A Hard Rain Comes: City Rain

Blocks and blocks, etc

Crikey. I have to take this as a good omen. Starting the day with a new indie game and – whisper it – it’s really genuinely quite original. Crikey. Which is, of course, a cue for those in the comments thread to point me in the direction of the enormous sub-genre of Sim City meets Tetris games which I’ve been missing. That’s exactly what City Rain is. Buildings fall from the heavens. You have to arrange them into functional, ecologically friendly cities. The demo includes the first few levels of the campaign, which ease you in, a quick play mode which is as panicked as “Tetris Meets Sim City” sounds. You even have to occasionally deal with enormous Tetris-block agglomerations of multiple building types due to mischeviously bastardly city planners. You can get the demo here, buy the full game for ten dollars and see footage below…

I found the demo of this the freshest puzzle game I’ve played in ages. I’m totally going to try and blag a full version.


  1. Mike says:

    Didn’t you cover this before? I played this a while back, I’m sure RPS sent me to it…

  2. somnolentsurfer says:

    Great. A video a full 20% of which is a loading screen. That sells it nicely.

  3. Erik J says:

    Had a chance to interview the dev of the game, really interesting team with lofty goals. Click on the website link (my name hyperlinked) if interested. Thanks. Love RPS, best ‘Under 10 Articles a Day’ site ever. Keep up that great slow jazz pace.

  4. Bhazor says:

    It looks kinda like that strategy game where you build the map with little tetriminoes.

  5. tmlxndr says:

    Isn’t this Sim City – Snapcity Societies, or whatever it’s called? Came out a while ago and looks really similar, what with the block-dropping / city building combination.

  6. Senethro says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about an anime secretary. I somehow know those eyes are still watching me even when shes off the screen.

    • faelnor says:

      The manga-eyed secretary was the NO-SELL point for me.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Yes, rather than judge the game on it’s quality or mechanics, let’s judge it by the general look of a character.

    • Klaus says:

      Well, now I see it! That big eyed little scamp totally ruined whatever the game was trying to get across.

      I’m not a weeaboo, can I stay here? DO I FIT IN!?

  7. Owen says:

    Will certainly give it a try, but if anyone from Ovologames is reading this; upload a far longer vid please.

  8. roBurky says:

    I like that. Purchased!

  9. Ian says:

    I’m with Mike. I’ve played this before and naturally assumed RPS sent me there.

  10. dude killer says:

    You guys who played this before PC Gamer readers? I wrote about it in there about six months ago.

  11. jsutcliffe says:

    This looks like fun. Hopefully my addled memory will let me remember it this evening.

  12. Alex says:

    Got your comments, we will work on better video… we need a decent trailer as well. Expect in a week.

    Thanks for all the good comments.

  13. roBurky says:

    Cor. Level 17’s rather hard.

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  15. Gutter says:

    Those doe eyed girls abomination need to stop now!

    They all look the same, in every damn Indie game : Like cheap programmer art that was cleaned up a bit because the coder want to show how he learn to draw, Manga style!

    They plague every damn indie iPhone games, and far too many flash ones.

    Otherwise, great game! :)

  16. PleasingFungus says:

    Played a much earlier version of this some time back. Was infuriated by its incompatibility with keyboards. (It seemed to assume you were playing with a 360 controller.)

    Will give the demo of the new version a shot, though.

  17. Wilson says:

    I found it solid, amusing for half an hour or so while I played the demo, but nothing struck me as incredible. Quite interesting concept, but I don’t think I’d want to play it again.

  18. WilPal says:

    “I found the demo of this the freshest puzzle game I’ve played in ages. I’m totally going to try and blag a full version.”

    So it’s not worth buying then?

  19. Guy Jin says:

    What’s funny is that giant eyes are becoming less popular in current Japanese manga/animation. Crazy colored hair is still a go, I’m afraid.

  20. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Not my cu of tea, too random.

  21. mrrobsa says:

    It is hard breath in this city.

  22. Shadowcat says:

    Jesus. That’s not a doe-eyed girl. That’s the envoy of an alien race of bug-beings, wearing some kind of waxy human disguise.

    link to ovologames.com