A Tale Of 2×2 City Of Heroes Missions

I was thinking about blogging about this weekend in City of Heroes being one of those double-XP-and-reactivate-all-old-accounts weekends that MMOs like to throw… but the news breaking on another interesting initiative pushed possible into definite. You’re aware that the Cities games have a level designer function, allowing players to design their own arcs? Well, since this is flexible and accessible enough, Paragon have started a Guest Writer program where they bring published authors to do a mission. The first four – from Bill Willingham (FABLES), Rooster Teeth (RED vs. BLUE) and Scott Kurtz (PvP) – debut on Tuesday, and you’ll find the details below…

Guest Author: Bill Willingham, New York Times bestselling writer, and the creator of the multiple award winning comic book series Fables

Title: “Quest for Magic”

Description: Irena Faust is tired of being a civilian in a super world, so she’s embarked upon a quest for super powers. She thinks magic is the way to go and she has an idea of where to start. Can you help her?

Guest Author: Rooster Teeth, best known for the popular comedy series, Red vs. Blue

Title: “Mission: Awesome”
Description: Help Captain Dynamic defeat the Great Face’s evil plans…


Title: “The Great Face-Off”

Description: The Great Face wants to wreak havoc on Paragon City. He needs your help to free him from Paragon Prison and then carry out his master plan…

Guest Author: Scott Kurtz, a full-time comic-strip artist for “PvP”

Title: “OMG, it’s the LOLBAT!”

Description: OMG! Your new contact on the street is none other than the Internet meme-obsessed hero, the LOLBAT, and he brings grave if not confusing news. The Algonquin Hate Table, a rogues´ gallery of the LOLBAT’s greatest foes, are looking to expand their heinous if not artfully influenced crime syndicate into Paragon City. If you know what’s good for you and the citizens you protect, you won’t let that happen. Luckily, the LOLBAT knows how these guys work and he’s ready to help you defeat these pompous profligates.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised there wasn’t more actual missions made by professional writers already in the system. There was – unsurprisingly – a lot of comic-creators who played City of Heroes to death when it came out. I know of one, from 2000AD writer Al Ewing, which you can apparently play by selecting “67280”, but I bet there’s more. I was also amused by despite the fact Matt Fraction wasn’t playing it, back in the day when someone told him they’d created a Rex Mantooth character in the game, he took the time to write a one line battle-cry for him. Hurrah for Matt Fraction, etc.


  1. Torgen says:

    The new customizable power colors (you get a primary and secondary tint) led me to fire up my expired account to make a psychic blaster named the Mt Dew Mentat (battle-cry” “It by the power of caffeine that I put my mind in motion) with green and yellow tinted psychic powers instead of pink and purple.

    But after a couple hours, I gave up. I’ve seen the low level stuff SO many times, and it’s really not enough to get me to resub in these harsh economic times. So, I’m messing around in the F2P DDO and also dinking around in the village I live in on Wurm, helping new players.

    • mujadaddy says:

      That’s one of my problems with MMO’s in general — my reptilian brain sees much more value in $15 worth of hamburgers over 2 nights than $15 of fee to play a game that has minimal engagement (ie, every MMO ever).

      I would buy Champions at full price if it didn’t have a sub fee.

      Side note: I was in the 2nd-phase of the closed beta for Champions. When they opened the beta up it was like night and day — it was MUCH more polished.

  2. Railick says:

    Hrm, I wonder if I can remember my old CoH Log in info, it's been a long time. I wonder if my Pitt Demon is still there ^_^

  3. FP says:

    How do these custom mission work from a char level perspective? I never got to max-level in CoH, are they available for lowbies too?

  4. Arathain says:

    All custom missions are available to all characters, of any level. If the mission uses an enemy group that is out of your level range, your level will be adjusted for the duration of the mission.

    That said, a level 10 character is going to have a lot of trouble handling level 40 enemies, just because the low level character doesn’t have the same attacks and enhancements, even if they are technically level 40. It’s also worth noting that custom made enemies, even ones set to standard, tend to be a bit tougher than the regular villain groups.

    There are plenty of missions written specifically for low level characters, and tagged as such. There’s even a thread on the forum where people list them.

  5. Railick says:

    Do you get experience for these missions? Does the mission creator decide how much xp you should get?

  6. Tei says:

    I have a idea for a level!

    2×2 kilometers of explosive barrels AND mobs.

  7. Shaz says:

    For regular Architect Missions, yes, you get xp just as if it were a regular mission. You do not get badge progress towards normal, non-Architect defeat badges. You also do not get the regular drops. Instead of enhancements/salvage/recipes, you get Mission Architect Tickets which can be redeemed for any of the above, plus more (such as unlocking various things you can then use in the Mission Creator). I believe Dev’s Choice & Hall of Fame missions give normal drops instead of tickets, however.

  8. Arathain says:

    I have to say, the Architect is very impressive indeed. It really is very easy to use, and you can do a lot of neat stuff. It’ll be fun to see what talented writers can do.

    The new ability to custom colour your powers has made the city a lot more colourful, and it’s possible to realise a vast new range of character concepts with this.

    I love City of Heroes. I seem to keep coming back to it, even when I think I’m done. I think it was KG who once nailed the game when he said it’s about hitting things and looking good. There’s not much game outside the extensive character creation and the excellent combat engine, but those are enough for me.

    I hear people complain about the grind, and I wonder what they’re grinding to. The bit where you go out and hit villains? That’s the game.

  9. Railick says:

    When I saw the title I thought it was about a string of Missions in CoH where you do the entire thing in a 2 tile x 2 tile room where you instantly face againt a huge villian and have no where to run to :P

  10. Glazius says:

    You can actually choose regular rewards or architect tickets for the dev missions. Architect tickets are a little better if you’re planning to invent things or do any marketing since you can focus ’em all into one reward type instead of spreading them out.

    Aside from that, it’s largely standard XP, though custom enemy groups are worth less if they’re missing a rank of enemy, and custom enemies who are missing certain powers are worth reduced amounts of XP or nothing at all.

    You can search missions by level range or keywords now, but before we had those in, a lot of people took to tagging their descriptions and getting searched for that way. “canon-related” and “original story” or “SFMA” are generally solid ways to find arcs written with an emphasis on story. “LBMA”, “MLMA”, and “HLMA” are ways to find arcs good for lowbies, mid-levels, or high levels, though you can also limit a search to arcs that work at YOUR level.

    (full disclosure: 1874, 2180, 5073, and 329000 are my arcs and they’re tagged this way, so feel free to ignore)

  11. Dan says:

    Something about playing a superhero game to be parodied by some of the most idiotic internet memes around puts me off this idea.

  12. Railick says:

    anyone else have fond memories of the early days of CoH (maybe they still do this I don't know) People used to come around and host contests to see who had the coolest hero and the winner got money and upgrades ect based on the judges choice :) I won quiet a few of those actually with my Pitt Daemon character.

    • Arathain says:

      There are costume contests all the time in Atlas Park. I’ll probably have one myself soon to celebrate getting my first level 50 hero.