw a quarter around them).

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