Saturday Comes: FIFA Manager 10 Demo

They gathered to stare at the enormous 100ft man. The man, himself, ignored their baying screams, and looked nonplussed. He knew soon he would have his revenge.

Yes, it really is the season for the football season. Following Championship Manager and Football Manager, we have EA’s just-shy-of-a-gig FIFA Manager. There’s a full list of features and improvements. The three way split between the management games, in terms of what resources each brings to bear, interests me. Football Manager has the rep. Championship Manager has the name. And FIFA have… well, the other name. Anyway – the trailer follows, which proves that Football Management games really are trying to avoid that Real Game Footage thing. Understandably.


  1. leederkrenon says:

    the trailer music was enough to put me off. why is bog standard indie so intertwined with football?

  2. Nimic says:

    I dare say that by now Football Manager has the name as well. If it were any other type of game, it could be argued that after the split, most people were oblivious to it and continued buying the dross that now was Championship Manager, but this is a football managing simulation. It’s a different beast.

    I’ll stay far away from Champ Manager, but I’ll probably give FIFA Manager a try. The last few years it’s been a nice game to take a break from Football Manager with. Long term, or even medium term, FM10 will be the king, but FIFA Manager 10 is probably good for a more arcadey experience.

  3. Chris Evans says:

    Die hard Football Manager fan myself, the CM demo really put me off that game. Will I check this one out? Unlikely to be honest :D

  4. Myros says:

    “which proves that Football Management games really are trying to avoid that Real Game Footage thing.”

    See all those screens with stats, numbers etc etc? Those are ‘real game footage’, I think your talking about footage of the match engine which is only a part of these games. And there are many videos around that do show the match engine of all these games.

    Or are you stuck in the arcade FIFA 2010 mode and havent figured out these are a whole different genre? ;p

  5. Johnny Go-Time says:

    I guess I’ll put on my flame-retardant suit and state that I am really enjoying CM2010. It’s the first “manager” game I’ve ever tried, and I think it’s fantastic.

    But I will dabble with the others as well, I don’t see any reason to bind myself to a particular brand…And this FIFA one looks to have pretty awesome production values.

  6. Lh'owon says:

    How dare you get enjoyment out of a computer game, RPS is about refined appreciation of the form not crass enjoyment.

  7. asda says:

    Shit has nothing on SI Football Manager 2010

  8. alex says:

    how do u get the demo

  9. shinzo says:

    the demo of fifa manager 10…is how long? 1 season or half a season?