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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bundling

I’d have liked to include Red Faction: Guerrilla in this weeks bargain bucket, because it’s a ton of fun, but THQ’s insane international pricing policies on Steam have kept it out. Instead we’ve got a wide selection of games from all over the globe, and in all different genres. Let the bargains being! For more ways to get the most electronic entertainment for your money, head to

Ground Control Pack – £5.15/€5.63/$8.38
Commencing countdown, engines on. Jim did a nice retrospective of the first game here, where he said things like “This exquisitely unassuming game first trundled onto my PC in June 2000 and ever since I’ve been waiting for a worthy successor,” and “While other RTS games had half the screen covered in their ornate interface packaging, Ground Control had a translucent map and a couple of floating buttons for your units. It was a game that made the most of the clarity of its simple, beautiful terrain.” This bundle is the first game and its expansion, and the special edition of the sequel, although of note to any UK RPSers who prefer their games on discs, mysteriously-stocked electronics emporium CEX have got them (in very limited stock) for 50p and 80p respectively.

Sword of the Stars: Ultimate Collection – £9.95/€9.95/$9.95
For your money here you get the original SOTS, and the two expansions Born of Blood and A Murder of Crows, although Argos Naval Yard is conspicuous by its absence (that’ll set you back another 6.99 of your currencies). This has been on sale a bunch of times in recent memory, but never with both these expansions, and never quite this affordably. Space 4X is the order of the day, and you get to kill other space ships with lasers. Demo here.

Blackwell Bundle – £16.89/€18.45/$27.50
When John told us wot he thought of the most recent of this brainy point’n’click adventure series, The Blackwell Convergence, one of the minor complaints he had was about pricing. He said “A bundle of all three at around $30 would be a sensible offer, and one I’d fully recommend.” Well, Wadjet Eye Games have put together a super-sensible bundle of the three games for $27.50. These are games of supernatural dectectivery, and if you enjoyed The Shivah when it was given away for free on Yom Kippur, then you’ll enjoy these, as they’re made by the same bloke. Note for Britishers – if I told the web site I was in the UK I got charged VAT. If I told it I was in another country, and paid via paypal, I didn’t get charged VAT. Make of that what you will. Demo’s here, here and here.

Twin Sector – £15.74/€20.99
Gasp – a game that is available in the UK and Europe, but not in America… Let’s add it to the list, along with Vib Ribbon and Doshin the Giant. First person puzzle ’em up in the mold of Portal, except not as good in most of important ways. That said, there are very few games out there that are as good as Portal (scroll down a little bit for one of them), and John saw enough good in this to (not) give it a score of 6: “It’s a muddled bag of some splendid ideas and some fun glove action. But it irritates too often, whether it’s by glitching, crashing or ruining yet another fun puzzle with a sodding Tracer.” Chopping some cash off the price must certainly go some way to alleviating those irritations. Demo here.

Deal of the week
World of Goo – $Whatever you want
I eagerly await hearing how the ‘pay whatever you want’ experiment went with World of Goo. I don’t think that there has ever been an example of such a high profile, universally-loved game following that pricing strategy. If you don’t own it already, then please stop reading now, and go get. If you have already got it, then buy it for your relatives, buy it for your colleagues, buy it for your pets, buy it for your friends and buy it for your enemies. By what I can only assume is witchcraft, World of Goo manages to contain everything that’s wonderful about indie games. It is subversive, it is inventive, it is polished and it is fun for all ages. 2D Boy, I love you.

Also of note:
50% off COH: Tales of Valor
50% off Beyond the Spirit’s Eye
55.8% off anything with Gordon Freeman in it

If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.

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