Powerless To Resist: Addicsjon

More concept platforming from indieland, in this quickie tale of a pill-crazed cartoon junkie roaming surrealistic lands for his next fix. It’s a deft twist upon the Mario et al formula, in that you’re trying to avoid rather than collect spinning, gleaming objects – for every pill you jump through, the screen distorts and shakes further. Sounds easy, if only yer man wasn’t so determined to fight against you…

Like Kieron towards AD&D manuals or me towards plastic robots, he heads inexorably,incessantly towards his unhealthy desires, with your frantic button-mashing only just managing to divert him from his intended path. Innocents will be harmed en route [ALLEGORY], unless you can steer him away with timely jumps and ducks.

Brief but effective, tongue-in-cheek stuff. It’s like driving a shopping trolley with a broken wheel, only with nauseating double/triple/quadruple vision, not accidentally bumping the heels of a grumpy pensioner, as the dread consequence.

Found via Play This Thing!.


  1. Okami says:

    I still don’t see why I should avoid getting those pills. They sound delicious…

  2. army of none says:

    This game was maddening, appropriately.

  3. alset says:

    It would have been exponentially funnier if the main character was Louis and said “PEELS HERE!” whenever he ate one. Fact!

  4. Rane2k says:

    “Grabbin´ pills.”

  5. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    I want to get those motherfuckin’ pills of the motherfuckin’ plane…oh wait..

  6. mrrobsa says:

    Decent. I had an idea involving wrestling control away from an unruly avatar, though it would be less about retro spike jumps and insta-death and more about love and responsibility, yeah?
    Also L4D has conditioned me to gobble pills so avoiding them in this game just feels wrong!
    Pills Here!
    link to halolz.com

  7. Doctor Doc says:

    As the readme said, that wasn’t very enjoyable. At least it was short.

  8. Dax says:

    Not bad, but why on earth is jump “s”? What would have been wrong with sticking with WSAD or the arrow keys but instead they chose to mix and match a load of random button combinations. Weird

  9. Serondal says:

    Bah, Max Payne was chowing down pain pills before L4D was even a concept.

  10. Rei Onryou says:

    Valve are right when they say its not good to take control from the player. Owie, my head!

  11. Mitthrawn says:

    Best I could do was 4 pills. Anyone else?

  12. Mitthrawn says:

    Best I could do was 4 pills eaten by addict. Anyone else?