Even The Flash Can’t Outrun The Axe

he is quite fast, and called Barry

This probably-genuine video of a poor, dead thing caught my eye today. Reportedly, it’s footage of a recently-cancelled videogame based on DC Superhero The Flash. His powers: he can run fast and has tiny wings on his ears. Which, I would have thought, can complicate coming up with interesting new story ideas for him, but does make him ideally suited to a videogame. Especially that current superhero videogame vogue: the open-world city. The idea of traversing blocks in a split-second, or using momentum to create extreme Parkour, is enormously tantalising. Here’s what we could have been in for…

Now, it’s not confirmed as genuine – indeed, a Flash game was never announced, though was at least rumoured. According to now-defunct developer Bottlerocket Entertainment:

“This is early game footage from the cancelled Flash video game. When our publisher Brash folded we were about 6 months into full production with about a year still to go on the game so please excuse the roughness of how it looks at this stage. A lot of the core elements were just starting to surface and we were all really saddened that the game couldn’t be saved. It was showing much potential. As such we just wanted to share a sample of what the game could have been like. Enjoy!”

Clearly it’s unfinished footage, but some of the concepts – bamboozling enemies with speed, a certain Mirror’s Edginess – shine through. Maybe it would have been on PC, maybe it wouldn’t – but I suspect most of us would have been disappointed it it wasn’t. The Flash does seem like a gift of a character for a game, so whether or not this is legit, hopefully it’ll inspire DC to get on with making one.


  1. linfosoma says:

    Speaking of games that may or may not have been on PC, did anyone see the alpha footage of the new Road Rash HD? I pissed my pants, only to findout that the game is apparently cancelled.

    There was a video on destructiod:

  2. Railick says:

    He has lightning bolts on his ears mate, lightning bolts, not wings ! Also you forgot he can vibrate his body so fast that he can walk through walls and travel through time :P How are those for interesting game mechanics?

  3. The Pink Ninja says:

    Fist fights in slow mo with a Hero that is neither Lord Pain King of Angst or a Giant Overpowered Boy Scout against a great Rogue gallery?

    Anyone who doesn’t think Flash is great fodder for a game should watch the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Cartoons

  4. Railick says:

    The Flash is one of my favorite super heros, he's funny and really very powerful he just doesn't seem to get the same sort of attention as Super Man and Spider Man (I'm aware they're from two diffrent universes btw) I would love to see a new game about The Flash and also a new movie or something would be great.

    I'm always confused by Super Man movies/comics. They say he is as fast as a speeding bullet ect but you never actually see him moving that fast most of the time, and yet several times he's tied with the flash in a race O.o

    • Jugglenaut says:

      The Smallville tv series actually used Superman’s speed quite a bit. Admittedly, the show hasn’t been the best lately, and it was always filled with teen angst crap, but it did do a decent job of portraying all of his powers (and how he learned of them).

    • Aftershock says:

      There was one time where superman and the flash had to race across the universe to stop a gigantic black hole from eating everything.
      The flash won by the smallest fraction of a second.


  5. Lu-Tze says:

    The only reason it got cancelled is because it was a PR nightmare, no-one could google “Flash game” and manage to get any info about it.

  6. Torgen says:

    You don’t need to be invulnerable when you can sock a guy in the face 50 times before he can blink an eye, and even pick bullets out of the air! There would be SO many interesting and twisted ways to fight crime in an open-city game with some sort of physics engine. Remove the tires from the getaway car as they try to escape, spin a criminal so fast he loses consciousness, etc

  7. Pidesco says:

    Hey, that’s the tune from the TV show.

  8. Cedge says:

    Hang out at Unseen64 for a while, and you can just about bring yourself to tears over all sorts of great-looking games that we’ll never get to play.

    I just recently saw tests of a new Mutant League game that will never come out. Pity.

  9. Fenchurch says:

    FGS no don’t watch that clip if you haven’t seen the Justice League cartoons it’s the climax to the 3rd season! (And I kicked myself for letting a friend spoil it for me with that very clip)

    link to youtube.com

    I advise watching “Flash and Substance”, which highlights some of the… Weaker villains in the DC canon. =-P

    Whilst I love Batman: The Brave And the Bold, I certainly wish that there’d been another series or three of Justice League Unlimited. It had some weak episodes but there was some lovely scripting, voice direction and character design going on.

  10. Railick says:

    I don't honestly understand how Batman can survive in a world where there are villians powerful enough to kill superman, that has always confused me. How can he keep up with the other super heros?

    You see scenes where a monster is over powering super man (If only for a second) Then you see batman kicking the crap out of the same monster even though he has no super strength at all.

    Pretty much every super hero with super powers could take out batman. He's only really effective against villians who have no super powers themselves or ones with mostly useless super powers. Yet he continues to be the go to guy for the justice league , I just don't get why they need him along when they've got super man and the green lantern and the flash ect , what can he really add?

  11. Dante says:

    Because he’s the God Damn Batman.

  12. K says:

    There’s just something I find off-putting about super-heroes in any medium.

  13. Railick says:

    Oh yah I forgot about that Dante

  14. The Archetype says:

    Batman adds cleverness and money to the Justice League. All those cool toys don’t come cheap.

  15. RyePunk says:

    I really love the Flash as a hero, but honestly I think his established powers are basically impossible to put in a game without making the game beyond easy; You just slow down everything and have your character able to circle the planet in the time it takes the bad guy to yell “Look!”. Or alternatively, making the game implayable because you are controlling a guy moving at the speed light.
    And watching the Flash on Justice League was unbearable, Oooh He cant catch a speeding truck!

    What the flash is suddenly bound by the speed limit of the round he’s on? Yet still able to RUN ALONG THE SIDE OF BUILDINGS! Oh god that episode hurts my head.

  16. TCM says:

    Combat system reminds me a bit of Batman’s, to look at it. Too bad it’s dead, could have been pretty cool.

    Also, @Railick: Batman can survive anything because he is just that prepared. He has methods to kill everyone on the planet, he has methods to stop zombie apocolypses and alien attacks, he has methods to kill himself if he were to ever become evil, he knows where you live, and really, it’s just best not to mess with a lunatic dressed as a bat.

  17. Railick says:

    That is the thing about super hero games. You either keep true to the super heros powers (making the hence men WAY to easy) and just make the bosses realistic as well giving you a challenge at the end of each level, or you make the hence men way to strong and suddenly the game doesn't make sense when compared to the source material (someone punching out spider man ? O.o PLEASE)

    Anyone else remember playing an old Super Man atari game where the goal of the game was extremely unclear? I remember you're trying to build a bridge or something but I could never figure out what the game wanted me to do and I didn't have a manual or anything to go with it :P We played it like 40 times and finally gave up and went back to play Empire Strikes Back, at least that game was clear.

  18. Earl_of_Josh says:

    It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what the title meant. (Who/what is the axe, and WHY IS IT SO FAST??)

  19. Carra says:

    I still have my old 8 bit flash game for the sega.

  20. ikigeg says:

    i’ve seen faster!

  21. Urthman says:

    The JLA:Flash game for GBA was not too bad.

    The “Flash”-type character, Bullet, in Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich was awesome. The pause in the combat meant you could see an explosion or punch or bus or projectile headed right at him and tell him to sprint out of the way then start the action and ZIP! he dashes out of danger at the last second.

  22. Simes says:

    Missed opportunity: Promoting an open-world Spider-Man game with the term “Peter Parkour”.

    I’ll see myself out.

  23. Railick says:

    Fantastic ! :) I demand Peter Parkour now

  24. We Fly Spitfires says:

    If someone developed a Flash game in Flash, the comedy and endless jokes would be so great that the world would implode upon us.

  25. Cycle says:

    Ohh, this actually looks like it could have been a lot of fun. Lots of running and jumping in an open city (jumping across rooftops is one of my favourite things to do in a game). This could have been something pretty swell. A shame :/

  26. Diogo Ribeiro says:


    Mother *******.

    This is how Champions Online should handle speedsters. Granted, there’s a slight over the top vibe when you see the Flash jump then cannoball himself to a ground target, but the speed, the ability to to move between places at blinding speed so much that it looks like teleporting, running up buildings…


    No one understands the Flash. ;_;