The Wicket Man: Cricket Revolution

Yeah, I thought that was the actual ball at first glance. Shame really. Anyway, is Cricket season over? Or is that just in this hemisphere? I can never tell. Whatever the timeliness, multiplayer cricketing game Cricket Revolution has a demo out. You can get it here. The game boasts “unlockable deliveries, and batsman knock-out injuries”, which sounds nasty. There’s a bunch of offline stuff, apparently, so it’s not purely “PvP” cricket, in case that worried you. Trailer placed silly-mid click.


  1. Chris Evans says:

    I reviewed this on Resolution and was on the receiving end of some less than desirable comments. Shoddy shoddy game.

    • nakke says:

      Those comments are hilarious.

    • futage says:

      I like the one that says you should’ve given the game 9.98 out of 10.

    • MD says:

      To be fair though, prefacing your review with “Cricket’s a confusing game at the best of times and utterly mind boggling at the worst” suggests that maybe you’re not the best person to be reviewing a cricket game, especially one that appears to be targeting a relatively small niche. That said, though, members of that niche should probably realise that your view quite possibly won’t reflect their view, and try the demo for themselves. (Reviewer subjectivity is inevitable, and IMO the important thing is being open about one’s own starting point and personal biases when approaching a game.)

    • Chris Evans says:

      My choice of opening probably wasn’t the best for the die-hard fans to read, however it is something I feel that the general gaming public would agree with.

    • MD says:

      Sure, but I think that’s part of the problem here. Unless I’m misjudging like crazy, Cricket Revolution is pretty clearly targeted at a specific niche, a niche composed of people who a) are cricket fans, and b) want something more involved and challenging than the usual cricket-game fare. Reviewing the game from a perspective that seems to share neither of those characteristics is a bit of a waste, as it’s unhelpful to those who fall into the niche and want to know how well executed the game is, doesn’t tell the others anything they didn’t already know (or at least, anything that couldn’t have been communicated in a couple of sentences at the start/end of a review), and may put people off who would otherwise have been mildly interested (those with one foot in the niche, perhaps).

    • MD says:

      (In other words, the general gaming public would probably also agree that numbers are boring, but a review of Football Manager that opened with those words and went on to slate the game for being difficult to get the hang of, and feeling unintuitive and clumsy after FIFA, would not do anyone much good.

      That’s not to say that you should ignore the mainstream and pay no heed to mass appeal in your reviews — I actually got a bit annoyed after glowing reviews of one of the Championship Managers overwhelmed my common sense long enough to convince me to buy the game, before remembering that I enjoy neither management games nor soccer; this could have been avoided by a couple of lines reminding me that ‘this review was written by and for people who like this sort of thing, and if you’re not sure then chances are you’re not one of them’ — but if the entire is review written from the perspective of someone who was never going to like that sort of game regardless of its quality, that’s pretty frustrating for those who DO fall into the general ‘target audience’ and want to know whether the game succeeds at doing what it does. When the review is so overhwhelmingly and ‘authoritatively’ negative, and pretty much tells the world ‘this is shit, and that’s my expert opinion’, it’s even harder to swallow.)

  2. y2rich says:

    and I thought the EA Cricket and recent Brian Lara games were bad…..Brian Lara 99 is still the pinnacle.

  3. Johnny Bigpockets says:

    I always thought cricket was a game much more suited to the management genre much like championship manager, the opportunities are greater for such a game imo. I have never played a decent cricket game, I guess the reason for no cricket management game being developed is the fact that it would take a lot of effort for a minimal market. Hopefully the growing prosperity of india and indian cricket will change that.

  4. Chris Evans says:

    If I remember right there have been a handful of cricket management games, thinking back a good few years now, five at least I would guess since I last saw one…

  5. leederkrenon says:

    the demo doesn’t even seem to allow you to play a game? anyway, the international cricket captain series is a decent management sim. they did a new iteration this summer, it hasn’t come that far since the early days but it’s a pleasant distraction if you like cricket.

  6. y2rich says:

    Theres been a few circket management sims but ICC was the best of them. Shame they all suffered from bugs like players that were impossible to get out

  7. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn how the fuck cricket works. A long time ago, on a visit to some family friends in Liverpool, the children attempted to get us in on a working demonstration. I ended up nailing a foul-mouthed Liverpudlian child in the face with a Teletubby ball, and all I learned was that abusing Britons is fun.

    Ah, cricket.

  8. Caiman says:

    Crickey Revolution in the tags? Are you still thinking about Australia losing the Ashes or something?

  9. Okami says:

    It has to be said, that most sensible citizens of the galaxy find the sport to be in rather bad taste

    • Dave says:

      They should let you skin your team as a bunch of white robots.

  10. Gabriel G. says:

    I’m still stuck on the “batman knock-out injuries.”

    We get to hit the Batman with balls? I’m in.

  11. A-Scale says:

    Write more articles! I’m at work for 10 bloody hours every Saturday and the best you can give me is some cricket and football articles?!

    • Okami says:

      Ungrateful whelp! In my days we had to walk twenty miles barefoot through the snow, fighting off starving wolves, in order to get our gaming news. And it was uphill both ways. We’d been happy to get half an article on a cricket game in those days!

  12. MD says:

    Ooh I was looking forward to this for a while, they seemed to have their heart in the right place… going for involved gameplay rather than the ‘polished’ shite thrown out by EA or whoever does the licenced cricket games these days. Pity about the negative review(s), but a demo’s a demo, maybe I’ll see something they didn’t.

    • MD says:

      Just tried the demo, it feels great to me! I still can’t be sure how it all comes together, but the basic mechanics seem well realised, with plenty of depth. Pretty much the antithesis of EA 2010 or whatever they’re up to now.

  13. ChaosSmurf says:

    God I wish that was the ball.

  14. Jayt says:

    Cricket season is in full swing brah.

  15. Sisyphus says:

    It’s not a cricket game unless you can play Shane Warne’s wife.

  16. Vaerriek says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen or read anything about cricket. (American) And, i must say that looks like a cross between bowling and golf.

    also it looks like it teleported from a decade ago

  17. John says:

    I’ve been pretty impressed with the demo, actually. Theres a lot of depth to the batting/bowling. However, since the demo doesn’t let you even play a game, its hard to say if it will remain fun.

  18. poop says:

    it is pretty much baseball except real countries play it and its moderately less entertaining

  19. Pedwarpump says:

    ‘Horrendous bowling action’ is the first thing that popped into my head upon viewing that video…